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smartphone infinix note 11 pro 8/128 gb ru, 2 sim, smoky green logo

The phone is huge, about 17 cm high, so it can look decently out of the pocket, which is not always convenient, but there is more information on the screen, it's hard to judge which is more important from this. In general, I liked the phone, in some places I was pleasantly surprised. I can recommend.See full review

computer chair chairman kids 110 for children, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/orange logo

Quality is top notch, happy with everything.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent chair. Clear upholstery. Easy to assemble. Convenient. The child is happy. Thanks for the good packaging and fast shipping.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock s5 max global, black logo

In working conditions there is long hair and an abundance of cat hair. Previously owned iClebo Omega. From the positive aspects when comparing, I can note: * Independence from lighting; * Resistant to getting stuck in places where the Omega sometimes gave up (eg between the beams of the base of an office chair); * Cleaning of the central brush is easier due to the removable side parts. Long hair in the case of both robots aculates at the edges; * Wet wiping with a water tank and flow control, See full review

detector stanley s300 fmht0-77407 logo

In general, if you really need to find out the wiring in the house / apartment, the floor is ceramic tiles, or in the wall, everywhere except drywall and wood, you will not succeed, the device is completely useless in this regard. And as for drywall, well, I don’t need it, since I bought a house, and the walls are all brick or tile in the bathroom in the kitchen, there is no drywall. It is possible that the device is good, but not for the purposes that I bought. Believe the sellers, it's worse See full review

table service luminarc diwali p2961-p2963, 6 persons, 18 items logo

Very good set of dishes, the quality is excellent. Before that, I used the set of this company for about ten years, probably, yes, there were chips on the plates over time, but in general the quality suited me. I fell in love with this set as soon as I saw it. This color is the bomb! makes a splash in the kitchen!. It should be noted that during rinsing the plates fell on the ceramic sink a couple of times and no chips were formed, which was very pleasing. They got used to small plates, they begSee full review

carob coffee maker de "longhi ecp 31.21, black logo

I have been looking for a coffee machine for a long time, so that it is of high quality and not expensive, so that I can buy it and not worry when it breaks. And of course, such that you can feel the taste of good coffee. I shoveled a bunch of information on the Internet, and finally found what I was looking for. And he turned out to be right! In general, De'Longhi is considered one of the most trustworthy in terms of longevity in the coffee machine market. I have already had it in operation forSee full review

sewing machine leader black diamond, white/black logo

I got this wonderful thing recently and I'm just delighted, the WOW effect still does not leave. It works very quietly, almost silently, a lot of different operations, the power cord is long enough, which makes it comfortable to use. Of the modes, I really liked the alphabet, thanks to which it is very easy to embroider letters, it is convenient to mark clothes for children. I also really liked the huge number of different lines: butterflies, cars and many others. The speed is easily adjusted, aSee full review

storage box ikea pingla, 37x28x18 cm, 2 pcs., black/natural logo

Pros below: very cool and tight boxes that are perfect for long term storage With its cons: it is a pity that it is not in a light color, because I have white furnitureSee full review

ivideon cute 2 security camera white logo

In UDYA, it is not yet possible to properly embed a camera in scenarios. In fact, you can only look at the picture from it. I hope they will finish the opportunity to use, for example, a motion sensor in the camera so that notifications come to the smartphone. Now this is only possible through the application of the camera manufacturer. , well, make smart home notifications already! Alice sends pushes, if something doesn't work, why not send her when something worked?))See full review

gislaved nord frost 200 suv 265/65 r17 116t winter logo

November 16, 2022 I bought a set of tires 265/65/17 SUV, Nord Frost 200, studded. Changed to summer shoes today. on these tires drove 6036 km. I can’t give an adequate assessment, because. all winter the temperature in St. Petersburg was more than +4 degrees. A couple of moments with frostbitten asphalt do not count. The car brakes well in the specified conditions. Today I specifically checked it, it turned out that three spikes in total were missing on the 2nd tire on the front axle. Car - KruzSee full review

sneakers reebok classics ftw women women gz6420 5 logo

The benefits of it include: The foot measured 25 centimeters and was a size 8 US. High quality and very comfy to wear Cons: Because the seller provided an incorrect size grid, I needed to purchase three pairs before I was able to find one that fit.See full review

irobot roomba i7 robot vacuum cleaner logo

Some advantages include: it is very well maintained, and navigation is above average. Performs quite well on carpets and cleans them very thoroughly. The amount of trash is really disgusting to look at. With these drawbacks: A trash can of only a very modest size. It is not enough for a room that is 120 square meters in size to be suitably clean. In addition to this, the battery is not powerful enough to complete a single pass. regains its ability to charge. There is not a carrying handle.See full review

all-weather outdoor table unix line tts6out blue 274x152.5x76 logo

To play sports with pals while taking breaks from training, we purchased a sports club for ourselves. Since I am so pleased with the quality, I now decided to purchase the identical item for my parents' house. The table is not weak; it does not wobble while the game is being played; the ball bounces as it should; and the net is securely fastened to the screws. I initially accepted it because of the wheels. Since they are rubbery and do not damage anything, they are easy to pull from one locationSee full review

double trekking tent jungle camp lite dome 2, green/grey logo

Classic simple double tent. The photo gives the impression that the entrance to the tent is from the side, long side, but no, like everyone else from the end. In the photo, the shade of blue is darker than in reality. And as already mentioned, for some reason condensation is collected, although the geometry of the tent and all the windows for ventilation are located in typical places. Repeatedly spent the night in such tents, there was no condensation, but maybe I began to drink moreSee full review

cordiant all terrain 215/65 r16 98h summer logo

With its pros: Universal protector. Quite reasonable price. Good handling. Got cons: Rapid wear of the tread, which is due to its evil resurfacing. I think it will last four seasons.See full review

sink filter prio new water start osmos ou380 white logo

Bought in a country house on a well. Were very pleased with the water has become much better than it was before on the "jugs". The only drawback, in other respects, all filters of this type have it - the need for almost complete disassembly of the system when replacing cartridges. Has some pros: Excellent quality at an affordable price, ready to install set. Some cons: Since this is a system with OSMO, part of the water is drained into the sewer / drainage. At the same time, the volume depends vSee full review

dry food for dogs grandorf hypoallergenic, low grain, lamb with brown rice 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 3 kg logo

Pros: excellent food, tried many, but only this one could suit my allergy sufferer Got cons: Unfortunately, it's hard to find 12 kg bags for sale, and those that are (in a couple of stores) - the price is x1.5See full review

orthopedic pillow 40x60cm, askona temp control, size s, height 9 cm logo

There are pillows with this design available from multiple reputable manufacturers; some have even been in use for over five years without a single problem before I found one. I hope the Askona representative can shed some light on whether or not this is the norm. Given that we have been waiting for the mattress of this company for four weeks, the delivery is excellent; they brought it a couple of days before the delivery date.See full review

portable filter brita fill&go active raspberry logo

There were no issues to report, and the general consensus is that the water's quality is satisfactory. River testing was conducted. Other disadvantages include the fact that the loop is purely for display purposes. In a swift river, the container toppled off of it, and the filter was carried away as an offering to the gods of the river.See full review

xiaomi bedside lamp 2 led night light, 9w armature color: white, plateau color: white, version: rostest (eac) logo

benefits from Superb light, easily managed using a mobile app. Some drawbacks Unfortunately, our country's plug type is still not supported in the international release. To make up for it, I had to go out and acquire moreSee full review

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