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Greetings, let me introduce you to an exchange trading platform called "Xevenue" Xevenue is a revenue sharing crypto exchange where you can safely trade your favorite cryptocurrency market. It's aim was to create a trusted and reliable cryptocurrency exchange that draws users from a broad spectrum of the real world into Crypto space. It was built on the idea that digital currencies would soon take over money as we know it today, it was meant to be transparent untill they were faced with chalSee full review

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Greetings, let me introduce you to an exchange platform called "Bitzon" Bitzon is an exchange platform that assumed the responsibility of providing high quality service and guranteed that the sellers will send the buyers the exact item as described in the description of the product. The company offered incentives and a special discount to buyers. The offered discount was that of 10% on all the purchases done by the buyers but it had to be done first by Bitzon coins and tokens. This exchange pSee full review

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Greetings, let me introduce you to an exchange trading platform called "Huobi Korea" Huobi is a Seychelles based cryptocurrency exchange founded in China with offices now in Hong Kong, Japan and the United States of America. They are a very secure trading platform and they also provide customer support, asset listing and trading fees . You can buy Huobi tokens on the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi allows it's users to trade more than 190 cryptocurrency pairs which in return benefits the See full review

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Greetings, let me introduce you to an exchange platform called "BTCBOX" BTCBOX is an exchange platform from Japan that allows the trading of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoins, litecoins and Ethereum. Their trading fee is 0.05% and they also charge Bitcoins for a withdrawal fee amounting to 0.001BTC. BTCBOX accepts deposits and withdrawals made by JPY. They are an highly regulated Exchange and they also help mainly Japanese customers with access to the world of Crypto. They do not foSee full review

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Greetings, let me introduce you to an exchange platform called "Global blockchain Exchange" Global blockchain Exchange is a digital assets exchange built upon principles of decentralization, they seek to create an era of trust and universal acceptance for the Crypto industries. They are in charge of encrypting users data and applying risk identification controls so that transactions done can be secure. They also have a app you can download on your Android devices that gives you easy access to cSee full review

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Greetings, let me introduce you to a trading platform called "Smart valour" Smart valour is a trading platform founded in 2017, this very Swiss exchange platform provides high quality and very good trading platforms for traders to trade with cryptocurrencies. On this platform you can easily trade and manage your Crypto account. One of the ways of getting cryptocurrency through this platform is by firstly making a deposit through you Atm card. This exchange platform is known to be very secure ovSee full review

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Greetings, let me introduce you to this exchange platform called "Beldex" Beldex is a cryptocurrency exchange trading platform which is automated and fully registered. During my research on this platform i found out that the exchange platform is an Islamic cryptocurrency of which users are assured of easy transparency of the transaction. The trading platform is guilded and regulated with different laws. To be able to register on this platform, you have to make available your KYC. This trading See full review

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Greetings, let me introduce you to this exchange platform called "Rippex" Rippex is a cryptocurrency trading exchange platform which has been in existence for just a few years. Rippex superceeds all other digital wallet in the trading market. Apart from Rippex being a wallet it could also be used as an exchange platform which can be traded on a computer system. When you invest on Rippex you will be offered an easy access to your cryptocurrencies. Rippex is actually one of the local ripple wallSee full review

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Ethereum by Larry

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Ethereum network in minutes without spending any time on infrastructure. Besides being used as a digital currency, Ethereum can also be used to process other types of financial transaction, execute smart contracts and store data for thrid party application. They are the world's safest biggest and most reputable exchanges and you can't go wrong with them. Once you have your Ether, you can purchase a ledger nano to store it offline and away from prying eyes or hackers. Significantly Ethereum is mSee full review

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At first I thought this might be one of those scam exchange but after critical research I found out that Orion finance, launched on October 2019 based in Israel/Ukraine is a cryptocurrency trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other Crypto coins. They gurantee you high quality and fast work. Another interesting fact is that they create their own token so as to give you additional opportunities to work in the Crypto currency market. Currently there are benefits of trading with them likSee full review

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Ember sword blockchain game is an online action game. The game has a very good graphic view which makes it more easier and fun to play. The game can be downloaded from Google play store of which it's bring international connection between friend from different countries. In playing the game you are allowed to chose character of your choice and also proceed to select the city of your choice. The game involves combat and gun display by opponents. You can go on its website to connect and play the gSee full review

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Good day, the blockchain game am about to introduce to you is called "Pathfinders" The game is a blockchain game which can be played on Android mobile phone and also on computer system. The game displays good graphics with a clear 3D display. The game is an online action game which involves shooting. The game provides platform where character travels to different universe where by partners provides shield for the character. The blockchain game provides avenue for trade establisment. The game caSee full review

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Greetings everyone, The game is known as lazy worker and it is an online game which portrait good quality. I have done numerous research on the game but all to no avail, the game is no longer available. I went on different links and Google play store to download the game but find anything. I can not give full assurance on the game graphics for the name of the game interest me to search on different platforms for the game. There has been a recent update from the developer of the game that the gaSee full review

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