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computer chair aerocool knight gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: iron black logo

Take it only if you have the opportunity to sit and check for yourself, I took it according to reviews, it’s not comfortable to sit, you need to put something under your back (there are not enough complete ones) and it’s still not convenientSee full review

cylindrical heater aquael aqn platinium heater 300w (230-300 l) 300 w logo

A separate "thank you" to aliexpress technical support, which for a week could not cancel the order or clearly answer what to do with the return.See full review

red miele skrr3 blizzard cx1 vacuum cleaner - mango red logo

One of the best offers, glad I bought it.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Of course, I thought he was good, but he exceeded all expectations. The price is high, but it is justified by the build quality and cleaning quality. Purchased for cleaning linoleum, copes with a bang.See full review

15.6" notebook hp pavilion 15-eg0050ur 1920x1080, intel core i3 1115g4 3ghz, ram 8gb, ddr4, ssd 512gb, intel uhd graphics, windows 10 home, 2x2s3ea, muted blue/light blue logo

The device is cool, but the terrible matrix makes it impossible to use. I didn’t think that such a problematic matrix would cost such a lot of money.See full review

pampers active baby-dry 4 diapers (8-14 kg), 58 pcs., 3 pack. logo

I have a lot of experience using various products and not only Pampers (we have twins) and use these diapers during the day in bodysuits with shorts (otherwise, children take them off). Participated in testing #pampersambadores, were very pleased with their new .See full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v9 global, white logo

broke within a week. cracked at the bottom, now the water just pours out, you don’t even have to puff. so not very happy with the purchaseSee full review

elliptical trainer proxima enima ii ipro, gray logo

Since my wife and I have started running approximately a month ago, our first impressions have been favorable. We don't hold back at all. She still comes to my fitness club, and she claims that the workouts we do at home are just as effective as the ones they do there (only the trainers there can accurately calculate the pulse). It takes up a surprisingly little amount of space, I put it together myself, the materials are of a high grade, there are no backlashes, and squeaks have been heard. OncSee full review

15/185/65 maxxis bravo hp-m3 88h logo

I decided to acquire tires Maxxis Bravo HP-M3 265x50R19 110V for a Tuareg on pneuma after reading multiple reviews both here on the market and in general on the Runet. These evaluations state that the tires are extremely quiet, silent, and soft, among other positive qualities, therefore I made the decision to buy them. From the very first kilometers, I noticed noise, and I would even go so far as to call it a rumble. At first, I took the car to various services, checked the hub bearings, gearboxSee full review

pirelli cinturato p7 225/45 r17 91w summer logo

The Audi A4 has been my daily driver for the past six years. Two wheels were ruined by cuts and scrapes due to the thin sidewalls. Extremely high mileage reduction; tire life is capped at 30,000 kilometers.See full review

computer headset asus rog delta type-c, white logo

Am I the only one with this kind of problem? I remember when I took the first ones (Now I bought the second ones) there was a comment on the Internet that it was also electric. Now he crossed himself and took it with the hope that everything would be ok, but it turned out that they also with current or is it static transmitted from me. In general, I was already tormented. Is there anyone with such a problem or can someone solve it? I'm still thinking of grounding the computer to the battery or See full review

🕒 casio a168wem-2 men's youth collection mirror dial alarm chronograph illuminator digital watch for enhanced seo logo

I bought a guy CASIO A-168WEM-2 in a silver case with an azure case for the New Year and he was delighted. Look great on the hand, add plus 1000000% to style. Walks without taking off. I bought it in the Alltime. Ru store when I first bought it, they gave me a 10% discount, which made me very happy. I picked it up at a store in St. Petersburg, the order was collected in a matter of hours, I ordered it in the morning, I already took it in the evening. Warranty 2 years + 1 year warranty from the sSee full review

dry dog ​​food pro plan opti balance for medium breeds with chicken 3 kg logo

With its pros: I ordered this food for several months, everything was fine, the dog was happy Cons: In the last order, the food came with some other smell. The dog hardly eats it.See full review

computer chair zombie viking knight gaming, upholstery: textile, color: sand logo

Briefly speaking. I like the chair. If you decide to order, check everything with the courier. I advise you to count each bolt. Pros below: Fits perfectly into the interior, pleases the eye every time I look. Comfortable, my back stopped hurting after it appeared in my house, it’s easy to adjust for myself, I haven’t personally observed any “squeaks” and so on until now. Cons: Ooooh. After reading the comments, I was mentally prepared for the fact that I would have to call and figure it out, becSee full review

sports thermal underwear for the hall and the street katran shark ( 20c to - 15c) khaki, light khaki, size: m-l (46-48/174-180) logo

Some advantages include the fact that it is comfy, dries rapidly, and removes moisture swiftly. Cons: the shoulders are too narrow, despite the fact that I was given a height range of 180-190, but I am only 170.See full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, black, cn logo

I got the 1S scooter after purchasing the Ninebot ES2 scooter. Due to a more comfortable deck, the Nineboat is more enjoyable to ride on smooth asphalt; even the cracks and individual pits of the Ninebot (which has a pneumatic wheel at the back) go better. With the same weight of scooters, Xiaomi has a quieter, gentler ride, and a longer range. On Xiaomi, the brakes are unquestionably better. I'm going to gradually soften the back of the scooter (either with suspension with Ali or 10-inch tires)See full review

gislaved nord frost 200 suv 265/65 r17 116t winter logo

In general, the tires performed well. I bought it new, for the whole season I did not lose a single spike. Total mileage on tires 15000km. In my dimension, the tire is supplied only German, rather, this served as a better studding, which is already all the studs in place. The only thing I did not like about the tires was how the car began to behave when braking. It became difficult to stop the car at high speed. Maybe it also affects the weight of the car, but oh wellSee full review

optimal growth formula: royal canin dry food for young kittens logo

Royal Canin has a great marketing strategy, but its ingredients are extremely similar to those of mass-market feeds, and it is also highly expensive. Avoid using this to feed your cats; instead, spend the same amount of money on a monge, which has a much superior nutritional profile. Got advantages: Sincerity be told, I have no idea what benefits this dish offers. Is that a bribery scheme involving veterinary professionals? Cons: Poorly formulated, practically identical to mass-produced foods, bSee full review

vacuum cleaner weissgauff v9 turbo cyclone, white logo

Pros below: Powerful maneuverable The quality is very good Easy to clean Has cons: Wall mount system without recharging, you need to constantly connect a separate wireSee full review

dry food for kittens pro plan original with chicken 3 kg logo

I lifted up the kitten, I give him this, and I give him special food to another, adult and sterilized. They change food, the sterilized one loves this one more, and the kitten loves that one more, his food, but this is not useful! True, the kitten still loves the box, the bag, the dust, the piece of litter from the tray, and my fingers. It would be better to eat your food like that.See full review

casio g-shock awg-m100a-1acr men's stainless steel quartz watch with black resin strap - durable and stylish logo

I have been using it for more than three years, I have been on travels, in nature, and on hikes. The watch survived everything with honor, there are no scratches on the glass, it did not fail functionally. There are two small buts: - after 2 years of use, the original strap was worn out, replaced with an analogue from Ali. - On average, they begin to rush by 2 minutes per year. Auto-sync is not active, so once a year you have to ate their readings. Other than that, perfect watch. Never regretteSee full review

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