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Revainrating 1 out of 5  
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Type of review

Bitzon trade was dispatched in South Korea as a blockchain subordinate trade. However most trades from Korea are constantly seen to be dependable, yet for the instance of bitzon trade it shows highlights of an awful one. The trade shut all it exercises without the information on any dealer. I have message the client care group severally, to know what specifically caused there highly sensitive situation, however it appears to be more than 96 hours no reaction has been gotten, which means th

  • It was fabricated and fueled by current blockchain innovation
  • It is an exchanging stage for both edge and spot exchange
  • Helpless client care over 24hours, multi week, and surprisingly a month
  • This trade isn't trusted in light of the manner in which it even shut it administrations with no declaration
  • Liquidity in this trade isn't appealing due to the shut exchanging occasions because of separated workers

Revainrating 1 out of 5

All activities has been shut down. I show a red flag.

Bitzon is said to be a trading platform that has lost its track to be a reliable exchange. first of all, the social media accounts was brought down making it very difficult for people to get access to the admins or the developers who built this exchange. this exchange couldn't compete with other good cryptocurrency exchanges because of many wrong activities that went wrong the exchange. getting information about this exchange is very difficult. I tried using the link that revain brought for…

  • No positivity.
  • All social accounts are old.
  • No recent update about this Exchange.
  • Not safe for any trade.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Assumes responsibility for service.

BitZon Exchange is a variety of trading markets from South Korea. Like Hong Kong, Korea is known to be the site of some influential trade. Then again, there are a number of trades in the crypto market that cannot be called effective unless they have a specific exchange effect. Trade has shut down everything it does without getting information about any dealer. I specifically report to the customer service team to find out what caused the sensitive situation, but for more than 96 hours there…

  • Always safe for most exchanges.
  • Negative aspects can be encountered.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Review on Bitzon by Larry

Greetings, let me introduce you to an exchange platform called "Bitzon" Bitzon is an exchange platform that assumed the responsibility of providing high quality service and guranteed that the sellers will send the buyers the exact item as described in the description of the product. The company offered incentives and a special discount to buyers. The offered discount was that of 10% on all the purchases done by the buyers but it had to be done first by Bitzon coins and tokens. This exchange p

  • Special discount to buyers
  • Offers incentives
  • Isn't functioning anymore
  • Poor customer care

Bitzon exchange was launched in South Korea as a blockchain dependent exchange. Though most exchanges from Korea are always seen to be trustworthy, but for the case of bitzon exchange it shows features of a bad one. The exchange closed all it activities without the knowledge of any trader. I have message the customer support team severally, to know what in particular caused there state of emergency, but it seems over 96 hours no response has been received, meaning the customer support team

  • It was built and powered by current blockchain technology
  • It is a trading platform for both margin and spot trade
  • Poor customer care over 24hours, one week, and even a month
  • This exchange is not trusted because of the way it even closed it services without any announcement
  • Liquidity in this exchange is not attractive because of the closed trading events due to disconnected servers

Revainrating 1 out of 5

No longer accessible

BitZon Exchange is one of the numerous blockchain based exchange from South Korea. Just like HongKong, Korea has also been known to be the home to some successful exchanges. On the other hand, there are some exchanges which cannot be termed as successful as they did not make any positive trading difference in the crypto market. Bitzon Exchange is one of such exchanges which I termed as "Unsuccessful", reason being that: it closed off unexpectedly without any trace or information about its…

  • This exchange has no advantage
  • The exchange doesn't have any trading volume
  • The exchange is not accessible

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Users should be careful about this exchange

Either with a VPN or using a desktop, Bitzon Exchange is no longer accessible and functional. There is no information about this exchange, this means that we can't know if it's centralized or not, the trading fee, the country where it was established. Whenever, i try av this exchange, i keep getting an error message which is a great indication that this exchange is no longer existing. There is no useful link on how to contact support nor their Telegram group. Users should be careful, there's is

  • None
  • The exchange isn't accessible anymore
  • The exchange doesn't have information about itself