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laser level fukuda 4d mw-94d-4gx logo

Unfiltered opinion on the product.Has some pros: Bright beam, good capacious battery for 2x 18650, remote control Cons: mount to a small clamp-type tripod, plastic . . well, that's it.See full review

frame installation geberit duofix 458.124.21.1 up100 glossy chrome logo

Excellent installation on the "mechanics", cheap and cheerful! The button is included, you just need to buy a pot and you're done!See full review

desk-slider interium one slider dark, 110x75x60 cm logo

When assembling, a paradox turned out: one leg "stood" like a native - all 3 bolts "sat down" as they should. but here's the second one - it's just HORRIBLE, not a single pair of holes matches (that is, by tightening one bolt - none of the 2 others will fall into the hole ! !). As a result, I had to drill a hole, which was clean in the chipboard, and only then it was possible to fix the leg. At the same time, the 3rd bolt did not "sat down" . . In general, for a "product" for 16,000s, it's just See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

The OS is quickly ated, easy setup and assembly, Browsing on other services causes discomfort, due to the long wait for loading and spontaneous closing of applications.See full review

remote control smart home-relay with a remote control for controlling lights, electrical appliances (3 channels, 220v) ot-hos03 orbita logo

Externally, everything is done neatly and evenly. By default, the first channel always turns on when 220V is supplied (in my case, channel 1 is the blue wire). Satisfied with the purchase, can be recommended for purchase and operation. Different pros: Ordered through amazon|aliexpress, delivered quickly. Took for rework chandeliers with G-4. Before installing the chandelier in the body, I pre-checked that all the declared functions work. The control panel itself is made of white glossy plastic. See full review

wiper arm hyundai-kia art. 988111h000 logo

Prices on the Market for spare parts can not yet compete with existential or AvtoRus and others. I took it here only because of the convenience of the pickup point.See full review

garrison hdmi - hdmi (gcc-hdmi), black logo

Displays an excellent image does not wash the cable is soft and therefore does not try to break the HDMI connector from the TV in any position and this is very goodSee full review

asplast shower tank sp200d 2a-23p01-baf-200l-bl logo

1. Hole threaded with clogged plastic! Need to drill out! 2. The lid is blue, for someone it can be critical :) 3. The lid is dirty on the inside. 4. There is no packaging as such. TeachesSee full review

thermal grease zalman zm-stc8, syringe, 1.5 g logo

I bought in a hurry, because I wanted to quickly assemble a PC, I came across zalman. The price was 340r for the money, very high-quality thermal paste, it does its job. 5/5See full review

basin faucet grohe euroeco 32881000 chrome logo

Personal insights on this product.A good faucet, it fit well despite the short spout. I hope for a well-known manufacturer that produces quality products.See full review

hankook tire kinergy eco k425 195/65 r15 91t summer logo

I got the car on tires Dunlop SP Sport LM704 with size 195/65/r15. And I didn't like them right away. Very noisy, very hard, very slippery in the wet, prone to hydroplaning. But at the same time very wear-resistant and with good handling on dry asphalt. I suffered with them for almost 2 years. I thought: now they will be erased and I will buy new ones. But they didn't fade at all. I decided to buy new ones, and give these to my godfather for nothing. As a result of much torment, Hankook Tire KinSee full review


Both minuses greatly spoil the overall impression, but the convenience and appearance take their toll. The armrest mechanism needs some work. Well, the creak apparently remains to be corrected with the help of additional lubrication Its pros: Good materials, comfortable adjustment of the armrests and backrest, good appearance, extra cushions, sturdy Different cons: After a couple of days, it began to creak, the armrests rattle / play a lotSee full review


Each tire was well packaged. I ordered 4 pieces. The whole set was produced on 01/23. They stood up well on the stamps and balanced without any problems. Many thanks to the manufacturer and seller!See full review

gaming chair cougar armor one royal, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

At first, the chair seemed narrow, I was disappointed and even thought about returning it, because. used to sit in the previous chair, spreading his legs. It was a bit cramped for the prichindals and, out of habit, it was uncomfortable to sit, it seemed that the chair was more for girls. But over time, you get used to it and discomfort does not appear - it took me a day to get used to it. At first, I wanted to add narrowness to the shortcomings, but in fact, as far as I understood, this is an orSee full review


Has some pros: Very tasty water, in my opinion) Good quality details. Everything is done well. Has cons: To be honest, I did not know about the drainage. I think there is enough water flowing back. The husband is now thinking about how to save it: what device to add under the sink.See full review


Bought for a child. Everything is great. Fully corresponds to the description. There are no work instructions. Great budget optionSee full review


Car Kaisler Town Country 3.8l. I didn’t take a new one, so with the first cold snap I bought a new battery - based on the experience of previous cars, I took MUTLU. 2 winters without problems for the 3rd winter, I had to change the battery again - there was no time for selection, so I took an exact copy . . and here it is again - 2 winters are fine - and now the 3rd and the car does not start . . now the head I’m breaking down which one to take for a replacement . . why did the batteries last muSee full review


An indispensable assistant for every day Does not replace the global cleaning of the premises! ! I do not work for Philips! ! I don't know how I lived without it before. For half a year, according to my recommendations, video presentations, five of our friends from different cities bought this product with our help (I delivered this wonderful product to them). I use it every day. Comfortable. Monevrenny. My lifesaver. I, my family and friends recommend this product.See full review


I haven’t installed candles yet. The quality seems to be good. We’ll see how they will work. It’s worth taking. The seller was pleasantly surprised, he put a bonus, a flavor in the car.See full review


Got pros: It looks nice on the outside. Easily removable decorative cover facilitates easy cleaning. Got cons: Noisy. The check valve had to be removed. Squealed when turned on.See full review

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