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nest house ferplast nido medium 19.5x14x14cm wood logo

Best price for this product, will buy more!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

This is our first breeding experience. The female immediately took a liking to the house. A month after the purchase, the chicks hatched. Recommended!See full review

carob coffee maker de "longhi ecp 31.21, black logo

To begin, I made the rookie mistake of purchasing a coffee maker from China for around 2022 dollars. Both the price and the writing on the box that read "15 Bar" piqued my interest. Then I understood that the pressure is caused by steam, which is equivalent to around 3.5 bar, and that the inscription on the box is intentionally misleading. It is impossible to make coffee that displays all of its characteristics without the use of a pump as the process requires 9 bar of pressure. However, due to See full review

continental contisportcontact 5 215/50 r17 95w summer logo

Size 245/45/18, purchased at the end of April; as of the beginning of June, 2 wheels are no longer balanced, the rubber is screwed, and the vehicle leaps. There were pits, but there are pits everywhere, and these are the first wheels I've driven over the past 12 years with no change in driving technique for only 3500 km. Prior to that, eco contact in the 16th radius lasted for three years and ninety thousand kilometers, and premium contact lasted for an additional two years and seventy thousand See full review

gillette 2 disposable razor logo

These are the most terrible machines in the universe. Think 10 times before you buy them. If you have fairly fast and thick facial hair - do not even think about shaving with this. Remember, as a child, you used to stick tape to the hairs on your arm and then sharply tear it off along with your hair? Here the effect is about the same, only the feeling that all this is happening with your fifth point =D By the way, I said that you should imagine how much Gillette shave - there is no better for a See full review

xiaomi mi 360° ptz home security camera 2k cn white logo

Pros: The camera itself is great. Night vision is excellent. In complete darkness, you can see clearly enough. Cons below: Turned out to be married. Cloudy spot in the middle of the imageSee full review

crib happy baby mommy lux (transformer), transformer, longitudinal pendulum, white logo

Pros below: Lovely bed, very stylish and comfortable. Soft swingarm, good wheels. Its cons: The bottom did not fit, the boards turned out to be longer in width, sawed out on their ownSee full review

contact lenses alcon dailies total1, 30 pcs., r 8.5, d -9.5 logo

In lenses I feel confident and comfortable. Without lenses, he could mix up the bus numbers or the transition to the subway and go completely to the other end of the city. Thank you for the opportunity to see everythingSee full review

norfin set, size l, size l, black logo

I wish it were less expensive, but since it's a hot product right now, the price is justified. however, when compared to other producers, the cost is quite reasonable. extremely nicely constructed; no loose threads or bulging seams here. It worked great as a base layer, wicking away moisture so well that I never got frostbite despite spending hours in a cold garage throughout the winter. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it out onto the ice this winter to put it to use for fishing.See full review

leash for dogs flexi new classic s cable 8 m red logo

Bought in 2022 we still use it, nothing broke, before that there was also a flexi, and between them a triol, which served us for 2 whole weeks. This is the only brand we will buy from now on. The winding mechanism works well, after 4 years nothing sticks. The reason for replacing both the first tape measure and this one (maybe soon), the dog gnaws at the tape, which is from the cord to the boxSee full review

vacuum cleaner arnica merlin pro, blue logo

Everything that is described in the shortcomings, I myself read it once, in the comments, but I bought it anyway. I wanted to get rid of this dragging, heavy pursuer on wheels and change it to something light and compact. The recharging option was not considered, there are many acquaintances who complain that they do not withstand one cleaning well. As a result. There are no brushes on the base. Laminate at home, I thought, why would she. But at home there are sofas, bath mats and, in particularSee full review

computer chair everprof leo t office, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

You won't get value for your money. Let's find out how it reacts after being disassembled and reassembled multiple times before we make the move. With its positives being: The armrests are sturdy, the style is chic, the structure is made of aluminum, and the chair is surprisingly lightweight. Even though I've never constructed a chair before, I managed to put this one together all by myself. The material is tough to harm, and in contrast to chairs that are inflated from the filler, any scratchesSee full review

triangle group tr259 235/60 r18 107w summer logo

Although we could not measure or compare, it appeared that the contact patch was smaller than that of the prior rubber (Goodyear). There is nothing else to compare it with in terms of noise, and it is significantly quieter than a worn-out, virtually slick Goodyear. The automobile has a pleasant sound. With advantages: 255/55r19 in price. Tread. On a wet primer, there is some optimism that it won't quite slip. Puddles and ruts confidently slide across asphalt. has drawbacks A sizable amount of caSee full review

insight anti-frizz hydrating shampoo, 400 ml logo

Just a good shampoo. It would be dishonest of me to claim that the greatest one I've tested doesn't produce a jaw-dropping result. However, I have no intention of throwing it away because I enjoy making use of it. Would you buy again? If I had to choose, I'd say sure. But not consecutively at all, I'll have to find something else to do. Has some pros: The scent is enticing to the senses. Although I haven't used it on its own yet, based on its qualities, it acts like a moisturizer. However, even See full review

smart bracelet honor band 5 global, blue logo

An order was placed for a child's fitness wristband. Each and every described function is correct. The negatives: The range at which calls can be received by the bracelet is rather limited. Put the phone in close proximity to the wristband.See full review

vileda mop with ultramax telescopic handle logo

I don't understand the good reviews. We draw conclusions, take only after you look online. Trust but check. I hope you have more luck. ONLINETRAD does not publish negative reviews from buyers. I hope everyone here reads it. Has pros: A mop is like a mop. I hope the place for the rag will not break within a month, as well as other users. And that will be money down the drain. The only plus is the promotional discount. The price of this mop is unreasonably high. Has cons: The quality of the rag isSee full review

xiaomi motion-activated night light 2 led, 0.36 w, armature color: white, shade color: white, version: cn logo

The advantages are that there is a brightness control and that it responds accurately to motion, regardless of how much or how little you move. Cons include the fact that it burns out rather rapidly, making it unsuitable for use as a night light, and the requirement that you walk around quite a bit in order to keep the flame going.See full review

hand blender bamix m200 superbox, silver logo

I didn’t have time to bring it from the store, as the first thing I took out was milk from the refrigerator, it was only 2.5%, poured 200 ml into a glass and now I have twice as much superbly whipped milk. Super! I don't buy milkshakes in malls anymore! Different pros: Very compact, quiet, powerful and everything else that the ad says is true Its cons: expensive) no grater for potato pancakes, you have to come up with somethingSee full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

Very happy! The heating season will reveal all the pluses and I hope not to add minuses))). I recommend to buy! Has pros: Strict classic design! Fits in completely. Very, very quiet and efficient. For 2 hours 20 sq. m. raises humidity from 32 to 54%. Has cons: . well, except perhaps the built-in hygrometer, it is useless, from the word at all. I use a separate one.See full review

backpack xd design bobby hero regular black logo

Some pros: Comfortable. Bought separate spacer sticks. With them, a fotik and 3 glasses are placed without problems. The ASUS TUF Gaming F15 can hardly fit into the laptop section, but it fits :). it is understandable, you will not carry such a laptop with you every day. A department for a power bank, it’s convenient, it’s a pity that there is no usb-c connector, it would be more compact. After half a year of daily wear, it still holds its shape. Has cons: The bottom of the backpack is too softSee full review

smartphone apple iphone 14 pro 256 gb, dual: nano sim + esim, deep purple logo

I think that this model could be called the iPhone Pro 13S or 12SS because the differences are 12-13-14 at least, but my transition to it was from the iPhone XS - a very big difference, just an abyss (especially in photography and video). Before buying, thinking about a possible transition to Android - many different top Androids were considered, but they are complete crap. Take at least Huawei P50 Pro and run the "camera" application on it in video mode - the image lags shamelessly. Samsung S22See full review

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