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electric toothbrush oral-b smart 4 4900, black/pink logo

cleans perfectly, works for a long time, it’s cool that it shines with excessive pressure, the cleaning modes were lured at first, then you understand that it doesn’t matter which mode to clean, but the tee infuriates. I used all the electric brushes from the simplest one, and I realized that there is no difference in them, the next one I will take the most ordinary electric brush.See full review

oral-b pro 570 crossaction, white-blue logo

Before that, I tried a sonic brush, at first I liked it, but now I will give preference to a classic electric brush, such as this one.See full review

smart bracelet honor band 5, black logo

Satisfied with the bracelet. The charge lasts over a week. The functions work great. I really like the bracelet. I recommend.See full review

apple iphone 11 128gb smartphone, black, slimbox logo

quite a good smartphone. There were no special requirements in it, if only all installed applications were transferred and there was more memory.See full review

electric toothbrush oral-b kids mickey mouse, blue-yellow logo

Decent brush, bright, comfortable in the hand. Musical, plays nice tunes, though a little quiet. I doubted the softness of the bristles, but if you don’t press hard, then everything is in order, although you will often have to buy replacement nozzles, because. the kid cleans everything, getting carried away, and the tap and the mirror, you just have to move away from him. But in general, everything is fine, thanks to this brush I taught the child to brush my teeth, otherwise it was difficult to See full review

dr.bei toothbrush youth edition, grey logo

Pros: I love this series of brushes and the way it cleans. I'm taking the third one in the series. Some cons: Some bristles even at the beginning of use began to bristle. This one got caught. This was not the case with the previous one.See full review

wireless headphones beats powerbeats3 wireless, white logo

TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT! I was already familiar with Beats products from the use of first-generation UrBeats earplugs. After their death, I bought Sony MDR-XB510AS headphones. Ordinary cheap wired sports headphones of the Extra Bass line. After I was presented with an Apple Watch, I thought about purchasing wireless headphones. I chose between Powerbeats 3 and Sony MDR-XB80BS for a long time. I know how Sony plays, but I also remember the sound of beats. When switching from Beats to Sony, I noticedSee full review

xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds basic 2 global wireless headphones, black logo

The left earphone does not work, the sound goes only to the right, I will be merciful towards Xiaomi, I wish them only the collapse of their company, a fire in the head office and all the worst in the life of the CEO. I ask you to immediately return the money for the broken goods, I do not do business with Xiaomi anymore Terrible headphones, better take them off the market, do not disgrace your imageSee full review

smartphone motorola moto g7 power 64gb, black logo

I use 2 phones. Until recently, the main one was the iPhone 6s (for work, calls), the additional Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (for photos and videos). iPhone 6s died, began to look for a "long-playing" device, and Motorola moto g⁷ power was out of competition. I bought a device with a charge of 50%, spent the whole evening downloading and setting up applications, then the whole working day (calls, correspondence, etc.) by 19:00 the charge is 20%. Accordingly, for a day of active use (very active) 30% See full review

📱 black smart garmin vivosmart hr wristband logo

I had both a xiomi mi band and a samsung gear fit 2. This garmin is super for me personally as a fitness tracker, because. I just needed to track the pulse so that it did not go beyond the limits or kept in the range. and he shows it almost potosyanno and accurately. there is a slight 20 second delay with a sharp load (change of exercise type). For a test on another hand, I put on a watch, where the back cover is 1 contact and with the other hand you put 2 fingers - this is the 2nd contact. handSee full review

wifi router tp-link archer ax73, black logo

Different pros: Good functionality, convenient applications for entering the router settings. Good signal level at a distance through several concrete walls. Different cons: Has not been identified. But it consumes a lot of electricity before that, the router worked on battery for a day without electricity, this one was 5 minutes.See full review

sound bar jbl bar 2.0 all-in-one black logo

Super top for your money. If you connect via hdmi it may not be controlled from the TV remote control, connect via hdmi (acv) everything starts workingSee full review

headphones hoco m1, white logo

They came with a wire already pinched near the connector. It is necessary to move the sound falls off one of the headphones. After the purchase, I had to throw it away, I didn’t waste my nerves on a returnSee full review

70mai dash cam midrive d01, black logo

They gave me a present, then he died from shaking - the transition contact opened in the board: you twist the board clockwise - it works; against - does not work :-)) I thought yes and bought the same one so that the mount would not be re-glued. I'll go and put it. If this one also settles down and dies, it will be a little insulting, for 2.5 thousand. and delivery is almost 3. On w3bsit3-dns. Com there is a bunch of information and firmware on it, both with a 2022 voice and with a foreign one.See full review

wi-fi router xiaomi redmi router ac2100 cn, white logo

The router turned out to be for 2022. US plug. Less than a year later began to constantly tear connect WiFi for a couple of minutes. the application on the phone and computer worked, it was ated and now it is not. unable to connect to the router. the router lives its own life.See full review

game console sony playstation 4 slim 1000 gb hdd, black logo

The best choice for today, justified by a solid library of games and bright exclusives. Despite her advanced age, she is able to give hundreds of hours of true pleasure. Has pros: Like a true Japanese woman, submissive and modest: a strict design with the ability to position our chan in all planes sets you up for a serious and long-term relationship. Stylish and strict in appearance, it nevertheless allows liberties like changing the carrier to a more spacious one, and all this without reproacheSee full review

set samura bamboo sba-0220, 3 knives logo

Has some pros: The knives are very sharp and do not dull for a long time. At first I was constantly afraid of cutting myself) Excellent appearance With its cons: The handle is quite light and causes dissonance with its appearance. It seems that it should be weighty, because it is metal, but no.See full review

sennheiser momentum true wireless 2 wireless headphones, black logo

There are top-end hybrid headphones Sony wi1000, senkhs are not inferior in sound, but they lose in terms of noise reduction and the convenience of Google Assistant . Senkhs do not read sms and messages from vatsapSee full review

buster group 2/3 (15-36 kg) happy baby booster rider, silver logo

We ordered this chair in one well-known online store at a price of 1190. For us, compactness was important, because. The back seat of our small sedan should fit two Group 1 car seats and one such booster. We have many children) We looked closely at inexpensive models, incl. to "Nania", it turned out to be hopelessly wide for us - "45cm". Moreover, the 4-year-old, for which the chair is chosen, was uncomfortable to sit on such a booster. Hopes for the new Happy Baby Rider were fully justified: tSee full review

sony cmt-sbt100 music center logo

For a small space, a very good solution. At a cost of 12500r, I really liked the sound. Functionality is poor. But the sound was more important to me. With its pros. Works great with bluetooth. This was the main argument. The sound is very good, in principle corresponds to the declared marketing power. The speakers are also good for the money, but not great. With its cons. Bass is good, but very dependent on the quality of the source. If the file is digitized so-so, then when the bass is turned See full review

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