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air washer with aroma function electrolux ehw-620, white logo

In general, satisfied with the purchase. It copes with the main function perfectly in a room of 30 square meters. It is easier to breathe, there is less dust, the skin does not dry out. Its pros: Quiet but keeps the moisture out. It is convenient to pour water and rinse the filter. Shuts off automatically when water runs out Has some cons: The upper part is not attached to the pallet - if you lift it by the upper "handles", then only the upper part of the device will riseSee full review

antifreeze coolstream premium 40 1 l logo

Good antifreeze, took Ford for approval. I drive on focus. In addition, this is a rebrand of the original Havoline, i. e. the same liquid that the factory pours, but from a different manufacturer.See full review

controller espada front panel bracket 2xusb2.0 + 2x3.5mm eu235 logo

I did not want to wait for the same with Ali Express. There is no choice for 3.5, I found only this one. I'm waiting with Ali for 5.5 with USB-3 and 2.See full review

hankook tire winter i*pike rs2 w429 195/65 r15 91t logo

Some pros: Machine Stinger, size 225/45/18, operation in the tail and mane, spikes in place. Different cons: Weak sidewall, the second wheel of the season struck in the pit.See full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

Constantly have to taxi - keep the steering wheel. Someone may like this, constantly play with the steering wheel, but I prefer to set the steering wheel and drive straight. A couple of times just thrown out of the rut when leaving. At the same time, the price of RunFlat is going through the roof. I REALLY want to sell this rubber and take something softer and more manageable. I close Bridgestone for myself once and for all.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Decided to unsubscribe because he chose the reviews. Skated the winter without worries 205/55 R16, front-wheel drive. At first I thought it would be necessary to drive more carefully at least 500 km at first, but it didn’t work out as soon as possible, the habit is ineradicable. I changed my shoes the other day, a detailed examination of winter tires revealed: all the spikes on 4 tires, except for one, are in place ! ! Rear tires - ideal spikes drowned as expected. The front ones, apparently wiSee full review

bfgoodrich advantage 225/55 r17 101y summer logo

On these tires I skated 2 summer seasons. Bought in 06202220, drove about 40 thousand, there is wear, but not a nightmare, they still work. At the same time, it is far from the marks. Because walking is normal. The flip side of that, they're pretty oaky. It is especially noticeable in autumn, when it starts to get colder and the temperature hangs around +5. The rubber starts to slip. It stalls at start. Doesn't like grass very much. And in the wet, I just do not climb. Those. summer, the asphaltSee full review

digital usb port abc tester, voltmeter, ammeter, milliamp hour, time (v, a, mah, t-time) logo

It seems to be working. Honor 30i 50% showed that it charged 2022mAh). I tried all the blocks and devices, it does not show above 1.8ASee full review

induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

I can't find a tile that can be programmed. Let's say 10 minutes at a power of 1200, then 30 minutes at 100. I have this in the microwave, but I did not find such an induction. This tile, of course, also does not. I would also like to adjust the power by holding the "button", otherwise when you decrease from 2022 to 100, you need to touch it 19 times!See full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

A scooter with a good wide and long deck, you don’t need to bridge on it trying to get comfortable, but I still don’t understand why there is so much unused space. Steering wheel is normal. The trigger responds smoothly and the scooter rides, respectively, also smoothly. Rides very briskly. The wheels are large 10 inch, so small holes are practically not noticeable when driving. The motor is traction, so you can accelerate up to 40. There is waterproofing, but it is not provided for on the displSee full review


There are large-scale settings, parental control, channel selection, ranges, frequencies, remote viewing of who is connectedSee full review


There are no significant shortcomings for its price, it performs its functions, and more is not needed. Has some pros: Built-in battery; Type-C charging connector; Silent operation; Automatic goes into "sleep mode"; Works well on different types of surfaces; The DPI switch is not confused with the wheel. Has cons: The charge indicator, in my opinion, incorrectly shows information; Soft-touch plastic, although pleasant to the touch, gets dirty quickly.See full review


Honor 15.6 climbs without stretch. The live case looks more expensive. Quite suitable for everyday wear and protection of the painted aluminum laptop case. It won't protect you from falling.See full review


I am very happy with the purchase of a new tablet, this is something, because the colors here are so cool, such brightness, such saturation! You just look and enjoy. I even stopped watching TV, it's easier to download the same movie or news here and watch it in excellent quality. At first I was upset that there was no Google, but I saw the appgallery, there are similar programs there. Get cashback in games, in the same PUBG, there are no problemsSee full review

power steering fluid idemitsu zepro psf 0.5 l 0.5 kg logo

the power steering pump lost its tightness before the repair had to be bought and topped up several times. Thanks to for efficiency.See full review

drainage pump daewoo ddp 7500p (5kw, 7500l/hour) logo

It is used as a barrel pump for watering and pumping water from a pond - it pumps great. There are no complaints about work - it copes with watering, even sprayers are powered from it. On a long line, the pressure, of course, drops, but it is also enough. Some pros: Simple cheap pump. Shakes. Included is a "herringbone" for any hose diameter. Works without surprises. Some cons: After a long downtime, you need to shake the float so that the ball comes off.See full review


I understand that thanks to this set, there is no limit to creativity. Children are ready to work and work, it is important to help them set goals for work. There are many opportunities to express yourself, we have exhibitions of creative projects based on these and earlier versions of robot designers. Competitions for young roboticists. It is very useful to work with such constructors for acquiring programming skills, logical thinking, and situation analysis. I won’t talk about motor skills, tSee full review


Took for a TV without the Internet. I watch TV channels on a DTV TV, there are WINK, IVI subscriptions, but due to the fact that applications cannot be ated separately, they are ated only with the module, you may not find any TV channels or services that are not available in this ate version. By the way, the ate is two or three versions behind. And when the module will be ated, they cannot say in the support service, it turns out that some third-party organization is doing this.See full review


I bought it for the kitchen, in which there was a desire to create an extra bed (there is a sofa). Unfortunately, it didn't work out. The noise from the compressors is quite loud and makes it difficult to sleep.See full review


After the new year, the old column leaked and urgently had to dismantle the old one and go to the nearest working store to buy a new one. On the advice of a consultant, the choice fell on this column. After the purchase, he was stupid and asked to put Uncle Vasya from the next entrance, which automatically knocked down the guarantee. After 1 month of use, the batteries ran down and turned on every other time. A week later, I bought Durasel (not advertising), they worked for a month and sat down See full review

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