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casio g-shock ga-700-1b quartz watch, alarm clock, chronograph, stopwatch, countdown timer, waterproof, shockproof, display backlight, black logo

Great watch. Looks just cool on the hand. The quality of the shell and watch strap is good. Belt fixation 5+ out of 5. Design 5+. Good, high quality, brutal watch.See full review

apple watch ultra 49mm titanium case cellular smart watch, titanium/black and gray trail loop logo

Bought from aliexpress for 59,929. Came in a couple of days, the package is whole. Original. can be taken) With its pros: -Big screen -Materials (titanium case, sapphire glass) -Autonomy Some cons: More massive than usual watches, but you quickly get used to itSee full review

solgar skin, nails & hair tabs, 60 tabs logo

Received vitamins safe and sound. I managed to for 1188. I started taking it recently, while it’s too early to talk about the result, I took it on the recommendation of several friends. Thanks seller. The bank is small, original, after reading the reviews, I was afraid that others would deliver a fake, but everything worked out. Thanks sellerSee full review

bfgoodrich g-grip 195/65 r15 91h summer logo

Got the idea that winter tires are better and didn't lose. I never imagined that driving my automobile could be so relaxing. Even though the directional rubber is almost perfectly perpendicular to the ground. Although the sidewalls are pliable, cornering is not drifty. You can't really call it peaceful, but the loud language stays put either. You're willing to put up with the noise since we're bringing asphalt roads here, ""if there is one,"" like a nice knife. In overall, I think the rubber is See full review

melitta caffeo solo & perfect milk coffee machine, silver logo

The value of the product as a whole justifies the expenditure. Her ability to reduce the grind size to an almost ideal condition is one of her many talents. I am not aware of any coffee machine in this category that is capable of doing these functions. The price will inevitably go up as a result of this. In stock, around 13 grams is needed for one espresso, and the grind should be lowered to approximately 16-17. This comes very close to the carob coffee machines used in professional settings, whSee full review

old spice deodorant stick lagoon, 50 ml logo

What I personally like about old space deodorants is that they really help save the family budget. Look: the stock price is a little more than 100, it lasts for a month or more for my husband, it spreads easily and is absorbed instantly, therefore, it doesn’t stain clothes, and you don’t have to wash and rinse again, there is a cashback from #pgbonus. And most importantly, it perfectly copes with sweat and unpleasant odors.See full review

dry food for cats farmina n&d prime, grain-free, with wild boar, with apple 5 kg logo

The cat eats with pleasure. Maine Coon needs 1.5 kg for a month and a week. Granules are what you need. Castrated cat. The ratio of calcium - phosphorus is less than 1.2. This is important for the prevention of ICD. Therefore, I give and do not worry that the food is not for the castrated. A huge plus is that it is grain free. The cat from him is just gorgeous, playful, drinks water well. Chair, wool, skin super. I recommend.See full review

dunlop sp winter ice 03 195/65 r15 95t logo

I got two vehicles for the upcoming season: a Mazda 6 with 215/50 17 tires and a Nissan Micra with 175/65 14 tires. We have driven over 600 kilometers on each set, rolled over 500 kilometers, and now that it is snowy and slick, the tires are outstanding. Because the sides are so sturdy, I was concerned that it would be difficult on the mikra; nevertheless, in the end, everything turned out just fine! Both the forward and the lateral handling are enjoyable and risk-free. Got pros: Dense sidewall,See full review

vacuum cleaner roidmi nex x20, white logo

Happiness was short-lived Nozzles, beautiful, convenience ., and use at a minimum. It would cost 5 thousand. It would be ok. And so . a year later, the battery died altogether. Despite the fact that they cleaned 5-8 times for 5-15 minutes for the whole timeSee full review

computer chair zombie viking knight gaming, upholstery: textile, color: blue logo

Its pros: Comfortable chair, good, comfortable pillows, excellent armrest adjustment. Good swing mechanism. Got cons: The complexity of the assembly, but this problem is relevant for all chairs.See full review

contact lenses alcon dailies total1, 30 pcs., r 8.5, d -9.5 logo

Great lenses! I really liked it, absolutely not felt on the eyes! Worn for almost a day and no discomfort. In the lenses of another manufacturer, as if sand in the eyes with prolonged wear. Instant delivery (ordered today, received tomorrow), packed securely, everything came safe and sound! I definitely recommend buying! I purchased at a discount, the cost was 500-700 cheaper than at other playmarkets and pharmacies.See full review

gaming chair chairman game 17, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/red logo

Includes advantages: Easy to assemble. Convenient. For my height (164 cm), the length of the back is ideal. There is no permanent lowering possible because the height cannot be changed. Against it: A powerful chemical odor that, thankfully, dissipated almost entirely within a day. Synthetic crucifix. There have been worries voiced about the quality of the handle.See full review

absorbent filler catsan hygiene plus, 10l logo

I ordered it because we didn't have one. I read it already after backfilling that it does not crumple, for me this is a big minus, since I have been using clumping filler (of a different brand) all my Cat’s life, I can’t imagine how it is possible to keep the Cat’s toilet clean without regularly removing lumps from the tray, judging by the description, all the same there will be some "hard lumps", let's try.See full review

laser rangefinder xiaomi atuman duka ls-p laser range finder 40 m gray logo

Got pros: Small, convenient, fast charging, enough for three to four hours of active use With its cons: The button on the side kills, you lean against the walls and the button is squeezedSee full review

computer chair bureaucrat kd-4-f for children, upholstery: textile, color: blue logo

Pros below: Nice comfortable chair. The wheels are blocked from the required weight themselves, there is no manual blocking Has some cons: Until they noticed. Perhaps it can be attributed to the disadvantage that when fixing the backrest, the bolt scratches the iron pin on which the backrest is put on.See full review

sink filter prio new water start osmos ou380 white logo

Good system for your money. I recommend to buy. . I have been using the system for almost two months and the water has a taste reminiscent of petroleum products. Very strange story, of course, I will understand.See full review

faucet for kitchen (sink) blanco fontas ii (granite) pearl logo

Got pros: Beautiful, aesthetic. Fits perfectly on the sink of the same company. Cons below: If you make the pressure a little more, then the water is everywhere. It splashes everything. Rinsing something is fine, but globally washing dishes is still a pleasure.See full review

office chair bureaucrat ch-w695nlt, upholstery: mesh/textile, color: pink logo

Pros: The chair is great! I recommend! Comfortable, beautiful, well made. Some cons: Some of the white rivets covering the bolts on the back don't hold well and often fall out.See full review

marshall minor iii wireless headphones, black logo

Sound impressed! Previously used Freebuds 3/4. Freebuds 4 did not like the sound at all, Freebuds 3 pleased me for two years. Here the sound is even better, the volume is at the level of three, the bass is simply amazing. I would like a multipoint like on Huawei, but Google promises this year an analogue for devices with Fast pairing support, which is present in these headphones, so it is quite possible that we will get this function. In general, excellent headphones for every day, it is comfortSee full review

deerma dem-f628s eu aroma air humidifier, white logo

Because of the price, it is best not to locate it; we only turn it on at night, and we keep a low profile while we operate. It is able to complete the task at hand. It was shipped with a Chinese plug, however an adaptor was also included in the package.See full review

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