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Daygee Dj撰写的关于Free TON的评论

Free Ton is capable of handling large transactions

During the course of my little research discovered that Free TON is an open source service managed over a networked environment. Governance takes place without affecting the main blockchain, which no longer provides protection against hacker attacks, but also ensures the stability of the blockchain. towards a quasi-democratic chain for community development. This mandate has no legal personality. Telegram as a messaging platform openly shies away from participating in blockchain development. If the TON mission grows into the story of Telegram and Pavel Durov, then free TON will no longer be free TON as an ecosystem, the network through the mission is both a founding father and an adoptive parent. Force used at the end of the task. It is capable of handling a wide variety of transactions. Matching the other half of the talent of most of the various smart trading platforms The lack of maximum scalability of conventional blockchains immediately affects many types of transaction costs. TON commissions at a very reasonable price due to the scalability that makes even small payments possible. Through the entire network, connected through the same reason to set up the global economy, accessible and honest.And most importantly, the network can determine the fate of the community. The free TON protocol is based on decentralized trust from both the community and regulators. If the TON mission is realized, validators will be able to vote to approve changes to the protocol. This is more or less what the Telegram builders have in mind. Now they no longer have an imaginary and oracular way to contain the network to control the platform, however the Free TON developers did. The distribution of tokens takes place as indicated in the proposals on the TON free network forum. this is accepted, so the majority of the network participants and validators voted. The TON mission has no thoughts or recommendations on this matter


  • It's an open source network
  • It's a decentralised community
  • Its capable of handling wide range of transaction
  • No none cons for now