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humidifier / air purifier "fanline aqua ve400" with an ionizer, with a capacity of 410 gr/h logo

Great product, a pleasure to use.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Very pleasant air in the bedroom. I recommend. No comparison with ultrasonic humidifiers, after which salt from tap water settles on the furniture.See full review

sliding roller skates ridex allure, river. 31 – 34 mint logo

Thanks to the manufacturer, seller for all kinds of discounts and promotional code and delivery thanks for the quality delivered goods. Thanks to the neutral color and the system of sliding casters, both children can ride the 8-year-old son and the 13-year-old daughter.See full review

delonghi nespresso essenza mini coffee and espresso machine, black – enhanced seo logo

At work, they have a huge automobile, and the coffee is always steaming hot. This gives me something to benchmark against. Although my machine does not heat up in that manner, I have discovered that if I heat the cup first, the temperature returns to normal—although this may simply be the case in my machine. The machine is suitable for either one or two people. If there was room, I would definitely take some more. However, Nespresso gave it to me as a free item after I purchased a large quantitSee full review

purelan medela lanolin nipple cream 37 gr. logo

I managed to avoid huge and painful cracks in the s. I think it's because of this cream. When my son grew up and began to hang on his chest for a long time, I thought that there would be pain again. But for about a day I went with cotton pads and everything became fine again. I bought 100 ml. More than half left. And I did not regret when applying. I like it. Different pros: Helps really fast. But I did not just apply the Cream on the s, but on cotton pads and then on the s. So the clothes got lSee full review

folding knife cold steel spartan black logo

Thick blade, shape. Unusual. Simply put, for EDC, either large (city) or small (outdoors). Conclusion: for the collection will do.See full review

built-in dishwasher electrolux etm 48320 l logo

- The quality of washing is not constant - sometimes there are stains and dirt on the dishes. Maybe it's not about the typewriter, but about the detergent, salt, crooked hands, etc., so I don’t attribute it to the shortcomings. - You can hear the car, but it does not interfere with sleep (despite the fact that all the doors are open). And even vice versa - a rather pleasant murmur of water. True, the first couple of days they were frightened: it seemed that something was leaking somewhere. - ManSee full review

hair dryer dyson airwrap complete long hs05, prussian blue/rich copper logo

The plug is triple, there is no adapter included, when asked by the seller, who is -market personally, why on the official website, when checking the serial number, it gives out a model with a different color, I received an answer that someone messed up something. Not serious. Pros: Beautiful, blows well, the box is beautiful for storage. Nozzles are included in the kit. Has some cons: The code on the official website issued a model with a different color. The product card indicates Certify, in See full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, black, cn logo

The electric scooter is easy to transport and store, making it a great choice for moving around the city in the warmer months. It's lightweight and small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane or the trunk of a car. The scooter can carry up to 100 kilograms, so my friend and I may ride it together provided we don't exceed the speed limit of 25 kilometers per hour and the range of up to 30 kilometers on a single charge. The scooter's controls and brakes are easy to use, keeping See full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v9p global, white logo

We got a vacuum cleaner. My happiness knew no bounds. He is very cool, handsome. We have it hanging on the wall, very compact, all the nozzles in one pile, so to speak. Picks up trash well. I dreamed of such a vacuum cleaner and did not regret it. I've only been using it for a short time, we'll see how it goes. I hope he doesn't disappoint. I recommend to buy!See full review

55" tv hisense 55u7hq led, hdr, quantum dot, uled, black logo

Different pros: TV is just great. Works great with PS5. In the settings, you need to enable the advanced HDMI mode, and HDR 10 at 4K and 120 hertz make the picture just fire! With its cons: There is no Android TV, so it is impossible to install LM, etc.See full review

floor standing speaker bowers & wilkins 603 s2 anniversary edition matte white logo

These products sound very mediocre. Now I'm going to be attacked by "tusk" fans, but I'm writing a review for other people, unbiased. With low frequencies, these speakers cope poorly. There are two reasons for this, interrelated, but not a priori key, because. in other speaker formats and from other manufacturers, it turns out to make the bass better with the same data: the size of the speaker and the implementation of the phase inverter. Here he buzzes more than we would like for this money, hSee full review

mattress serta perfect sleeper astoria, 160x200 cm, spring logo

That is one seriously awesome mattress! Regarding the odor, my nose is very sensitive, so when they opened the mattress in the morning, by the time it was evening, they had already placed it on the bed and gone to sleep; the following morning, there was not the slightest trace of an odor. My sense of smell is very sensitive. After reading previous reviews, I've come to the conclusion that everyone's experience is unique in some way; perhaps it varies depending on the event or anything along thosSee full review

stool group style dsw chair set, metal, 4 pcs., color: white logo

Affordable and high-quality seating. Easy assembly is ensured by the inclusion of a tool for adjusting the bolt tension. The chairs are soft and supportive, ideal for long periods of sitting.See full review

6.8" e-reader amazon kindle paperwhite 2021 1236x1648, e-ink, black logo

The PocketBook 515 it was meant to replace was finally retired, so I upgraded. Totally lived up to the hype! Excellent construction with no backlash or creaks. Even after four hours of reading, my eyes feel fine. Despite the fact that it is an electronic card, the grayish paper behind the plastic case may fool some people. I'm not bothered by commercials, so I didn't turn them off. Formats aren't an issue for me because I use the Caliber converter to change fb2 to azw3.See full review

thermometer sensitec nf-3101 white/blue logo

In general, sadness. Bought in connection with the birth of a child. It seems that the device came already a little used - in the history of measurements there were several readings (somewhere around 10-20). I did not pay attention to it, the main thing for me was that the device worked well. At the first measurement, it showed a difference with mercury in 0.2, which pleased. After calibration, I still jumped - I didn’t like that you make several identical measurements and the data is always difSee full review

norveg soft heat set women black, size xs logo

The benefits include being light, very pleasant to the skin, and odorless for an extended period of time. On height 176, 50-52 came out to be a touch big, but it wasn't a deal breaker because the stock in length turned out to be good. Below are some downsides: Merino is an extremely delicate fiber, and it can easily be seen spooling under clothing.See full review

protein vplab 100% platinum whey, 750 gr., chocolate logo

Has some pros Both milk and water bring out a flavor that is pleasing to the palate. In a shaker, it dissolves really easily. A spoon for measuring is supplied in the package. despite its advantages. Despite appearances, high in calories. There are a few varieties of sweeteners. In my opinion, you shouldn't make frequent use of it.See full review

l "oreal paris foundation infaillible fresh tone 32 h, 30 ml, shade: 20 ivory logo

To begin, let's get this out of the way: I have combination skin, and throughout the winter, it tends to get quite dry. Even in the t-zone I have multiple peeling. Because this foundation draws a lot of attention to them, I have developed the habit of first applying an oily cream to the problem regions of my face, and only after that do I apply foundation. Also, you won't be able to apply it to your face for a lengthy period of time because everything needs to be done quickly; otherwise, you wilSee full review

adidas originals falcon women's trainers white, size 38 eu logo

Quickly delivered, the retailer both emailed and phoned to confirm the item after placing it. The actual sneakers are light and comfortable, but they have a really firm feel to them, much like wood. You can see in the shot that the shoes themselves have some sort of pattern on them. I send the shoes back because I don't think they should have been sold for such a high price given the condition of the jambs.See full review

wood grill weber original kettle e-5710, 78x65x92 cm logo

I would really like to have a small removable / folding table on the side, with a size sufficient to accommodate a plate, knife, spatula and tongs. This is a small size, but if available, it would only be a big fat +! And this is not a lack of grilling, this is a wish. In accessories you have "Weber 17638 side table for charcoal grills", but it is not available, and it has one leg))) Somehow the design is a little scary) There are folding tables, but they do not fit Weber Original Kettle E -5710See full review

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