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dry food for cats pro plan delicate 7+ with sensitive digestion with turkey 3 kg logo

There was a problem with the cat's digestion, she is 7 years old. With this food, the situation has improved. Eat well, enjoy. The size of the granules is small, the smell is not sharp. The only negative is the triangular shape of the clasp, in the center you can’t fasten it to the end.See full review

lego harry potter 76389 hogwarts chamber of secrets logo

The seller and delivery of Ya. Market did a great job, promptly processed / brought the order, despite the New Year's fever. Different pros: Big set, the price is generally adequate for such a size. Lots of cool little details, elements: sorting hat, owls, Redl's diary, etc. etc. Cool basilisk model. Cool detailing of Lockons' office / protection class, the atmosphere of the second part is conveyed, many recognizable elements Luminous elements and a ghost figurine. Has some cons: From the point See full review

smartphone tecno spark go 2022 2/32 gb, 2 sim, turquoise blue logo

My husband's primary phone broke, and they stole his backup. Repair is out of the question, and replacing it with a more expensive one is premature. Ordered late at night, arrived within two to three hours. This is preferable because husbands rarely have access to phones while at work. An acceptable substitute for short-term use or as a backup device. I didn't anticipate the game to pull as well as it did. I pray it finds useful application.See full review

case cardholder magsafe wallet on the phone for bank cards, passes caramel, cardholder magnetic, magsafe card holder made of eco-leather as a gift logo

Different pros: Neat cardholder, firmly fastened to a "magsafe" that is not the original. Having these drawbacks: At first, it was challenging to get the card out of the slot. Work pass not working.See full review

posture corrector trives t-1781, size m, beige logo

Different pros: Holds the back well and is easy to put on. I chose the size according to the size chart, it fits perfectly. Cons below: Armpits, of course, rubs. I have no idea how to put on a corset under clothes. You need several layers, because. on the naked body will not be comfortable.See full review

sewing machine leader black diamond, white/black logo

Grandmother advised me to buy this machine, because I decided to take up sewing seriously. The machine is not small with a side table, touched on future volumes of tailoring) A large number of lines, everything is in front of my eyes (no need to scroll, search) and I already look forward to how I will use the lines when decorating products. While I have mastered knitted and overlock stitches, everything turns out decently. I rarely use the pedal, I mostly use the sewing start button. The machineSee full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

It does a great job of picking up trash and can even remove cat hair from the carpet without the need for lint on the brush. An excellent choice for a cramped studio. The filter in the flask, which captures dust and debris, will likely need to be replaced frequently, and it heats up quickly.See full review

poker set world of poker poker chips, 500 chips logo

Pros below: Price. Everything is great for your money Number of chips. Tin box. Different cons: the only holder for chips inside the box made of thin plastic is not very convenient.See full review

frying pan proffi kitchen cast iron, diameter 28 cm logo

Benefits that vary: The thin cast iron base makes for perfect scrambled eggs. A layer of Teflon protects the surface. The handle might become uncomfortable when used for prolonged periods of time. Without mittens, frying would be impossible for an extended period of time. The handle has a sharp corner that nicks the hand.See full review

dry dog ​​food farmina vet life ultrahypo 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 12 kg logo

Pros below: The best we could find for an allergy sufferer. Even the Hills has a rabid allergy Cons: The very small size of the granules even after rebranding, a half-toothed Malamute can not always chew even. Bag without zipper, uncomfortableSee full review

coffeemaker kitfort kt-706, black logo

Quite happy with the quality of this product. I was surprised to find that I could purchase such a high-quality coffee maker for such a low cost. My first time using a manual coffee maker, and I'm happy to report that I wasn't let down in any way by the experience. I urge you to make the purchase!See full review

computer chair metta su-bp-8 pl (su-b-8 100/001) office, upholstery: textile, color: 24-light gray logo

After finding it to be a comfortable chair at work, I decided to purchase one for my home. It is not painful to work for long periods of time, and the vehicle is very quiet. After us, several friends also went out and purchased two of the exact same thing.See full review

vacuum cleaner dreame t20 cordless vacuum cleaner global, grey/red logo

I got it to help out my robot vacuum (it can't get under the sofas or inside the computer case, so I needed something to do that). The freedom of wireless technology is amazing. Same amount was given to relatives for cleaning a studio and an automobile. Great! has some benefits Strong when turned up to eleven. Quite a few hooks. It turns out that a vacuum cleaner + electric broom, because of this, is as efficient as a good corded vacuum cleaner, thanks to the nozzles with brushes that have a driSee full review

mattress blue sleep hybrid 2.0, 180x200 cm, spring logo

After a year of chronic pain while sleeping on what appears to be ordinary foam rubber, I decided that even a regular sofa with springs would be preferable.See full review

revlon professional equave instant detangling leave-in spray conditioner for normal to dry hair, 500 ml logo

A satisfactory spray in general. Manages to go through chores. On the other hand, the blue kapus spray works just as well on my hair, and the cost of it is far lower.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock e5 ru, white logo

The vacuum cleaner is the first of its kind, and it excels in every way imaginable: it picks up dust and debris effectively, it glides smoothly over carpet, its suction force grows when it encounters impediments, and so on. Wool is easy to wash, so that's a plus. In my opinion, it does not work noisily, as it only takes half an hour to clean the entire house. The cat does most of the cleaning and taking care of him, but I'm not worried since I know he'll get unstuck and succeed no matter what stSee full review

dreamwhite b038-7-43, size 40, color black milan 19-4007 logo

The packaging for the jacket was sleek and secure. It's soft and well-made, making for a wonderful tactile experience. This is a very unique fashion.See full review

xiaomi suitcase, polycarbonate, support legs on side wall, reinforcement, 36 l, size s, gray stars logo

Pros below: Excellent and durable suitcase, it is convenient to roll because of the 4 wheels. Nice castle Its cons: White stains quickly, which is to be expected, but most stains are easy to scrub off.See full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter max g30p, up to 100 kg, black logo

The scooter was designed for rent. You yourself understand how people sometimes relate to rental equipment . Not your own - no pity. Not all people and not always, but still. Even in the case of adequate operation, the total load of rolling equipment is much higher. Accordingly, increased reliability is inherent in everything. In addition to it, I also have a Dualtron Ultra, a custom aircraft, but the weight and dimensions are correspondingly much higher, it is not always possible to take the UlSee full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v11, gray logo

We decided to take a conventional vacuum cleaner (Polaris) to replace it. We thought to take a wireless or washing Thomas. As a result, we have been using it almost every day for more than a month. The ability to quickly remove and put back, vacuum hard-to-reach places, car interior - covers all possible disadvantages (you still have to try to find them). The vacuum cleaner is not suitable except for those who have a lot of carpets (more than 5 pieces) that need to be cleaned regularly (for examSee full review

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