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compact dishwasher weissgauff tdw 4006, white logo

One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great purchase for a small family. We use every day 1-2 times. There are no quarrels about who washes the dishes and always a good mood, a must-have. The first set of capsules lasted more than 2 months.See full review

children's bike royal baby little swan new 12 pink 12" (requires final assembly) logo

To be honest, I was very afraid to order this bike, because there were no reviews from this seller. The fears turned out to be unfounded. Delivery just in time, in the original packaging (it can be seen in the photo). The bike itself is of excellent quality and very beautiful. Included are: a basket, a bell, bows on the steering wheel, reflectors on the wheels, a pump. Bought as a gift, so there is no personal photo in assembled form. Thanks to and the seller.See full review

oral-b pro 500 + kids sonic toothbrush d10.513k, white/blue/yellow logo

A good inexpensive set of toothbrushes for adults and children. I really like that the children's brush is very bright, the child immediately liked it, he began to use it with pleasure. The shape of the nozzles on the brushes makes it easy to reach the most inaccessible places and brush your teeth just perfectly, and the brush is not heavy, very easy and comfortable to hold in your hand. The brush is easy to charge using a special charging station and the charge lasts for a very long time, I canSee full review

crib happy baby mommy lux (transformer), transformer, longitudinal pendulum, white logo

Some pros: Lovely bed, very stylish and comfortable. Soft swingarm, good wheels. Some cons: The bottom did not fit, the boards turned out to be longer in width, sawed out on their ownSee full review

children's 3-wheel city scooter globber elite deluxe lights, red logo

A child of 2.7 years old is 95 cm tall, in the lowest position the steering wheel is perfect. Rolling is easy, rulitsya perfectly, materials and workmanship are pleasing. The steering wheel is removable.See full review

clipper panasonic er1410, silver logo

I bought this miracle in the online store and was satisfied with everything. Firstly, it can work both from the network and from the battery (although I use it exclusively from the network). It cuts just great, the set has three nozzles for six hair lengths. The machine is rotary, one might say professional with self-sharpening blades. Cleaned and lubricated after each haircut and I hope it will last a very long time. Now I forgot about going to the hairdresser.See full review

laser rangefinder xiaomi atuman duka ls-p laser range finder 40 m gray logo

You will need to acquire the ability to count clicks in addition to seconds. For a quick and easy measurement, simply push for a moment and switch the device on. If you push the button a second time, it will begin measuring even though nothing will be displayed on the screen. If you hit the button a third time, it will display the result. To obtain a measurement, briefly press. Press the button for a continuous measurement for one and a half seconds. Holding down the button for three seconds wiSee full review

dry food for adult cats farmina n&d pumpkin, grain-free, with venison, with pumpkin, with apple 1.5 kg logo

It seems as though another component has been thrown into the mix with the food. Looks like a horse meat roll. I do not advise. In addition, this is not a paid endorsement in any way. I was unsure whether or not to make another purchase, but ultimately decided to do so. I thought perhaps the cat goes through a seasonal molt, but it turns out the food has gotten much worse. Vitamins even for wool did not help. We switched to another, but we were unable to use it all up.See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

If you need a vacuum cleaner, look for something else. If you need a compact and lightweight device for cleaning dust and small debris, it makes sense to consider. Has some pros: Lightweight and comes with a wall mount charger. Works well on dirt on fine pile carpets. Nice design unlike its counterparts. They took it for cleaning after a cat in a small apartment, it copes with its minimal duties. Charging is still holding normally, for half an hour it is enough calmly. Cons below: You can hardlySee full review

leather jacket moteq arsenal, man(s), black, size s logo

There was a problem with the return, because. at first I made a mistake with the size, but it was apparently some kind of failure, they were in touch with the seller, and the Market returned the money within 2-3 weeksSee full review

yokohama geolandar cv g058 235/65 r17 108v summer logo

Good tires, not noisy, I really liked how the car behaves on wet pavement, cuts through puddles of water, even at a speed of 90 km / h it behaves predictably. Before that, there were tires (Bridstone Dueler H / L 422 Ecopia) I have a front-wheel drive automatic, the car is heavy when it starts even on dry pavement, no matter how carefully I tried, they involuntarily slipped anyway, these cling better. The only thing while driving seemed to be a more bouncy car, like a rubber ball, again, everythSee full review

trussardi trussardi uomo the red eau de toilette, 30 ml logo

The first came not in mica as it should be packed Perfume. Not very similar to the original. All barcodes have been erased. The sticker on the bottle itself is bubbling. The smell is also not like the original. I don’t know, of course, the fragrance doesn’t look like it from the cold, but the box itself, the fact that the box was not in mica and the fact that the sticker on the bottle is bubbling leads to unpleasant thoughts. I will never buy a fragrance on Market Place again, at least I will blSee full review

vacuum sealer zigmund & shtain kuchen-profi vs-505 black-silver logo

Before buying, I wondered for a long time if I needed such a unit. But I decided to buy it anyway. In the end, I didn't regret it one bit. Vacuums perfectly, products are stored much better. I really liked the container, it's a pity that it's only one, I had to buy more. It is convenient to use the built-in knife. Excellent instruction (plus recipes). This vacuum cleaner lacks only a removable liquid tray. Everything else is great. To my no small surprise, the greens have been stored in the contSee full review

dunlop winter maxx wm02 175/70 r14 84t logo

As if more objectively: on the previous two cars, I purposefully installed the bridgestone blizzak dm-v2 tire that I purposefully opened and everything was fine in everything. And in 2022 I bought a new car with Michelin X-ICE 3 gift tires (I chose them by mistake based on the positive impressions of my previous operation of friction breeches, I chose instead of the proposed Michelin X-Ice North 3 studding - on the working largus, everything turned out to be a marriage and all the studs broke foSee full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, white, cn logo

Buy a plug in the nearest store, cut off the Chinese one, screw on the European one. Adjust the folding unit and the steering wheel, mine out of the box was: the steering wheel was over tightened ("every ball of the bearing was felt when the steering wheel was rotated"), the folding unit was too tight (it was necessary to apply too much force). With Ali, immediately order the support for the rear wing (order the option for m365, because the EU version has a slightly different mount). Well, makSee full review

computer chair zombie thunder 1 gaming, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: black-carbon logo

There was an Ikea armchair that I enjoyed for ten years; nevertheless, my son caught the advancement and new ideas bug. a waste. So-so buyingSee full review

revolution reloaded palette iconic division logo

Shadows can be rather affordable, depending on the quality of the product, and despite their velvety texture, they do not make their presence known for millennia. To maintain without a base for one-half of a day with a base is sufficient for the entire day.See full review

nyx professional makeup foundation can "t stop won" t stop, 30 ml, shade: light ivory logo

The NYX brand has always been one that I've trusted, and I still do, but the tonal foundation was on the list of goods that were included in the "won't take it again" category. The application of the base is quite uneven and really dense, and it just begins to roll. After being applied, it takes a few hours for it to start rolling down and clogging pores. This product did not work for my combination complexion and I do not recommend it. The base does a good job of concealing more noticeable flawSee full review

chair stool group style dsw, metal, color: black logo

Thanks a lot for your quick response and the chair kit you sent when a part wasn't the right fit. I endorse both the seller and these seats.See full review

dry food for dogs grandorf hypoallergenic, low grain, lamb with brown rice 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 3 kg logo

Got pros: The food itself is good, only those bags that came to me are bad Got cons: As if the storage conditions had been violated, it smelled as if weathered or damp. The dog does not eat, and if he eats, then a little and then the stool is liquidSee full review

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