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vacuum cleaner weissgauff v9 turbo cyclone soft brush, white logo

A good vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning the apartment quickly, easily, and conveniently. Fully charged in three to three and a half hours. Buying is something I highly encourage doing. The benefits of it include: The charge lasts for 25-30 minutes in TURBO mode (it is not always required to switch it on, it also works well in ordinary mode), and it is easy to clean both the filter and the rubbish container. It is maneuverable, extremely easy to manage, and stylish. The most crucial thing is thSee full review

yokohama bluearth-es es32 185/65 r15 88h summer logo

Below are some advantages: Excellent handling, though a little bit impudent. They have a good performance when driving in the rain. After getting into the pits, the discs were bent, but the rubber remained undamaged. Cons: 2 (!) seasons, approximately 30 t. Km. of a pensioner's ride - and they are virtually slick, so they had to be changed. Noisy.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 6 cn, black logo

Pros: Excellent quality, cheap fitness wristband. Continually and flawlessly demonstrates the specified operational qualities (usage in water). The charge will last for around two weeks. Compatible with one's mobile device. Consensus reached: There were no glaring shortcomings discovered. With the exception of the fact that it will occasionally fail to count swimming workouts, which can be remedied by just restarting the device,See full review

silver thule 532 freeride bicycle carrier logo

I've been using this mount for two seasons now. Mostly in the city. There is a successful experience of transporting a bicycle over a distance of 1000 km on very bad roads: Leningrad - Hong Kong. I use on Lada Vesta SW. The rear bracket, so as not to lose during storage, fixed with a tie to the mount. Worth the money, I recommend.See full review

exhaust fan soler & palau silent-100 cz, silver 8 w logo

Both the bathroom (2.7 square meters) and the toilet (1.5 square meters) have had it installed. It seemed to me that any standard hood would be able to handle it given how small the area is, so I looked into ones that were less noisy. But I was completely mistaken, since this extract is not very potent at all. If I had to decide right now, I would no longer pay attention to the noise if only the stuffiness could be alleviated in a satisfactory manner. Very weak. I don't like that the blades can'See full review

continental conticrosscontact lx2 215/60 r17 96h summer logo

It's possible that it's not the most crucial thing, but they look really nice on the car. The benefits of it include: After years of using a different brand of all-terrain (AT) tires, we finally switched to Continental ContiCrossContact LX2 tires. Even with the window open, there is a discernible reduction in the amount of background noise; in fact, it is practically impossible to hear them at all. Additionally, there is a very soft movement, the tires approach the curve confidently, and they reSee full review

l10 pro cleaner navigation by dreametech logo

After two weeks of use, the vacuum cleaner began to lose connection with the Internet. After reconfiguration (this includes resetting to factory settings, and just reconnecting, and connecting as a new device), the connection was restored, but not for long - the maximum was enough for a day, but more often for 30 minutes. In general, now I can neither change the operating mode, nor set cleaning zone, no virtual restrictions. Yes, nothing at all, since this is only possible through the applicatioSee full review

vacuum cleaner bosch bgs05gr2, gray logo

Awesome vacuum cleaner. It well, the laminate rises. So quiet that you can hear dust particles or motes being ed through the pipe. You will hear both the ringing of the phone and the intercom. The kit included 2 telescopic tubes. Either this is a mistake, or this is a wonderful invention, thanks to which I now do not have to bend down at all. Long cord, light body, easy to shake out the debris, easy to clean.See full review

refrigerator indesit rtm 016, white logo

The first time I saw that the refrigerator had 2 separate drawers at the bottom, at first it seemed inconvenient, but now I understand that the smells of the products do not mix like that. I store mostly vegetables there.See full review

haircut set philips mg3740 series 3000 logo

A really high-quality model that combines everything you need: a long cord, fits comfortably in your hand, compact, a large selection of nozzles, there is a brush for cleaning (which, by the way, is not indicated on the box, so for us it was a nice bonus), a case for storage. The spouse especially liked the nozzle for the nose and ears, from his words it does not cause pain, does not pull. We took a chance and cut a three-year-old child's hair, oddly enough, everything went perfectly. The only nSee full review

vacuum cleaner samsung vcc885hh3p/xev, burgundy logo

After reading the mixed reviews, I bought it anyway. I assembled it in 3 minutes (it took longer to remove the packaging), including installing batteries. Turned on, he was at the maximum! With difficulty tore off from a thick long-haired coating ! Power - for sure! I immediately switched the power on the handle, because. I read that there are only 2 of them. It turned out to be 3: weak, normal and the one for which I bought it! I had to clean in medium mode, because. very hard to move! 2nd timeSee full review

vacuum cleaner jimmy jv51, white/red logo

You should not compare this model with full-fledged vacuum cleaners and try to clean carpets with them, this electric broom was originally sharpened to collect light debris, dust and wool, for quick, local cleaning. It copes with these tasks perfectly. If carpet cleaning is necessary, it makes sense to consider more powerful models on wires. very satisfied with the purchase.See full review

vacuum cleaner dreame h12 global, gray logo

I have never been so happy with a household appliance in my life, because it really saves energy, pleasant cleaning and saving an hour of time is just a bomb. Got pros: This is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever had! Save time, immediately wash and vacuum the floor in 1 time. Any contamination is instantly removed easily spilled or hair after a haircut - a couple of seconds. Different cons: As with all detergents, the need to immediately wash and drain the water. Although there is a function thSee full review

vplab ultra men's sport tab., 180 pcs. logo

Shop and market 5+. The parcel arrived exactly on the date indicated. The product exactly matched the description. The share price with a coupon from the market and points turned out to be just fabulous. It is this batch that is dated by the expiration date until September 2024 - secured and calm. I strongly recommend the product, the Fitness store and the market. Photos attachedSee full review

opti-men tabs, 240 pcs, 1 pack, neutral logo

Got pros: Since 2022, I have been ordering for the fourth or fifth time, I used to take it in Aicherb, now here, one of the best vit-complexes in this class. Has cons: In vain they stick the original text of the composition with some incomprehensible unreadable sticker.See full review

braided cord daiwa j-braid x4 d=0.17 mm, 300 m, 8.4 kg, multi color, 1 pc. logo

For my money (600-700r) it is quite a working cord, for infrequent fishing. With frequent use, it quickly becomes unusable or you need to cut off about 5-10 m after 3-4 fishing trips. Got pros: The price, good quality for the money, the thickness corresponds to the declared one, the test is a bit overpriced, in reality it is 10-20% lower. Cons: The cord begins to lose color from the first fishing, but this is not critical, although it is unpleasant, as it gets your hands dirty. It "furs" quicklySee full review

10.4" tablet honor pad v6 wi-fi (2020), 6/128 gb, wi-fi, android 10 without google services, black logo

I installed the application loader from apkpure, installed microg to emulate Google services, it became at least acceptable to use. But the fact that it is convenient to use a tablet without Google services is a fairy tale. You can, of course, get used to it, but it's better to take something else. The fact that applications are installed from left-hand sources leads to the fact that when authorizing in applications there is a fear that passwords will be stolen. Yes, and there will be no normalSee full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

Bought as a gift for my mother. It is easy for her to manage it, the buttons and functionality are also clear and simple, which pleases. I didn’t feel the ease of breathing in the big room, but if I sit next to the humidifier, I feel it. Put in a small room, it's better here. There is an aroma function, but did not use. Arrived on time, packaged securely. Although the box was a little wrinkled, everything inside is intact. And a magnet ^^See full review

mesh inhaler (nebulizer) xiaomi andon vp-m3a, white logo

Has pros: Inhalation with saline helped in the treatment of nasopharyngitis, inexpensive Cons: When the inhaler works for a long time, saline solution accumulates in the part where the nozzle is put on, you have to periodically rub it in with a dry clothSee full review

bfgoodrich all-terrain t/a ko2 245/65 r17 111 year old logo

For understanding, I operate on a VAZ 21213 Niva, size 215/75 R15, on VSMPO forging (weight up to 5 kg, thereby compensating for the small weight of rubber), about six months, mileage about 6000 km, 65% asphalt, 25% gravel road, 10% in vain and related on vacation. Previously, I didn’t believe that it was possible to purchase one set for summer and winter, and the car would not only be manageable in summer or winter, but well, plus it has quite sufficient cross-country ability and is quite comfoSee full review

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