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keyboard + mouse set microsoft wireless desktop 900 black usb logo

No, I liked the keyboard very much, the mouse too. Just a surprise. Some pros: Thing! Strict, stylish design. All right believe Well. The keys are IMHO very very short, elastic such as . Got cons: There are no lights, sorry. I remembered about "Turn off caps-lock, help Hong Kong" when they had a blackout.See full review

saw bosch keo, 0600861900 logo

I recommend. If there was a new choice of which saw to buy. I would again choose a Bosch cordless saw, only modified. with two batteries!See full review

cored wire deka, e71t-gs, 0.8 mm, 1 kg, self-shielded, without gas logo

The main thing is to set up the device normally, and not immediately run to cook and then complain that the wire is bad. I used it with the device "Stavr sau-180" - I made myself a smoker. Quite tolerable wire, perfectly replaces the electrodes . After welding, you do not need to beat off the slag, but just run a metal brush over the seam a couple of times and the seam shinesSee full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v9 global, white logo

It's not a bad product, but I expect more.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

In general, the result is PERSONALLY FOR ME This vacuum cleaner is excellent, but only for small apartments for full-fledged apartments of 70kv, you run to shake it out three times) unfortunately, these ALL XIAOMI MODELS have MORE MINUSES THAN PLUSES.See full review

bit set makita b-28606, 37 pcs, turquoise logo

I was surprised by the quality for the price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Convenient, high-quality storage case, housed in a suitcase with a screwdriver, convenient. Used to repair a Kenwood meat grinder, everything is very good, I recommend it.See full review

office chair bureaucrat ch-1300n, upholstery: textile, color: black 3c11 logo

I'm glad I bought it. Thank you. Some pros: The chair is good, beautiful, comfortable. Everything was included With its cons: I could not assemble according to the instructions, I collected it after watching the video.See full review

portable acoustics sony srs-xb13, beige logo

Some pros: A good little portable speaker, what can I say, this is Sony, it plays its 5 watts Different cons: The price is too high to be honest, if 3500r is generally chicSee full review

melatonin fast dissolve tabs, 10 mg, 60 pcs, 1 pack, citrus logo

Even better, a good audiobook in an earphone in which it is comfortable to sleep (I chose the first inexpensive redmi dots, removed the covers from them, which are buttons, and put foam ear pads) and 2 Melatonin Fast Dissolve tabletsSee full review

inkjet mfp hp smart tank 615, color, a4, black logo

Official service centers in our city accept such MFPs only under warranty, but in my case they cannot help. Other service centers do not undertake to repair it due to the lack of spare parts.See full review

bridgestone blizzak spike-02 185/65 r15 88t winter logo

The goods are normal, money is not wasted!

Revainrating 4 out of 5

So skated on it for the winter. On a run of 3500 km, 3 spikes flew out from the front, everything is in place at the back. I drove carefully. Bottom line, I wouldn't recommend it. She's not worth her money. From the price segment Nokia Haka8 will be better! I think I will sell it. Civic 5d carSee full review

gaming chair cougar armor titan, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

An ideal product for any type of consumer.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I managed to grab it with a promotional code, so it turned out cheaper, and the points were poured quite generously. It's been a month since the purchase, so far I'm happy with everything. After some time, I will supplement the review with new impressions.See full review

🐱 modern flip grey cat litter box with warming features logo

Great value for the money, definitely recommended!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

For almost three years of operation proved to be good. But over time, the cat entrance door began to stick and the corners of the tray were worn out from cleaning. See full review

gaming chair sharkoon shark zone gs10, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/yellow logo

I looked at this chair for a long time on the market. The price varied from 20 something up to 40 000r. I went to look for Hong Kong time, that would at least sit somewhere in it. Searched. Called . Stankolites. Rumyantsevo. Ship? We will ship. sit? No. Come pick it up. We won't take it back. I wrote in an official account in FB which is led by someone from Taiwan))) Silence. In general, I ordered at the risk. Collected. And now I think that this is the best chair that I could buy myself! Took fSee full review

lumbar pillow backrest for the lower back, back on a car seat in a car, on an office chair logo

Best thing for the money, glad I did it.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Due to back problems, she is forced to use special rollers for posture correction on an ongoing basis. On the driver's seat, the roller occupies an unstable position and strives to slip out all the time at the slightest movement. In this pillow, I liked the presence of as many as 3 types of belts for a clear fixation of the pillow. The main thing is to fix them according to your parameters and growth. And do not forget to move the chair back a little, because of the thickness of the pillow, the See full review

🔴 sleek mystic red samsung galaxy buds live with active noise cancelling - wireless earbuds logo

Below are some advantages: When I placed my order, I had my doubts that I would receive the original, and it wasn't until I opened the package and linked it to my phone that I was able to confirm my suspicions. The build quality is impeccable, the pairing is impeccable, and the sound quality is outstanding indoors; nevertheless, the noise reduction performance outside is not 5+, but rather worse. Some disadvantages include the fact that I would be dissatisfied with the product's packaging if I bSee full review

microsoft n9z-00003 wireless all-in-one media keyboard - canadian french (qwerty) logo

I bought it to put on my couch. Everything is OK except that he is really fond of being in the spotlight; as a result, if you adopt the lotus posture and, so to speak, conceal it at your feet, closing it from the whistle, interruptions and failures begin at a distance of just two to three meters, i.e., not even close to a ten-meter performance. It's easy to use whether you're kneeling or sitting at a table. Extremely silent (barring one little pause). The touchpad is typical of a budget notebookSee full review

🎧 hyperx cloud stinger gaming headset - lightweight design - flip to mute mic - memory foam ear pads - built-in volume controls - compatible with pc, ps4, ps4 pro, xbox one, xbox one s (renewed) logo

The headphones were a great purchase overall, and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. There are some issues, but they aren't big enough to warrant concern. Some advantages include: + This is a sound, with very good bass; I purchased it for gaming, and in this regard, they suit me in everything + Because of this, it is even more pleasant to sit in them, and because of their weight, the head does not get tired from wearing them. You can also note the convenience, as the ears do nSee full review

15.6" notebook asus rog strix g15 g513qm-eb94 1920x1080, amd ryzen 9 5900hx 3.3 ghz, ram 16 gb, ssd 512 gb, nvidia geforce rtx 3060, windows 10, 90m0572, sr-nr072 logo

Everything that was mentioned above occurred with the most recent version of the BIOS, as well as with the most recent drivers that were downloaded from the official site! That is to say, there are two potential explanations for the issue: either I had a terrible run of bad luck with my copy, and something in it did not function as it should have, or the issue is rooted in faulty software. My leanings are more toward the second choice, and it's probable that I will keep avoiding using this compaSee full review

🔊 enhanced sound blaster audigy fx - audio card - 24 logo

Who, however, would remain silent about the fact that the sound is superior to the built-in Realtek ALC892? I verified it using the Series 3 Arctic headphones. Likewise on a 2.1 speaker setup. The bottom is lower and the top is taller. The earbuds play well when connected directly because of the built-in amplifier. There is a larger stereo panorama. I specifically checked everything with Creative's buns off.See full review

logitech mk270 wireless keyboard mouse logo

I made the decision to clear the workspace of its connections. The system unit has a number of gadgets linked to it, and it is located around 120 centimeters away from where the mouse and keyboard are kept. Was quite disheartened due to the fact that. It is impossible to work since the signal is continuously being disrupted by both the mouse and the keyboard. As a result, I had no choice but to purchase an extension cable for the USB port, which brought the total cost of the set up to 200 and stSee full review

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