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10.1" tablet lenovo tab 2 a10-70l (2015), ru, 2/16 gb, wi-fi + cellular, android 4.4, blue logo

This model has been my go-to for more than a year. I am satisfied overall. Both horizontally and vertically, the tablet is excellent and comfy. I suggest that you stay away from cases with closed sides. Because of the debris that is clogged there, the glass will easily scratch in the future. And certainly, if you think you'll clean it, it won't last long and you'll become bored shortly. And it appears to me that leaving the tablet at 4.4.4 rather than eating it up to 5.0.1 is preferable.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner ecovacs deebot ozmo 900, white logo

I bought it as an alternative to xiaomi, and compared it with it: - ecovacs clearly better. Plus boost mode on carpets - I thought that xiaomi had bad software, but it turned out that ecovacs had it much worse - Xiaomi's lidar is better. He is less likely to hit obvious obstacles. Most of the problems of this vacuum cleaner are clearly software. But like most Chinese devices, there are no ates and are unlikely to be.See full review

bridgestone blizzak vrx 195/55 r16 87s winter logo

I really liked the Bridgestone tires - typical premium tires with an interesting tread pattern. They are great for snow and slush. They behave confidently in a rut, directional stability at speeds > 120 km / h is not lost. Works great on icy surfaces too. Tires are great, very quiet. Wear for 3 years is small, the hitch is not affected. Premium quality at a moderate price.See full review

contact lenses alcon dailies total1, 30 pcs., r 8.5, d -9.5 logo

Some pros: Not felt on the eyes for a long time. I can only stay in them all day. Different cons: After you put it on, there is a slight feeling that they are moving away. But it passes quicklySee full review

gislaved nord frost 200 suv 265/65 r17 116t winter logo

Great wheels! Took on A6 Allroad. I pump pressure up to 2.5 bar. Before that, there were Michelin X-ice Nord2 (Premium). Thought these would be more oaky and noisy. But, oddly enough, the rubber was just gorgeous. The noise is absolutely unobtrusive. It’s not even immediately clear that it’s studded. Asphalt holds great, at speeds up to 110 km you can say the usual summer driving mode. Naked ice also holds confidently. Maybe it's just while the spikes are fresh. Relatively soft and comfortable. See full review

bicycle tire cst 27.5"x1.75 (47-584) wirebead captain 650b c1698n black tb85901000 logo

Has pros: - 670gr. good for me - the thickness of the rubber layer in the tread area is good - Stiffness is above average. Possibly good durability Has some cons: - on the tire and the label there is no inscription about the anti-puncture (eps) layer, but in the description there isSee full review

yeelight led lightstrip 1s yldd05yl, 2 m, leds: 48 pcs., 7.5 w, multi-colored, version: for other countries logo

The fact that the tape and its shades do not include a color that is perfectly white should in no way scare you. If you want a light that is somewhat near to this light, you should select shades rather than pure white. The tape turned out to be quite satisfying; nonetheless, I deeply regret delaying the purchase for such a significant amount of time. Integrates with Alice and provides compatibility with the Razer Chroma lighting system. I had a problem-free experience logging in to both the MihoSee full review

ok beauty tint for lips and cheeks color salute, hillier logo

Flamingo tint. It's a bright chilly pink, not the warm pink that's being discussed. Shop with caution! I've included a shot that accurately depicts the shade; the camera didn't alter the hue in any way. The quality has been praised by everyone who have tried it.See full review

cast iron pan 26 cm with non-stick coating cast iron proffi logo

Has some pros: Does not catch fire. Simple and easy to use. The flesh is succulent after cooking. Appropriate for use in induction. It did not work out in the dishwasher, and there are still residues of it after cleaning. Because of how much room it takes up, it would be more efficient to use five plates.See full review

vacuum cleaner dyson cyclone v10 absolute (sv12), nickel/yellow logo

Roll it out in front of you and it's ready to go, making it easy to carry about. Holding the power button does not cause any discomfort in the hand, and there is no need to contort your fingers in any way. I am able to vacuum with ease despite the fact that the pipe is not height adjustable, as I am just 155 cm tall. An earlier model, a Dyson DC19, was purchased about the same time. It still plows, but it's cumbersome, it's wired, and the nozzles are worn out. The reason the Dysons were picked iSee full review

melitta caffeo solo & perfect milk coffee machine, black logo

I have (not) been using it for over a year. I make coffee on average once a day. It makes noise throughout the apartment, and maybe even "pleases" the neighbors. It was not possible to turn on the cleaning - it does not respond to pressing the keys. As a result, I have an unused whole set for a comprehensive cleaning of the car. Milk foam - well, so-so . Philips with an automatic cappuccino machine will be much better. (maybe it's worth saving up some more and buying something that's better) I tSee full review

computer chair bureaucrat t-898axsn for executive, upholstery: textile, color: gray 3c1 logo

Some pros: I choose it because it met my weight requirements; the seat is not eco leather; the width of the seat; the lone con is that I requested black but received gray. So far, everything has been great; it's lightweight and comfortable, and the price is unbeatable.See full review

stationary blender kitfort kt-1352 shake & take, silver logo

Has some pros Extremely user-friendly and convenient. Insanely immobile and doesn't take up a lot of room Different disadvantages: till the odor of burnt plastic dissipates while it's being used during the process,See full review

smart watch xiaomi watch s1 wi-fi nfc global for russia, silver/brown leather strap gray fluoroplast strap logo

As promised, it arrived on schedule, and the product more than lived up to my expectations. The model is also quite hip, and after a month of use, the glass shows no signs of wear.See full review

vacuum cleaner dyson v12 detect slim absolute (sv20), yellow/nickel logo

After reading the other customers' feedback, I have no hesitation in recommending this store. It's to my satisfaction that the model I bought was delivered within 50,000 at the very least.See full review

car seat group 0/1/2/3 (up to 36 kg) evenflo everystage dlx all-in-one, reefs logo

The benefits of it include: Armchair in which one can relax Safe Cup holders ended up being an item that was required in almost every situation. Got cons: In my opinion, belts should be longer for the cold months. When the youngster is wearing winter overalls and it is too early to attach the regular ones, you should use the back-to-back method. Child 2.5 height 90 slimSee full review

🍞 silver metallic scarlett toaster sc-tm11012 logo

I'm planning on getting a butane heater as my next electronic purchase. Hired Experts: That's fantastic news! I never imagined this gadget would come in handy. The only appropriate analogies are to a washing machine and a dishwasher. The robot vacuum cleaner has even stopped working and is nervously smoking outside. Every every day! Now, the bread goes into the toaster before being served. Ill effects: The relay works more quickly and the second batch is not as crispy thanks to the two-piece comSee full review

kitfort toaster kt-2036, red logo

with advantages. The toaster appears fashionable. belt at bottom, top, and ends covered with shiny metal. Although they are made of metal, the side panels are painted a dark coffee hue. The kitchen has a harmonious appearance. Functional. For frozen toast, a thaw mode is available. It will instantly thaw and fry if you take it out of the freezer, put it in the toaster, set the frying time, and push the defrost button. The monitor that shows the cooking time in minutes is a very good addition. emSee full review

pampers diapers new baby dry 2, 4-8 kg, 94 pcs., white logo

Has pros: Good value for the product. We did not regret that we use only diapers. They absorb evenly. They don't camouflage. After filling, they do not stretch. #honestlyOpampers Cons below: Need more rubber bands on the back. There are leaks once a month.See full review

split system roda rs-a07f/ru-a07f, silver logo

Has pros: I am not at all a professional in technical matters and do not have the necessary experience to describe all the charms or disadvantages of this model, but I can say one thing - high-quality equipment is immediately visible. You buy it, put it in the right place, fasten it and almost immediately forget about its presence, it works so nicely and silently, you rarely need to look after it, wipe something or change something, that it just seems like it has always been like that. At leastSee full review

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