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Gislaved Nord Frost 200 SUV 265/65 R17 116T winter Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Gislaved Nord Frost 200 SUV 265/65 R17 116T winter

Gislaved Nord Frost 200 ID are winter tires made by a reputable German manufacturer, although the brand positions itself as Swedish. Tires in this series are characterized by the highest quality and excellent grip on icy roads. VarietiesCar tires Gislaved Nord Frost 200 ID are presented in a wide variety of sizes. They are suitable for vehicles of all popular brands. Designed for wheels with a diameter of 13-19 inches, have a width of 155-245 mm, a load index of 75-102 and meet the requirements of the speed index T. Key Features The Gislaved Nord Frost 200 ID tires have received an innovative traction lug design featuring rubber-cutting sipes in each block. Their total number reaches several thousand, as a result of which the tire literally “bites” into icy and snowy surfaces. Performance characteristics Gislaved Nord Frost 200 ID winter tires received studs with a steel core made in the form of a polygon. Additional edges increase traction properties. At the base, the studs are anchor-shaped, and their seat is optimized in such a way that when in contact with the surface, the steel elements are held perpendicular to it. Important performance parameters of the models: Many multi-directional blocks, thousands of metal lamellas and spikes for better grip on the surface. The transverse arrangement of the blocks of the shoulder zones for the most effective braking. The rubber compound with a high content of silica makes the structure elastic and does not allow its deformation during temperature changes. The Gislaved Nord Frost 200 ID tires also have a powerful drainage system with multiple grooves located against the direction of travel. This eliminates the effect of hydroplaning and adds vehicle directional stability. Tread properties All models of the Gislaved Nord Frost 200 ID series have an asymmetric tread pattern, represented by many massive blocks. The lamellas that cut through them block themselves on contact with the roadway and guarantee better traction. We offer to buy all tires of this series in our online store. We set fair prices for all sets and publish customer reviews for the convenience of your choice.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am very happy with this purchase, I will advise everyone!

The visual orientation of the tread pattern is a little confusing, but this is a matter of habit. Previously, there was no experience with tires with an asymmetric pattern. Before that, they were always directional. When using directional tires, it was difficult to get out of deep snow in reverse, I hope this problem will not arise now.

  • Handling, in my size 205/70R15 I always face the problem of a delayed reaction to the steering wheel, since the profile height is not small. With these tires, this effect has decreased by a factor of two. I met the first snow and ice on new tires. To be honest, I didn't even feel it. On ice porridge and water I rode like on dry asphalt. On ice, when braking, the car does not lead anywhere, in turns it does not break into a skid (I use ABS, ESP on a Chevrolet Niva, unfortunately not provided for by the design of the car). A slight rumble even at a speed of more than a hundred, up to a hundred there is practically no noise, except for the clatter of spikes before a complete stop.
  • Haven't found it yet.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Terrible product, not satisfied with the purchase!

Has some pros: Price. In November 2022, the price per set was 17. Tire service as a gift. Has cons: I bought a Renault Duster for a new car. For three years of quiet driving all fell out or rotted! spikes. In the first winter, 15 spikes in front, 10 in the back. I mostly drive in the city. Escape in just since November 16 - 64 thousand kilometers. In winter, 27-30 thousand. Handling on snow and ice dropped to zero. Braking 70% is accompanied by a drawdown abs. Regular, all-weather continental…

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Nice price, good quality.

I took these tires after using the Gislaved Nord Frost 100 SUV in the hope that the 200 would be even better, but I was deeply disappointed in them, I even wanted to sell and buy others. Some pros: Low noise, almost like summer tires. They brake on dry and wet pavement very well. Good handling on the track. Cons below: He does not like snow very much, especially "porridge". The protector clogs up instantly and you feel very great discomfort. On the previous tires Gislaved Nord Frost 100 SUV…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I didnt expect the quality to be so high.

In my opinion the best value for money. Been buying Gislaved for a long time, NF 5 were super cool tires, NF 100 . Let's see how these will go, gave another chance to the manufacturer.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Valuable purchase, nothing but pluses!

Warmly recommend. Top. Some pros: Predictability of the trajectory on the snow, no comments on the pavement. Its cons: You need to be careful in an icy rut, but this applies to any tire.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Disgusting, dissatisfied with the purchase.

The benefits of it include: Price. The cost of one set was 17 dollars in November of 2022. As a gift, tire service is provided. Its cons: As a replacement vehicle, I went with a Renault Duster. After three years of peaceful motoring, everything finally gave way or rotted away. spikes. 15 spikes were placed in front during the first winter, and 10 were placed behind. In much of the city, I travel by car. Only since November 16 have you managed to cover 64,000 kilometers and escape. During the…

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not exactly what I wanted, but basically everything is fine.

Drove 2 winters in general, good tires for the city, but the spikes are rather weak. Urban operation 2 winters behind, in 1 winter minus 3 spikes from the front wheels. On winter 2, the spikes were noticeably worn out (the skirt around the carbide core), because of this, the spikes became thin and the core began to break out. In the 2nd winter, I think, more than 20 pcs. I definitely miss. Run no more than 9 t. Km. Auto Equal The weak point is the spikes!

  • Good handling on snow, does not notice rutting from snow, it is also good on ice
  • Does not like asphalt rutting, weak studs, bad grip and break off for the 2nd winter

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not a bad product, but you can do better.

Compared with Hakka 8. Of the benefits - much quieter and the price is almost 2 times different. In lands, snowdrifts and just on a snowy road, it loses very much. If the city - quite enough of it. But outside the city is extremely uncomfortable. In a stream on a winding road, you constantly catch a car from the side of the road / oncoming lane, where others calmly ped in front of you. According to the tests, it occupies positions close to the top, which is why I took it. St. Petersburg, daily

  • Not bad on clean asphalt, wet. Not noisy - it starts to howl at 80-100 km / h, below it is not audible at all. Quite good on ice/rolling. Price.
  • Doesn't do well in snow. Not "rowing", digging in. On a snowy road, strong lateral drifts in corners. They don’t like snow / ice ruts, you constantly fall off. If it's icy, it can shake it off. In not cleaned narrow pages, unpleasant sensations.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great value for the money, definitely recommended!

fantastic wheels adopted the A6 Allroad. I increase the pressure to 2.5 bars. There were Michelin X-ice Nord2 (Premium) tires before that. I anticipated these to be noisier and more oaky. Strangely enough, the rubber was absolutely amazing. The noise is hardly audible at all. Not even that it is instantly obvious that it is studded. At speeds up to 110 km/h, you can drive normally during the summer on asphalt. Also securely holds naked ice. Perhaps it only happens when the spikes are new. Soft…

  • The tires are excellent value. excellent with snowy porridge. No questions asked, at speeds up to 110 km/h on asphalt. When everyone is sliding, it slows down on the "snot" from the reagents. Predictable and adequate on the ice.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A good product, more pros than cons.

I read the reviews and thought that it would be so, I would win in comfort, but I sweat in holding). I drive carefully now.) But I wouldn't buy these tires again!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good purchase.

One of the previous cars had Gislaved Nord frost 5 tires. After them I went to Kumho, Nordman 4 and 5, Pirelli. But in terms of the combination of properties, none of them surpassed NF 5, in my personal rating. Therefore, when it came time to change the winter tires that were given as a gift when buying a car, I took Gislaved again and did not regret it. Car Opel Antara 4x4.

  • 1. Excellent handling both on asphalt and on snow and ice. 2. Quiet compared to all previous studded tires I have ridden. 3. In my size (235/65 r17) not sensitive to rutting. The car keeps straight. 4. Excellent value for money.
  • For me, there are no shortcomings.

Tires are fresh 34 weeks of production this year. "made in Germany" marking. I have not tried it in porridge and deep snow. Only a small and short spike is embarrassing, but under the conditions that I described, while behaving normally, where the spike needs to be slowed down, the spike slows down, where the rubber is rubber, maybe this know-how will allow the spike to last a long time and stay in place.

  • I recently installed 245/70/17, I managed to try it on dry and wet asphalt, on ice and on packed slippery snow, in general, in conditions in which it will be operated 90 percent of the time, it is quiet, comfortable and excellent handling.
  • Not yet, although, as a rule, shortcomings are immediately visible and there is something to compare with, because. great experience with different brands.

Usually, when you take inexpensive tires, you set yourself up in advance that you should not expect more from such tires than they cost. But the gislaveds surprised me. With all the shortcomings that I found in them, it’s just that I can’t write my hand to call them bad. In my opinion, they are simply excellent tires, considering the price at which they are offered by the manufacturer. As they say, this is the rare case when the expression "price corresponds to quality" is not irony or sarcasm.

  • Reasonable price for good performance; relatively quiet for a studded tire; soft stroke
  • not very fond of rutting; there are small complaints about grip and handling on ice.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

Has some pros: It makes less noise than my summer one, which I received when buying a car. High cross-country ability (Qashqai with all-wheel drive). In general, very satisfied. Some cons: I did not find marks by which you can determine when its resource has been exhausted.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good product, not disappointed.

November 16, 2022 I bought a set of tires 265/65/17 SUV, Nord Frost 200, studded. Changed to summer shoes today. on these tires drove 6036 km. I can’t give an adequate assessment, because. all winter the temperature in St. Petersburg was more than +4 degrees. A couple of moments with frostbitten asphalt do not count. The car brakes well in the specified conditions. Today I specifically checked it, it turned out that three spikes in total were missing on the 2nd tire on the front axle. Car…

  • Quiet, soft
  • until I noticed

Revainrating 4 out of 5

What you need, a cool purchase, I advise you.

Tires are not bad, soft, with a strong sidewall, but more suitable for cleared roads. In operation 5 months. Auto Suzuki Grand Vitara 2022 onwards They had Gislaved NF 5 before them. They had more confidence on them. Apparently the type of tread pattern will affect. Got pros: They hold the road well on asphalt, good braking, confident start, quiet! Different cons: They do not like ice in corners and asphalt powdered with snow. There is no confidence in the turns.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I really like the product, it fully meets my expectations.

In my opinion, the most optimal tires for the winter of 2022/2022 (I have more than 10k roll on Hakka 7, Michelin XIN3, GNF100, GNF5) Pros below: 1. Handling and stability on pavement, very good for city winters. 2. Excellent rowing in the snow (November 2022, already gave a request to the entire European part of 2022 in terms of snow and ice) 3. Contrary to the opinions of journalists, she is absolutely adequate on the ice. Yes. in ice speedway. there are probably more grippy tires, but the…

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product did not disappoint, the quality pleases.

In general, the tires performed well. I bought it new, for the whole season I did not lose a single spike. Total mileage on tires 15000km. In my dimension, the tire is supplied only German, rather, this served as a better studding, which is already all the studs in place. The only thing I did not like about the tires was how the car began to behave when braking. It became difficult to stop the car at high speed. Maybe it also affects the weight of the car, but oh well

  • Price, quality, country of origin
  • Long stopping distance