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men''s sports/business shoulder bag, black + shoulder strap 0001, size cm 44 x 24 x 19, 1 compartment, 2 end pockets, 1 side pocket logo

The inner thin layer of material began to fall off suspiciously quickly. Literally on the second day of use. Otherwise, so far, everything is relatively normal. In general, the bag is not torn.See full review

car compressor 70mai air compressor lite midrive tp03, black logo

Its pros: Works great, easy to set up, noisy in moderation, pumps up fast enough. Cons below: This model has a dislike for increased voltage, so I plan to improve it a bit.See full review

string set d"addario ej27n classic nylon normal tension, modification 1/2, 1 pack. logo

During the check on the manufacturer's website, they answered that the code was original, but it had already been entered. Here is the question. Isn't it fake?See full review

goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 225/55 r17 97y summer logo

Immediately for those who want to advise me to change the car - I have a German worth 4 million (and so advise the owners of Bentley) Conti skated on it for three seasons - only one thing did not suit - the water track. I read the reviews and decided to take this miracle for myself, after 1000 km of run I realized that I had to believe the few, but truthful negative reviews . . So (1) (not critical) - noise, this rubber is noisy even on my car. (2) (critical) - the track is not even significant See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

A good grill, the best for the money - easy to maintain, even children use it, the chicken is fried quickly and goes with a bang in 5 minutes. Recommend to buySee full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

To read, so the tires are only taken to the field) I will not shine with exclusivity. I am mainly pleased that they cost a penny relative to many others (as I found out, the size is rare). They behave well on snow, and on skis, and on an ordinary country road. Wear resistance is very high. Only gets stuck in the mud. But it's more of an edification, they say do not poke your head there) In general, I like everything else.See full review


It was necessary to fasten the Swedish wall + a few more shelves. The layout of the wiring in the apartment is unknown to me, because. an apartment was bought on the secondary housing and the owner also did not know what was done and how. In general, I bought a device, calibrated it according to the instructions. I drive along the wall, it squeaks literally for every 5 centimeters of the wall. What is in the iron search mode, what is in the wiring search mode. As a result, desperate to understaSee full review


I installed this osmosis, there is also atoll 575 osmosis. The plastic is about the same here and there. Easy to install. The water hardness tester at the outlet showed a value of 4. No smudges were noticed, while for the price and quality the best choice is syaitayu.See full review


Got pros: A good router, it works smartly, no problems in an apartment building. Has some cons: Quite large, noticeably warm, keep in mind that it needs space to coolSee full review

magnetic charging dock magnetik charging dock/for phone/watch/airpods/15w (white) logo

The station is great! Charges devices perfectly, enough power for fast charging. She looks good, everything about her suits me. I recommend.See full review


Pros: Problem solved. Changed to the same wheels while mine were being repaired! Some cons: Scratched new discs in a circle! Waiting time wasn't impressive either.See full review


An unbiased assessment awaits.Has some pros: Tires are like new, even after constant aggressive driving. Cons below: Minor (like noise, but there is always noise on the spikes)See full review


Got pros: Excellent headphones; well made; wide sound range and sound quality. Different cons: Short complete wire jack 2.5-to-3.5. It is worth buying such a wire at least 2m long.See full review


Pleasant performance. The dock with the second battery looks very harmoniously along with the rest of the structure. The battery is no different from the stock one. With two full charges, no general cleaning is scary. Wanted to take one star off for the price, but that's not the reseller's fault.See full review


I don’t write reviews at all, but in the box I found a request from the manufacturers to unsubscribe. Here I unsubscribe - the scooter is cool!See full review


On the first day of use, I noticed that it creates a louder noise on hot water - on cold, the noise is quieter ( the water pressure is set to the same) and I got a crooked spout at the mixer (attached photo) where you can see that it is crooked and pours water crookedly. Too lazy to go to change for another because I bought far from home and I will spit out the spout PS In a couple of years I will add a review that yes, how-read))See full review


Delivery is disgusting, they brought everything dirty, delayed delivery with a scandal. I do not recommend this organization.See full review

jigsaw stanley sj60, 600 w logo

In general, a well-assembled tool was taken for small jobs, laying laminate, curly cuts in the countertop, for other work there is a circular saw by the way of the same Stanley sc-16ru brand. What can I say, not the first tool from Stanley, I am satisfied with everything I bought and Stanley sj 60 added to the collection. You can safely say the price is quality with a good margin of safety, if you doubt whether to take it or not, do not hesitate, take it!See full review

yokohama ice guard ig55 205/65 r15 99t winter logo

Its pros: Good. Quality rubber. Rows well in loose snow. Holds the road well Its cons: It seems to me that there are not enough spikes, although there is nothing to compareSee full review


it has all the basic necessary functions, for a higher price I don’t see the point of taking it for myself. For lovers of fatter and juicier, I’ll immediately say that there is no tray for fat / juice in it, you need to substitute something under the drain. Perfect for vegetable lovers like me. I use the "barbecue" mode for preparing small snacks, for example, I like grilled shrimp, it is convenient to monitor cooking, as they are easy to spoil.See full review

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