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computer case aerocool cs-101 400 w, black logo

For a year and a half, it has collected more than one workstation on the i7-6900k + 1050Ti. An honest PSU in terms of power, not gold, but pulls a 3D workstation for days without any complaints. Immediately upon assembly, I replaced all coolers with super-quiet Noctua ones, including the PSU. We managed to shove a standard 80x80x25 cooler inside the PSU, slightly deforming the PSU cover, but getting excellent airflow and silence. Yes, I had to modify a little myself, but what do you want for $50See full review

computer chair brabix premium rapid gm-102 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black logo

Pros below: Sturdy, heavy, comfortable for long work / play, separate lever for adjusting the recline. Got cons: The seat and back came together crookedly, no matter how twisted it did not help. But if you don't know what you're looking for, it's hard to spot.See full review

connector iec c13 hyperline con-iec320c13 logo

It's probably hard to screw things up here. In addition to the description - Cat5e has the same relation to the lines of force as an elephant to a fly.See full review

compressor inhaler (nebulizer) and cn-231, white logo

Has some pros: The quality of the components. The price is normal. There is a bag for storage, where everything fits perfectly. Lasting. Cons below: In my opinion, the manufacturer could have come up with something to reduce the noise level.See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

Not a bad mouse, with a convenient location of additional buttons. I saw in the reviews a complaint about the location of the DPI settings buttons, to be honest, there was no such problem, so I don’t know The only thing when compared with the mouse that I had before it, from the same Logitech, it holds a charge 2 times less, but nothing prevents putting it on charge at night and does not worry about itSee full review

grill de"longhi cgh920d, black/silver logo

I bought it for 9000s in the official store on the marketplace, when it costs 17000s in the stores of our city. Came in perfect packaging, not ashamed to give. The grill itself is very beautiful, concise, stylish. The plates are different: one embossed, one smooth. A life hack right away: it is better to use parchment for cooking, then there will be no difficulty with washing. Convenient intuitive control.See full review

gaming computer artel pc intel core i5-11400f (4.4 ghz), ram 16 gb, ssd 500 gb, nvidia geforce rtx 3060 (12 gb), windows 10 pro, black logo

A week later, the video card began to produce artifacts and simply turn off, later it turned out that the cooling did not work on it, and the computer was not opened and nothing was done to it, unpacked and turned onSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Has some pros: We bought in a split, convenient breakdown without interest. The picture is clear, controlled by Alice. Some cons: In my opinion, the speakers are located a little badly, the sound diverges around the room, so you have to make it louder, although this is probably not a minus, but a feature of this model.See full review

16" laptop lenovo legion 5 pro gen 7 16arh7h 2560*1600 ips 165 hz, r7-6800h 3.2ghz, nvidia geforce rtx 3070 ti 150 watt, ram 16 ddr5, 512 ssd logo

I am very pleased with the laptop, I was initially afraid to take it, but the laptop came in perfect condition with a sealed boxSee full review

linen vkbo vkpo (level 1) moisture-wicking olive (sweatshirt and underpants) logo

The attitude towards the market has completely deteriorated, where I should return it is not clear, but I try. The size of the goods does not matchSee full review

set of led lamps volfox diamond led h7 with blende and cooling tape, white logo

The packaging is whole, the lamps look very high quality, everything is done simply chic. I have not installed it yet, after installation I hope they will not disappoint me. I'll add a review. Ordered for ff3.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

I live in the Far East, winters are cold (-25. -35 is the norm), there are a lot of slides in the city. I don't understand how people without spikes drive. The most indicative was the moment when it started to snow in early January and leapfrog began on one of the climbs - everyone who had Velcro got up on buses and monodrives. Polnoprivodniki and spikes went all even with a full stop (including me). Specifically for this model, I didn’t ride spikes before it, the comparison is a bit incorrect. See full review


By all indications, the original: the number, date and time of production are applied, there are two blue stripes on the elastic band, there are straight dents on the rolling, 5 holes, a white valve, a thread without a burr, the elastic band is worn tightSee full review

boomshakalaka car towel, double-sided microfiber towel 800g/m², cleaning cloth, car cloth, 30x30 cm logo

A rag for all rags, I haven’t seen a rag yet, you can write odes to this rag, take it with you on a date, to a restaurant, but in short everywhereSee full review

watering kit xhose magic hose (with sprayer), 1/2-3/4", 75 m logo

The specifications indicate the length of the hose 75m. In reality - 17m. At a water pressure of 3 atm. the length of the hose increases to 25 m. , at a water pressure of 5 atm. - up to 30m. There is a marketing scam.See full review

grill tefal optigrill gc740b30, black/silver logo

The grill does not fry, it kind of cooks the meat. In reality, they can warm something up, but fry: no. There are only 3 automatic programs: beef, sandwich, chicken. None work properly. Fry pork, chops, breaded fish, vegetables: it is not possible because it will pick up a temperature shock, Causes: At the grill, the heater is not soldered into the plates, the plates themselves are made of aluminum up to 1 mm thick. The heating element lies on the body, but does not touch the plates. The body ofSee full review


Pros: Convenient fastening, good light, many adjustments, works with Alice Its cons: Front illumination, part of the tape burned out, lit in one colorSee full review


Nissan Teana 215/55/17, for two years of operation, mileage of 45000 km, wear is 90%, fairly uniform, there are small bumps on two wheels (not visible to the eye, only to the touch) after the hatch is ajar. In general, I am satisfied with the rubber, although the wear resistance is a little frustrating, after 30,000 km of run the wear was more than 50%, it became worse to hold the road, slippage appeared when starting, ABS began to work more often, the tendency to hydroplaning increased sharply,See full review

wheel disk k&k angara 6.5x15/5x139.7 d108.1 et15, 7.5 kg, black diamond logo

Has some pros: Relatively (steel) is not a large mass. Correct overhang +15mm for 6.5" width (for Daihatsu F300). Good design, large massive spokes with large holes for excellent ventilation of the brake mechanisms. Different cons: For discs with +15 offset, this is the central hole tapering towards the outer part. On the front hubs of the square Suzuki, the escudo gets up without problems, on the daihatsu it rests on the hub lock, the disks had to be undermined using available methods. To cSee full review


Purchased in September 2022. The seatpost needs at least a minimum of 350mm in length. Tires could be made anti-puncture molded. How to use the trunk, I did not understand and what to attach to it. Comes with two ignition keys. Mobile application MiniRobot.See full review

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