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vacuum cleaner xiaomi vacuum cleaner g11, white/orange logo

Maximum consumption 500W Max suction power 185W Weight -1.6kg Three modes: eco, maxi, auto Its pros: Convenient for an adult, even peanuts with difficulty but in, fast charging, high-quality plastic, everything from connects to connects in an instant, maneuverable, quiet, there is an overheating sensor. Finds dust, even where there is none! Cons below: It is inconvenient for a child, where the brush and hang, Sharply opens the lid of the garbage container, you must hold it so as not tSee full review

car seat group 0+ (up to 13 kg) maxi-cosi cabriofix, essential graphite logo

The chair was chosen for a long time and I do not regret the choice at all. It is strange to read reviews that a child of 70 cm in height does not fit in it . Maybe they just didn’t see that the belts are adjustable in height ? The fact that a newborn is sitting in a chair is also not true. They wrote that the "understanding" child is bored, tk. sits against the movement - in our case, on the contrary - the child sees the face of an adult and he is calm. You can also hang toys on the handle)See full review

computer chair bureaucrat ch-201nx for children, upholstery: textile, color: hearts-pk logo

Has some pros: The chair is light, manoeuvrable and rolls freely. It has a small back that is comfortable for my height. It's compact, bright and nice to look at. Due to the small size and slightly curved shape of the seat, it caused disapproval among the seals, which can also be attributed to the advantages - no cat hair on the upholstery. Yes, the gas lift is working flawlessly so far, t-t-t. Cons: It's not that I didn't like it . everything suits me, but my husband, who sat in this chair forSee full review

men's winter knitted hat with a lapel, insulated with a lining logo

I ordered 6 hats in three colors. Delivery due to a misunderstanding was in two stages. And I wanted everything at once! Somehow. Such a harmful buyer woke up in me🤭, with affected pride☺️🤣The support worked perfectly! And the seller surprised me by sending me warm mittens as a gift🤗Now, I feel uncomfortable in front of the seller☺️Thank you, Dear seller! You are completely rehabilitated! Great trading!See full review

sink filter prio new water start osmos ou380 white logo

I waited a very long time for a suitable price for reverse osmosis and took it as soon as I waited. Very happy with the purchaseSee full review

split system electrolux eacs-09hg2/n3, black logo

The system was purchased and installed in the conference room of our ATP. Going forward, we will only have meetings in areas with favorable microclimates. We have been utilizing it for the past half a year, and up to this point, we have had no complaints about its performance. It is really useful that a timer has been fitted since once I establish the mode of operation, everything turns on and off by itself at the designated times. In addition to its three distinct stages of filtration, it ionizSee full review

triangle group tr259 235/60 r18 107w summer logo

On the recommendation of a buddy who has been riding tires for a while, I purchased tires. Purchased, balanced, and am now leaving. The rubber behaves flawlessly no matter where I go, even in the city, on the highway, and in the village. Frosts, wet asphalt, wet soil, and primer are unimportant. There were no hernias or cuts when I once hit a sizable pothole because the wheels withstood the impact. I've been riding on tires for numerous seasons, and so far the flight and tread are both regular. See full review

xiaomi mijia sweeping vacuum cleaner 3c robot, white logo

I can't believe I waited this long to get one of them. Now you can walk barefoot on a clean floor without exerting yourself. I got it from AliExpress. shipping in four years from 2022. The vendor would have no choice except to open the packaging in order to insert the necessary Euro plug adaptor.See full review

computer chair bureaucrat ch-330m office, upholstery: textile, color: dairy logo

The color is a really stunning dusty-gray blue, and its overall appearance is very stylish. The seat is medium-soft. Having this drawback: When more of the body's weight is concentrated in the middle, the central support's stiffness becomes more apparent. Sometimes the "elevator" itself will go down due to the weight of the body, even if it isn't particularly enormous.See full review

xiaomi mijia robot vacuum-mop 2 mjst1s cn robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

All good. My first vacuum cleaner. I named her Masya. With its pros. Vacuuming and mopping floors. There is building a map, connecting to Alice, like there is a lidar, you can mark places where you can’t clean up and wash the floor. Pet Got cons: For a long time I tried to set up wifi and connect it to the mi hom application. It didn’t work out, because there are a whole bunch of vacuum cleaners in my house and they look alike.See full review

computer chair chairman 696 office, upholstery: textile, color: black/orange logo

With all of its perks. Convenient, affordable. Rocking is a song. The ability to recline and rock is a very pleasant luxury to have. Its cons: Congregation that is inconvenient. It is intended to hang somewhat after assembly due to the design of the product.See full review

beautitec evaporative humidifier szk-a300: efficient humidification for a fresher environment logo

During the night, a 12.5 m2 room that had a closed door and window had its humidity increased from 44% to 72% at the greatest pace. The significance increased quickly at the same period.See full review

computer chair zombie runner gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/blue logo

A birthday order for a kid was placed! It is discovered while unpacking the kit at the time of donation that it is missing every single fastener. (Let manufacturers, assemblers, and their supervisors go through the same thing! "Our" production is a disgrace! I mean, is it really that difficult to carry out your duties in a humane manner? Because of this, the majority of customers would rather purchase an Ikea product or even a completely Chinese one than "ours".See full review

cordiant road runner 185/65 r15 88h summer logo

I don’t understand the claims that someone doesn’t hold the turn at a speed of 130. As well as the delight that they overtake her in a downpour at 110. Are we on a race track? Why squeeze all the juice out of the car and no one thinks about safety? On the other hand, examples of such operation in extreme conditions, and even beyond, are additional evidence that an ordinary driver will have a margin for the speed and driver characteristics of this tire.See full review

kettle xiaomi qcooker kettle, with temperature sensor global, green logo

The provided adaptor, which is very snug, gives no indication of being reliable at first glance. It was determined that a plug conforming to European standards would be installed. If you boil the kettle until it turns off, you'll notice that the indicator reads higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This suggests that you can boil the kettle to whatever temperature you need, so long as you keep your attention on the dial indicator.See full review

air washer winia awx-70, white/turquoise logo

The device is bulky and heavy, but we have enough space, it does not interfere. Bought with the birth of a child, with him the daughter began to sleep better. When you enter the room, you feel a completely different climate. We use it only in the heating season, now the second one has gone, I am very satisfied with the device, I recommend it. Different pros: Humidifies the air quickly and effectively, in a room of 30 meters returns the humidity level from 10% to 45% in about an hour and a half. See full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, white, cn logo

Liked the scooter. And in terms of power (300W) and speed (25km / h) approximately the same as in the description. On one charge, with a weight of 90-100 kg, it runs 13 km along asphalt bike paths. While new, it goes quietly, smoothly, without any backlash and rattles Jambs with Chinese instructions and authorization in the Chinese Mi Home from Xiaomi Inc. decided with the help of advice from Youtube. Well, I had to buy an adapter for an American plug. At the moment, I am discussing with whetheSee full review

toaster kitfort kt-2047, silver logo

I liked it at first sight, I have all the functions I need, I don’t use it for a long time, but it has already become tastier to live with itSee full review

pirelli cinturato p7 205/55 r16 91v summer logo

First there were 2 seasons on the Hyundai i30 (205 55 R16) - no complaints, the tires are super. I moved it to a new car to replace the regular hankook and didn’t recognize it - it balances disgustingly, the loads are 50-70 (when the wheel rotates, if you look perpendicular to the axis of rotation, the tread pattern noticeably goes left and right), it became noisy and oaky, handling worsened. I sin on poor-quality tire fitting, because the disks are new and visually absolutely straight, the rubbSee full review

smartphone infinix note 11 pro 8/128 gb ru, 2 sim, smoky green logo

The processor in this smartphone is normal. Suitable for many games. Except Genshin. The memory here, although ufs 2.2, but the speed of launching applications and games, and installing the application could be better. Before that, there was a Tecno Pova 2 smartphone. There is a better camera for color reproduction. As for the screen, it is of high quality here, I liked it. Stereo sound, medium quality, I also liked it. But 10 pro infinix is ​​still better than infinix note 11 pro, in terms of cSee full review

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