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Samsung Galaxy S20 8/128 GB Smartphone, Dual: nano SIM eSIM, grey Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Samsung Galaxy S20 8/128 GB Smartphone, Dual: nano SIM eSIM, grey

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a flagship smartphone with a 6.2-inch screen. The resolution of the display, made using Dynamic AMOLED technology, is 3200x1440 pixels. The image will make the best impression even on the most demanding user of mobile devices: it is bright, detailed, impeccably realistic. The 120Hz refresh rate ensures incredibly smooth scrolling. Take your photography to the next level. The combination of 64- and two 12-megapixel modules allows you to take excellent photos in any situation: in bright sunlight, in the evening twilight or in the darkness of night. Capture landmarks, landscapes and portraits, make spectacular panoramas. There are many creative modes and additional functions available to you. Optical zoom brings distant objects closer, while optical image stabilization compensates for shaking so every frame is crisp. You can record videos in stunning 8K resolution. The case of the device, made of metal and glass, is reliably protected in accordance with the IP68 standard. According to the manufacturer, the mobile device will withstand immersion to a depth of up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. It is difficult to imagine a task that this smartphone can not cope with. It has a branded eight-core Exynos 990 processor, supported by 8 GB of RAM. Resource-intensive applications and games launch instantly and do not slow down, even if you have several programs open at the same time and switch between them.


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Has pros: A device that is gorgeous, has good performance, and outperforms the S9 in terms of photo and video quality. In general, it is quite good. Got cons: It is not evident why, but when connected through bluetooth, for example, a clock, it sounds (the interlocutor hears an echo). It is not clear yet whether or not this is a marriage or a system problem with this item.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good one.

Yes, in fact, everything suits. Good phone, no complaints. A flagship is a flagship. It's nice to know that you have one of the best phones in your hands. Pros below: Screen Performance Sound Camera Memory Appearance and back holographic cover, straight 😍 Flagship Got cons: I would like a more efficient battery. It takes a day. Sometimes I recharge during the day. The camera distorts the colors a little (in principle, this is generally nothing for many, but due to the work it is important for…

I’m just sad these scratches don’t go into any frame for a phone for that kind of money, although there are many reviews that the camera bursts, it’s not surprising that such a weak glass is, once again I repeat this huge Samsung fiasco Pros: The screen is better than s10, there are more pluses and no, the battery is slightly better than s10 as another plus Has some cons: The camera glass was all scratched in 2 weeks, it was just a fiasco of Samsung (I sat on Samsung for so many years), I…

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Second-rate product, won't buy it again.

I can't even leave a review. Dead keyboard. Dead display. Terrible settings. Dumb camera. The phone is a total disappointment. Everything works badly. Any xiaomi is better. Samsung rolled down on all fronts.

In general, this is certainly a new level! Design, camera, display, sound, getting higher and higher with each generation! I dread to think what they will come up with next! Pros: Everything is super, you can’t even call it a phone! This is a photo-video assistant and at the same time a very fast computer! You can't call it a phone! And of course, I can't help but mention the Samsung Forward program! Very convenient, for the minimum amount you can afford to buy flagships! Its cons: Constantly…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A nice option for the money, one of the best deals.

I switched from Samsung A 5 2022. I immediately felt the difference in the class of phones, especially in terms of cameras and screen. Some pros: The size of the phone is very comfortable in the hand. Beautiful juicy screen, which is easy to customize to your perception. Excellent cameras, beautiful photos, gorgeous zoom. Convenient functionality. Fast charging. Clear stereo speaker sound, water resistant. Has some cons: Autonomy - with active use, the charge is consumed during the working day.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The product is terrible, much below my expectations.

If you haven't had any issues with the warranties being repaired, this is a fantastic phone. As I continued to use the phone, I became aware that when the brightness was turned down and the refresh rate was set to 120 Hz, the display would render darker colors green. This is particularly noticeable on darker grays and grays overall. At first, I attributed the issue to AMOLED burn-in and intended to make peace with it; but, after deciding to study the issue, I discovered a post that discussed a…

  • Display that is very stunning (for more on this, see the comment section) Excellent camera block Long-term support for software applications
  • Overcharge The camera has the ability to significantly warp colors. A terrible service for the warranty.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Expected more from the purchase, but not the worst option.

I switched from a failed galaxy s7, in principle I did not regret it, but I liked the old smart much more, I would have bought the same one, only with more powerful hardware. S21 did not even consider buying, because. need sd card Pros: Fast, good screen, good camera and sound, fairly comfortable shell, support for sd cards Cons below: I don’t understand the new format of elongated screens, after a year and a half of use I still don’t understand why they did it, I’m uncomfortable. It catches…

In general, a good device. Let's see how it goes on. Owners of S9 and S10, who are not confused by shooting videos and photos, do not make much sense to switch. In other cases, you can consider for purchase. Got pros: Nice, solid machine. The successor to the traditions of the Galaxy S line. Not a breakthrough, but on a level. Its cons: The on-screen fingerprint scanner is a dubious find. If you only need to touch the sensor to unlock a smartphone with a scanner on the back, then two steps are…

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Not a bad buy, well worth the money.

A flagship device with near maximum performance at an affordable price. Is there room to grow? - Yes. Is it possible to buy something better, cheaper and more compact? - No. Incredible breakthrough? - No. A slightly improved S10? - Yes. Let's see what will happen in the next iPhone, this samsung is too boring, there is no breakthrough, as if there is no sense of progress in this phone. Am I satisfied with the S20? In general, yes, I want to look at the screen, take pictures, talk, hold in my…

  • 1. Screen 120Hz. Really very smooth. 2. Super juicy amoled screen, maximum color saturation, and I don’t see acidity, I see a bright juicy screen, better than in Samsung s10. 3. Compact, this is the narrowest smartphone of all flagships. This is very important to me, S10 was wider. The P40 is wider, the screen is smaller, the 11 is wider, the 11 pro is wider and the screen is much smaller. In fact, S20 is the maximum screen inscribed in the case. It is also relatively light compared to all competitors. 3. IP68. 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes 4. eSIM, it is very convenient when traveling, you can buy a SIM card from another country in advance and use the Internet / calls at an affordable price, without going to salons, etc. 5. I think the fingerprint sensor works adequately and quickly. I don't see a problem. But four fingers, of course, is not enough. 6. I do not agree that the speakers in the S20 have become worse than in the S10. Bass is better, volume is better or the same. 7. Very loud conversational speaker, just a grandmother's phone. I like it very much, you can hear it even in the noisiest conditions. 8. The battery seems a little better than in the S10, lasts all day, 4.5-5.5 hours of screen with auto brightness. Fine. 9. Samsung Pay, convenient, preserved MST. 10. 1.5 year warranty for official devices. 11. Wi-Fi began to catch much better, now in the farthest room from the router it catches stably and does not lose connection. I have no problems with communication, bluetooth or something else, everything works stably and well 12. Cameras. And here is the question. The front one has definitely become better, but all the rest are in question. It seems better, but there is no breakthrough, the photos are somehow oversaturated, in general, ok. 13. Price. Samsung offered to upgrade, roundly it turned out a little more than 40 14. Samsung chips, always on display, DeX, Samsung Pay, etc. 15. Charging 25W, included. An hour and a half is fully charged, and the laptop is charged from it in 4 hours. Very convenient.
  • 0. Ergonomics. Why have the buttons moved? What does not suit the standard: the power button on the right is slightly higher than the middle, the volume on the left is even slightly higher. I still keep pressing the wrong buttons. Taking a screenshot is also not convenient. I just don't understand why. 1. No 3.5. 2. Design. Just none. There is no black. There are no differences between series. S10 favorably differed. 3. Tired eyes from the screen. I found three possible reasons: the resolution at 120 hertz is not 3200 * 1440, they themselves are 120 hertz, shim. 4. There is no way to turn on, for example, the 3200 * 1440 mode at 90 hertz. I don’t have enough FHD + resolution, I have good eyesight, and in texts I can easily see the difference, I don’t care about battery consumption. 5. The weight distribution could be better, yes, the back of the smartphone is heavier, but it could be even heavier. Because of this, smart sometimes tries to slip out. 6. Stupid marketing: - Hybrid 3x optical zoom is a hoax, there is no optical zoom here, this is a picture cut from 64 megapixels. - Shameful commercials from bloggers on youtube, custom articles and reviews. A shame. - Incredible and incredibly useless 8K - 100X/30X 7. Still, android and applications are not quite optimized for 120 hertz, either for exinos, or something else, there are microlags and brakes, after the presentation of iOS 14, android looks outdated. 8. Android. Not all data is transferred normally, passwords are forgotten, Samsung with its Smart Switch tries to make life easier, but no, there are no ring tones, no alarms, no additional folders 9. I didn’t like the new vibration, I even had to compare it with the test one in the store, it turned out to be even worse there. Very weak 10. Autofocus, I don’t understand how on the latest firmware I still can’t take a picture of a flower or when the picture on the screen is normal and the photo is blurry, I photograph a lot of documents, for some reason the text is blurry at the edges. There are no such problems on the S10. If the camera even began to wipe, it does not help. 11. There is heating. I don't play games at all. Sometimes it just happens. 12. Where is 5G? Why not put 256 GB of memory? For yours then 8K?

Before it, there was Huawei P30Pro, in which I liked everything, except for the video quality, the S20 is much better, for me the S20 had two minuses at first, the first was autonomy, but thanks to Samsung for the feedback, I turned on the adaptive mode, now everything is fine. The second and only negative now is navigation, Huawei is much more convenient, there have never been accidental clicks, but here it often happens (swipe back). At first I thought that if it weren’t for the , I would…

  • Size, camera, screen
  • Navigation

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good one.

Lately I have only used Xiaomi, because I really need to record telephone conversations from the line, when Xiaomi took the recording in new phones, I decided to switch to Samsung. They have the opportunity to install the firmware of another region (for example, Thailand), where the recording is directly from Samsung, everything is integrated into the call log and voice recorder and is very convenient. Igor activated the recording from Samsung. Org. Ua, half an hour of work and everything is…

  • Excellent balanced machine. Not a shovel compared to modern smartphones and very comfortable in the hand. Lightweight, comes with a case, a film on the glass. Excellent clear sound, waterproof. Not a bad camera.
  • PWM is still there, but this is a drawback of AMOLED. In principle, it is not so noticeable, but if anything, you can install the Oled Saver application.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best thing Ive ever used, a great item for everyone!

And now a bonus, many write that the fingerprint does not work well, because. it is on the screen, and yes, I agree, but I found one life hack how to make it work faster and more accurately. How to do: 1. You need to remove all old fingerprints from your phone. 2. When adding a new fingerprint (for example, the thumb of the right hand), you need to put your finger on the principle. 3. just above the center of the scanner. 4. centered 5. just below center 6. slightly left of center 7. slightly…

  • Of the obvious advantages: 1. size It fits perfectly in the hand, I switched to Samsung from a Japanese brand, I used their devices precisely because of the size, I don’t like shovels. 2. Camera Well, there are many reviews here, the camera is excellent. 3. speed Although the chip is not snapdragon, everything flies, there are no problems 4. always on display A very cool thing, I'm tired of constantly turning on the screen to see what messages have arrived, or time to look, but here everything is always on the screen and you can see from which messengers or mail the messages came, you need to wake up or spit and sleep on. :)
  • 1. Battery. They write a lot about it, and yes, I would like a little more autonomy, but if you sit in Wi-Fi, and you don’t surf much on the Internet, and sometimes you talk, then I had about 30 hours. And if you play, then yes, it's until the evening, maximum. 2. Housing Very slippery, now it's tearing me apart, I'm afraid to drop it, but I don't like covers. But most likely, you just have to buy a case, otherwise I’ll definitely break it. 3. There is no adapter to USB-A, both the memory and the cable to USB-C go right away, you can’t just connect it to a regular computer.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Mediocre product, probably won't use.

I would not recommend this phone at all to anyone except Samsung fans, since the real price of this gadget is no more than 35k, the rest you pay for the word Samsung . Until this year, it was a machine gun with xiaomi mi 9se compared to samsung s20, I sold it to tired, now I'm sorry. Yes dunce))) I'll never buy samsung again. It's not the same anymore.

  • -Camera more or less - more or less battery
  • - It doesn’t unlock on the face, after a time, and if it’s not shaved at all, it doesn’t unlock, in general, face id works out terribly . - The imprint works very hard, for a long time . the joystick - due to the rounded screen, extra clicks - really warm - the device is one raw sadness

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Valuable purchase, nothing but pluses!

Various advantages: It is a reasonably compact device (although in recent years, the S series has always been on the cusp of simple one-handed operation), there is water protection, high performance, and a high-quality camera (or cameras, to be more specific). When compared to "pure" Android, the UI on each subsequent S series device does, in fact, get less intrusive as time goes on. This year, I appreciated the availability of eSim the most because it would make purchasing visual sim cards…

I had been seeking for this color for a very long time, and while I am pleased with my purchase, the screen appears to be nothing more than a fairy tale. If it were true, the battery would be even larger, and there would be no cost associated with that.

  • Stunning appearance, deft maneuverability, and a pleasant feel in the hand.
  • The battery will survive for one day, but it will die rapidly if you use it normally.