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Review on Vacuum cleaner Dreame V9 Global, white by Stanislaw Biedka ᠌

Revainrating 3 out of 5

It's not a bad product, but I expect more.

In general, the result is PERSONALLY FOR ME This vacuum cleaner is excellent, but only for small apartments for full-fledged apartments of 70kv, you run to shake it out three times) unfortunately, these ALL XIAOMI MODELS have MORE MINUSES THAN PLUSES.

Updated 10 months ago
Rating has not been changed

I have added some photos to my review to give readers a better sense of my experience.


  • 1) Easy to manage during cleaning, you do not push him, but he leads you. 2) Nozzles for cleaning the floor, as well as nozzles for cleaning the carpet, comfortable great things! 3) Installation and charging, looks like a charging station. Unfortunately, that's all.
  • Get ready for the cry of the soul! 1) after everything has been vacuumed from the capsule WHAT YOU WILL SHAKE OUT ! You pick everything out with your hands, large debris falls out on its own, but the dust with hair and fur of a cat stands and picks it out with your fingers ! 2) while opening the bottom lid (it opens perfectly, with a click! ) small dust particles from a sharp opening scatter around the trash can))) 3) THE CHARGE is written that it lasts up to an hour of cleaning, BUT no one said at what power) in general, at a minimum, cleaning can really last for a long time, BUT it does not draw in well, for example, small parts of dirt from shoes pull with difficulty, and on powerful 3 ur it whistles like a turbine cars ! But for that it pulls the rules. True, then the charge for cleaning from a full charge is enough for 15-20 minutes, well, this is of course obvious because it spends a lot of effort and energy on ur 3. 2ur power works great and shows itself to be cleaned only on it. 4) And this is probably the most important thing During cleaning, the child often comes across all sorts of small pieces of paper, as it seems to us, BUT the hole is so small that she only vacuums small debris, in general, the piece of paper stood up on its edge and apparently the air was pulled in once it was not drawn into the container, in general, all the garbage with wool and other things stood up in the pipe, and when I turned off the vacuum cleaner everything started to get enough sleep on the way back. 5) Small debris that did not pass through the rubber filter, after stopping the cleaning, strives to get enough sleep back, which is very infuriating, because you seem to be going to the top with the muzzle of the gun raised! )

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