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Revainrating 1 out of 5  
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Type of review

Its rating is too horrendous to even think about being featured as a solid or reliable accomplice of exchanging. Xevenue was incorporated at the highest point of those trades that are not useful for clients, and that they as of now and began to move away.  There isn't so much as motivation to commit time to investigate this page on the grounds that the web perspective on the stage isn't acceptable. It's anything but a basic obsolete task still being developed, however without po

  • Try not to utilize the entrance of this page since it has not positive perspectives.
  • The stage isn't working as expected. Clients are leaving the page.
  • It's anything but essentially focused on its business to deal with every one of its lacks.
  • The stage requires a major turn of events. Comprehensive examination about utilitarian destinations is required.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

I don't advice people to trade here as trading here is risky

This is another decentralized exchange in 2019 called unidex exchange. This exchange is very suitable and good for swapping coins easily and faster with no form of hitch. I am very unhappy with my experience with the trading environment this exchange provided as it has low or poor quality designs and colors which has made me discouraged on trading here. Nothing to say about the trading volume including the liquidity, meaning the exchange has recorded nothing as no trading activities is going on

  • None
  • The trading interface is not attractive
  • The exchange has stop offering trading services
  • There is no liquidity nor trading volume of the exchange
  • The customer service are not responsive

Its rating is too terrible to be highlighted as a reliable or trustworthy partner of trading. Xevenue was included at the top of those exchanges that are not functional for users, and that they already now and started to move away. There isn't even a reason to dedicate time to explore this page because the web view of the platform is not good. It looks like a simple outdated project still in development, but without possible ways of being rescued or managed. The interface sometimes takes a lo

  • Avoid using the access of this page since it has not positive views.
  • The platform is not working properly. Users are going out of the page.
  • It is not mainly centred on its business to manage all its deficiencies.
  • The platform does require a big development. Exhaustive research about functional sites is required.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Review on Xevenue by Larry

Greetings, let me introduce you to an exchange trading platform called "Xevenue" Xevenue is a revenue sharing crypto exchange where you can safely trade your favorite cryptocurrency market. It's aim was to create a trusted and reliable cryptocurrency exchange that draws users from a broad spectrum of the real world into Crypto space. It was built on the idea that digital currencies would soon take over money as we know it today, it was meant to be transparent untill they were faced with…

  • Nothing positive to say about the exchange
  • It went of so quick after establisment
  • Customer team is poor

Today, xevenue exchange is no longer in existence, as it is considered as a dead exchange. The date of establishment of this exchange is confusing, some web searchers recorded 2017, while others are 2018. If truly it is Either of the both, that means the exchange has not achieved something beneficial, because as of lat week I checked out the exchange on twitter I discovered it last post was over a year from now. With this we all know that the exchange is not functional any longer. The…

  • None at all
  • Does not have a specific or sufficient information about itself different websites are carrying different information
  • This exchange didn't achieve any objectives before it closure
  • Xevenue exchange went off so quick after establishment
  • The customer support team has poor response to chats even when they are active

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Another dead Exchange

The viability of a centralised exchange is usually a hot topic of debate among many traders. Getting to see an exchange that stands the test of time is something that many of these exchanges rarely do. In the face of defeat, they back down. This is the story to outline when speaking about Xevenue. This crypto exchange which has been inaccessible since January last year had a good following before their inevitable collapse following a series of unfortunate events. In the time of the exchange…

  • Nothing positive to say about the exchange
  • The exchange site doesn't work anymore

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Xevenue Exchange

Xevenue Exchange is another cryptocurrency exchange that was launched around 2017 or 2018 but is no longer active as if today. I checked out the last post if this exchange in Twitter the last post was on January 2020 which is clearly over a year from today. That is a very strong indication that the exchange is no longer active. Currently, the webpage is no longer accessible, every time i tried to load it I get an error message which means that the exchange is not accessible. The only thing…

  • There isn't anything positive to write about Xevenue Exchange
  • This Exchange is no longer accessible
  • Trading here is not possible