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I didnt expect the quality to be so high.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Corresponds to the description, the whole set is available. Unpacked, pumped up, admired, blew off, folded, cleaned until summer😃See full review

windproof sports fleece neoprene winter gloves khaki logo

Convenient for fishing, because. velcro fingers open. It might work for hunters too. But they are not insulated with anything, they will not withstand severe frost. But neoprene does not get wet (but does not breathe). The size was sent XL, it suited me, although it was written - universal.See full review

car tires matador mp 47 hectorra 3 195/65 r15 91t logo

I put it on a Skoda Rapid, in a non-standard size (195/60/15), the car began to go softer on bumps in the road and the ground clearance increased slightly. In terms of price and quality tires, I think the best choice in our market.See full review

smart electric grill tefal optigrill+ xl gc722d34 logo

Im amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

In general, a very good thing. In the very first use, they cooked steaks, pork, bacon, then how quickly everything was cooked is amazing.See full review

enhanced deepcool gammaxx400 cpu air cooler | 4 heatpipes, 120mm pwm fan, blue led | intel & amd cpu compatible (am4 support) logo

After installation, I ran into the RAM and replaced the fan with 2 thin ones (I found the brackets on the alik). If there is no thin fan, then in principle you can raise the native fan. On my motherboard, the cooler also blocked the space for a high ssd (m2) radiator. In the first photo, a comparison with 200. See full review

asrock x570 pro 4 - advanced am4/4ddr4/hdmi/dp/atx motherboard for optimal performance logo

Before I installed all of the drivers, in particular AMD_Chipset, the machine took anywhere from ten to thirty minutes to load. The benefits of it include: 1. Processor AMD 3900 was able to be overclocked to 4300 without any difficulties; taken from here 2. The time it takes to convert photos in Lightroom was reduced from 47 seconds (on an Intel 3770 overclocked to 4100) to just 17 seconds. 3. An unusually high number of SATA ports, which means it is capable of connecting eight hard drives. WithSee full review

💻 experience next-level entertainment with samsung galaxy tab a7 logo

I purchased it from lte for 16.5 thousand, and after reading the reviews I found out that someone got lucky and purchased it for 15; still, I believe that its pricing is between 15 and 16 thousand. The screen is not directly excellent, but rather nice; in contrast to ips, it does not cause the eyes to get as fatigued; the picture appears more realistic; yet, I did not enjoy this screen since the picture displayed on ips is highly contrasty. In addition, the Samsung screen uses less power becauseSee full review

sandisk ultra usb 3.0 flash drive sdcz48-016g-a46 (black/red) logo

32 GB SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0: This device runs Windows XP 64-bit. I inserted it into multiple USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, but sadly, the time required to transfer files to a flash drive does not go down but rather goes up before it totally stalls, causing all of the desktop's icons to vanish. Probably going to die shortly. No issues with other flash drives, including the Smartbuy usb 2.0-32GB and Transcend usb 2.0-16GB!See full review

💥 asrock x570 phantom gaming 4am4/usb3.2/hdmi/rj45 motherboard: superior performance and connectivity logo

In general, for the course of the year that I was forced to deal with it, I did not experience any unusual difficulties. In the beginning, there were some minor issues with overclocking the RAM, as well as an error in applications for backlighting; however, the board is not terrible in general. Got pros: When I bought it, it featured many lighting and fan connectors, a fair price, and an x570 chipset. Additionally, it had a lot of connectors. Enhanced compatibility with PCI Express 4.0 slots DifSee full review

🔊 enhanced sound blaster audigy fx - audio card - 24 logo

To begin, I went to a third-party website and downloaded the drivers without first checking to see what Windows 7 would have downloaded automatically. Put an end to their chatter:) Given the number of comments on this thread stating that it is necessary to install from the disk. I revisited the website, searched for a switcher compatible with Windows 10, and redownloaded it; this time, however, there were no issues. There is music playing:) It's only that the drop-down menu for making selectionsSee full review

samsung galaxy buds2 wireless headphones, black logo

bought to block out noise. It is feeble. They are so weak that it's difficult for me to tell them apart from the old JBL C100 that was just inserted into my ear. Ambyushura altered, yielding a negative outcome. The application indicated that the landing appeared to be normal. Due to their Ambient Sound feature, they increase the sounds here exactly, but I was seeking for the reverse. With the older ones, I didn't hear a huge difference in sound. This difference, at the very least, is not worth $See full review

smartphone xiaomi redmi note 10s 6/128 gb ru, dual nano sim, gray onyx logo

Purchased for my mother. Continued to be content with. The most appropriate choice for 15,000 dollars. I received precisely what I had ordered. The benefits of it include: A large capacity battery, excellent value for the price, and a protective case are all included. Having these drawbacks: In my opinion, there are no downsides to the price at all. The only issue is the cover, and while I was putting it on the phone, I had the thinking that I should tear it in half.See full review

sound bar xiaomi mi tv soundbar black logo

Take it; you won't regret it. The sound quality is just cosmic; the volume is adequate; in fact, even a loud speaker "for an apartment of 65 sq / m" screams like a wild three without any distortion; the bass is clear and deep; it does not interfere with the music. I am overjoyed. Additionally, the capacity The relationships are excellent. Take this one, you won't regret it. The Xiaomi sound bar, which is less expensive and available in black, is occasionally worse; there is absolutely no bass anSee full review

bfgoodrich all-terrain t/a ko2 245/75 r16 120s summer logo

Has some pros: Strong, potent, and remarkably well-balanced. When driving, there is not much of a loud noise; it is not as silent as riding on a freeway, but it is quieter than spikes. Some cons: Because rubber is so dense and heavy, there has been an uptick in the demand for diesel. Price.See full review

huawei mediapad lite kardon tuned international logo

It was very cool to watch movies in Full HD with the whole family on vacation! The speakers do not overlap when the tablet is in a book case or is normally held in hands. The headphone jack is also well placed. Used in hand. Viewed a lot of options from 8-20tys. R. Of the competitors, only a similar Samsung model. They differ only in proprietary software and the location of the speakers. But Huawei LTE comes with a stylus, which is important for a child. Who wants a stylus - check with the storeSee full review

grill tefal optigrill+ xl gc722d34, steel logo

With all of its benefits, I say go for it; you won't be sorry! It cooks well; the only thing you need to do is stand close to it and keep an eye on the indicator of how well it's roasting. Con: They could have devised a more reassuring accompaniment to the level of roasting, which would have allowed them to avoid standing so close to it all the time. Aside from that, we have no complaints at all.See full review

samsung 1tb sata ssd mz-77q1t0bw logo

Good Ssd, though the price bites, there are no problems with it, I switched from HDD to SSD and finally felt the difference)See full review

led office lamp baseus i-wok dgiwk-p01, 5 w, armature color: black logo

if used as instructed, it shines either in the eyes or on the screen. It is more convenient to turn over and illuminate the wall from behind, so I useSee full review

computer chair metta su-bk-8 ch (su-b-8 101/003) for office, upholstery: mesh/textile, color: red logo

Pros below: Price (10k for December 2022). Easy assembly. It didn’t fall apart in two months of regular use - 6-8 hours every day (I work a lot at a computer from home). For +/- the same money, a couple of seats could not withstand such loads) Cons: The pillow under the booty is a little short in my personal opinion. Five or six centimeters and it would be much more comfortable.See full review

8.3" tablet apple ipad mini 2021, 256 gb, wi-fi, pink logo

I took it for cartoons and developments, it performs its function. So the best thing is if you don’t want the TV to yell "blue tractor" 15 times a daySee full review

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