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leash for dogs flexi new classic s cable 8 m red logo

Great product, a pleasure to use.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

4 of my fingers enter freely. It is comfortable to hold in the hand. Initially wanted to 3 meters, up to 8kg. But, I read that it is only convenient for 3 fingers. That's why we chose this one. Hope it lasts a long time. The cable moves without jamming. And the color is my favorite. Bought for a Yorkie puppy.See full review

samsonite luggage tag, blue logo

Good tags. Bright, you can immediately see on the suitcase. Comfortable and practical, on the strap. Have not been in the luggage yet, but I think they will not come off.See full review

spinning rod maximus butcher-x 27mh logo

Not a bad purchase, worth the money.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Terribly packaged, just wrapped in cellophane, how did they not break it? And so excellent spinning! I took a specialist for twitching heavy lures!See full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

The column requires a stable Internet connection, otherwise it will freeze. - They give 3 months of subscription as a gift, and the subscription costs 169 per month. -See full review

6" e-book pocketbook 628 1024x758, e-ink, 8 gb, black logo

I bought a book as a birthday present, the joyful opening of a gift at the festive table and the upset eyes of a child at the sight of a screen marriage .See full review

contact lenses bausch & lomb biotrue oneday, 30 pcs., r 8.6, d -6 logo

I'm going to head back to my Acuvyu tavern. Miracles don't happen. Got pros: There are no unique benefits to be had, and the lenses are not particularly thick. Blisters offer a convenient packaging option and are simple to pop open. Suitable for those who wear their lenses for six to eight hours continuously. I purchased one set with 30 individual pieces, and there was not a single flawed lens. Got cons: After six hours, you will start to experience some discomfort, and after eight hours, they wSee full review

comfort-ort bandage for the shoulder joint k-904, size s, left-sided, gray logo

I just wore it while I was sleeping because I didn't have the patience to wear it for longer than two hours. Because of this, I do not recommend it because it is not designed to be worn continuously. Got pros: It does a good job of compressing and warming the shoulder, particularly if you apply some snake ointment on the shoulder before dressing:) Having these drawbacks: Prickly: the skin is dug into by very fine threads of synthetic material, which is a highly unpleasant sensation. The strap thSee full review

air washer winia awx-70, white/turquoise logo

Before that, I used Boneco 1355N for several years: . Xml? modelid=590442&hid=734595 I write as an experienced user. :) 1. Instruction. - in 2022; - described exactly what you need. 2. Appearance. White box with a nice display. You can't call this device particularly designer (it looks a little "cubic"), but in general there is nothing tocomplain about. 4. Quality of materials and assembly. Everything is fitted, no cracks and gaps, nothing creaks (unlike Boneco's creaky plastic). 5. MaiSee full review

samsung galaxy s20 8/128 gb smartphone, dual: nano sim esim, grey logo

And now a bonus, many write that the fingerprint does not work well, because. it is on the screen, and yes, I agree, but I found one life hack how to make it work faster and more accurately. How to do: 1. You need to remove all old fingerprints from your phone. 2. When adding a new fingerprint (for example, the thumb of the right hand), you need to put your finger on the principle. 3. just above the center of the scanner. 4. centered 5. just below center 6. slightly left of center 7. slightly riSee full review

de "longhi ecam 23.460 coffee machine, black logo

I bought it on one of the well-known sites (which sell clothes, as it turned out, not only) with a good discount. I chose for a long time, read reviews, settled on this model because of the price-performance-beauty ratio, it cost about 35k in mid-2022. When I chose, I could not find the information, neither on the manufacturer’s website nor on YouTube, I even called the officials and didn’t get the information I needed there either. The whole question was whether it is possible to prepare latte See full review

contact lenses alcon dailies total1, 30 pcs., r 8.5, d -9.5 logo

Pros below: Eyes do not dry out, do not feel discomfort when worn for a long time Some cons: Still felt in the eyes. They are denser than Oasis Hydrolux. All the same, the last ones are the best for me so far.See full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter es2, up to 100 kg, dark gray logo

I own a scooter for a week, I have ridden 100 km, so far I have only positive emotions, it is very convenient to take a child to kindergarten or to a section within 5-7 km (required in a helmet) Its pros: I was attracted by the very idea of ​​​​an electric scooter, as well as a modern design, the presence of shock absorbers, the price Got cons: Over 100 km not yet, but the tendency to the appearance of backlash and knocks in the mechanisms of depreciation and folding is slowly emerging .See full review

humidifier with aroma function boneco u700, white/black/blue logo

I bought Boneko u700 in the Mechta store in Astana (Kazakhstan) for 100K (17K). We fill only purchased bottled water. There is no raid anywhere, it makes moderate noise. It doesn’t bother me, my wife was against turning it on at night, but under the pretext of an experiment she suffered five nights. I'm used to it, I can't confirm the negative about the noise, everything is moderate. But it does not perform the most important function. For 5 days and nights without stopping, he worked, releasingSee full review

flexi style tape 3m white logo

I have a small hand, 4 fingers fit, but it’s more convenient to manage three. The buttons do not stick, the tape is not frightened. However, after a month of use, scuffs appeared, it's a shame. In general, it looks very nice, you can put it in your pocket. Chihuahua 2.5 kg does not interfere, I was afraid that the tension would be too big, but the dog likes it, walking comfortably. See full review

black tea basilur the island of tea ceylon gold in teabags, 25 bags logo

With its pros: It differs from exactly the same tea in bulk with a weight of 100 grams. This tea has a bitter taste, I will not take it again. With its cons: The bitter taste of cheap tea bags is very strange for such a famous brand.See full review

plastic container zwilling fresh&save for vacuum storage, size s, 300 ml logo

Has pros: The quality is top notch. It's nice to hold in your hands. With its cons: Rubber seals are almost impossible to get rid of the smell of stored products.See full review

radar detector silverstone f1 sochi z logo

A very high-quality device, it sometimes freezes, uncritical. It notifies both by signal and by voice about all radars and those that are loaded into memory (stationary) and which are non-stationary, it catches with a bang, but a couple of fines came and only because I listened to loud music and missed the camera warning. As they say, you have to pay for pranks.See full review

frame trampoline proxima premium 12ft (366 cm) 366x366x230 cm, green logo

I have been wanting to buy a trampoline for a playground for a long time. A fairly large trampoline, 12 feet, came under our area. We have been using it for more than a year, so the opinion about the product has formed completely. Holds up well to multiple assembly. Stands on the street and in the rain and in strong sun. This did not affect the quality in any way, the material did not fade, the metal did not rust. The legs are very stable, they do not wobble when jumping. We do not worry when ouSee full review

umbrella xiaomi mijia automatic umbrella zds01xm, black logo

Got pros: Large dome, rather strong spokes, convenient folding system, low price Its cons: Not very grippy handle (straight). Sometimes I accidentally press the umbrella folding button.See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

Its pros: It picks up garbage perfectly, even cleans cat hair from the carpet, despite the fact that it does not have lint on the brush to collect hair. Great option for a small apartment. With its cons: It heats up quickly and, most likely, you will often have to change the filter in the flask that collects dust and debris.See full review

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