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portable acoustics jbl wind 2, 5 w, black logo

I decided to buy a speaker due to the reputable brand name and the fact that it had a space for a memory card. I put the kids to bed with some white noise and read them a story before turning in. One of the advantages is that there is no wheezing even at high volumes. Supposed to be resistant to water. Didn't check it myself. Memory cards are an option that can be utilized. There is a radio with FM reception. The speaker can be used as a player and connected to additional speakers or headphoSee full review

canon ef 50mm f/1.4 usm lens, black logo

If Canon considers it possible for its reputation to continue to sell a weak, unreliable lens, it would be worthwhile to warn buyers before buying this lens that it requires extra care, as even slight pressure on the external part leads to breakage. All this I write solely for one purpose, to warn those who choose not to choose this lens (and maybe the manufacturer too).See full review

wi-fi router xiaomi mi wi-fi router 4a gigabit edition global, white logo

Has some pros: Good signal, cool design. I stitched it with a Padawan and I'm not overjoyed Has some cons: Wall mount not thought out. In the presence of direct hands, the issue is resolved in 5 minutes.See full review

🖱️ msi agility gd70 matte black logo

The mat is wonderful for the entire desktop, the pattern does not stick out, does not erase, the edge is satisfied with the purchase, all the more I assemble a full assembly of MSI, the monitor remains and I completely moved to MSI :)See full review

💻 asus prime h510m-k motherboard: optimal performance and functionality for enhanced computing experience logo

Has some pros: Reliable manufacturer. Works great with intel i3 and i5 (I took for assemblies on i3 10105, i5 10400f). Optimum temperatures: does not overheat, works without failures. There is a pre-installed program for monitoring processes. Got cons: 2 connectors for fans and cooler. That is, after connecting the tower cooler, one connector remains. This, however, is known in advance. And so on many motherboards based on the h510 chipset. To avoid problems with cooling the video card and compSee full review

smart xiaomi mi smart band bracelet 6ru, black logo

Has some pros sits comfortably, many features, good display, good design, wide internal customization Cons below: sits down quickly enough, enough for about 3 days, although much more is stated. In the water sometimes he switches the music or something like thatSee full review

smartphone lg g6 64gb logo

I will not describe all the characteristics - there are plenty of them in the public domain. I'll tell you exactly what I liked. The first is the autonomy of work, no matter how much I load the smartphone, it does not turn off, I always come home with 10-15%. The second is the camera, as far as imagination is enough, there are a lot of shooting modes, there are manual settings. With manual, of course, the photos are much better. Thirdly, the quality of music playback, the DAC is like a cherry onSee full review

🖼️ lcds-5003 black wall bracket holder: stylish and sturdy solution for lcds logo

The bracket is quite compact. It doesn’t protrude too much from the wall and you can fix the TV power supply on it if your TV has an external oneSee full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (with watch), black onyx logo

Pros: Gorgeous theme. A good helper in the kitchen. And turn on the music, and the timer for cooking. Cons: Sometimes loses internet connection. But it's most likely a network issue.See full review

wifi adapter tp-link tl-wn727n, white-black logo

Different pros: It has been working for more than a year, it never turns off, convenient control from a computer. The speed keeps stable, everything is as it should. Has some cons When I just bought it for installation, I had to dance with a tambourine, I still don’t understand how I installed it after all. Digging for 20 minutes.See full review

kingston a400 240gb sata sa400s37/240g solid state drive logo

Different pros: Worked fine, like a regular SSD, there were no special requirements. With its cons: Stood in the home server on Windows 24 * 7 as a system server. No work has been done on the disk, only the system. Died in less than 2 years.See full review

keyboard apple magic keyboard logo

Double impressions. From working with the keyboard, only positive impressions, but everything was spoiled by a breakdown after a year of use. If you can’t fix it somehow else for sane money, then I’ll seriously think about buying a new one. Has pros: - The charge lasts a couple of weeks - There are no glitches, it works properly - Ergonomics suits With its cons. - So-so reliability - Broke exactly after 1 year and 10 days. Just stopped responding to pressing Enter and Shift (both). Didn't fill aSee full review

electric toothbrush oral-b kids mickey mouse, blue-yellow logo

Although this is not the first brush my daughter has, she likes this one especially and for a long time. So much joy now brings us brushing our teeth. I know that now, with less effort and less time, my child brushes his teeth well. The brush itself is convenient not only to use but also safe, the battery is safe even if moisture gets on it, it charges, though for a long time, but it lasts for a long time. The cleaning head is easy to remove, which the daughter does effortlessly to rinse. A beauSee full review

atcom high speed hdmi cable 2.0 - 3m, silver/black: enhanced connectivity solution logo

I took 10 meters to connect a PC to a 4k TV. At first, I laid down and, after reading the Internet, I was afraid that the cable was bad. Then I got into the video card settings and set it to 60 hertz, which solved the problem.See full review

wireless earphones xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds global, white logo

In general, happy with them. I’ll say for sure that this is the best choice regarding HUAWEI FREEBUDS and ELARI NANOPODS, maybe the above ones have better sound somewhere, somewhere the microphone is better, but xiaomi’s stability, build quality and reliability are clearly better and the price is lower) Pros: Normal sound for the average user. Comfortable fit. Nice materials. Got cons: Sometimes, for unknown reasons, they begin to make some sounds themselves, but this is extremely rare. And withSee full review

wifi router tp-link archer ax73, black logo

After 3-4 days of continuous operation, the speed and stability of the WiFi router degrades, very incomprehensible nonsense begins, sites either load or not, like other local network resources, the WiFi signal is stable, but the Internet connection disappears. Even flashing to the beta received through the support channel did not help. I will probably try custom firmware, although I took a new router just so as not to waste time on this.See full review

samsung galaxy note smartphone 20 ultra (sm-n985f) 8/256 gb ru, black logo

For 3 months I was convinced that this is a good device, but there are a number of significant shortcomings. Advantages: 1. Processor and graphics. The smartphone works quickly, does not freeze, does not slow down. Everything functions as it should work in the flagship of a large international company 2. Cameras. The main camera with a resolution of 108 megapixels takes amazing photos. I really like that you can shoot the city panorama of buildings, and when you zoom in, consider them right up tSee full review

43" samsung tv ue43au7500u 2021 led, hdr, titan gray logo

This time to put the TV to replace the old Philips is the second call. It is impossible to watch ordinary channels - it lathers. I bought a home dmv antenna. The quality of the channels has increased by an order of magnitude, but there are only 30 channels and there are no necessary channels. In applications like lime, too, not all channels. The TV is back in the box. I'm waiting for the prefix on the android NK1 and there will be a third call. Maybe then it will survive. What a bad TV. Buy an aSee full review

📺 enhance your outdoor tv viewing with goldmaster gm-510 dvb-t2 antenna logo

Pros: performs its functions. tower 20 km. but you can not even tune it, it catches without interference in any position Has some cons burrs on metal. plastic plugs are oblique curves, but the functionality does not affectSee full review

wireless earphones xiaomi redmi airdots 3 pro cn, black logo

I took the headphones with me to the post office so that I could mail them to the person who was selling them. I stopped by dns on the way home to pick up some new headphones. I detailed the issue that I had been having with the headphones that I had been using before I sought the consultant for assistance on which headphones to use. I asked about it, and the response I got was that Xiaomi frequently experiences the same issue. Many advantages: Headphones that are not only comfortable but also hSee full review

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