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The product can be used, I expected a little more.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The seller misleads buyers, does not fully indicate the information that the certificate and instructions are in a foreign language. There are no batteries in the kit, it was not possible to check the operation of the thermometers. The seller did not answer questionsSee full review

dyson v12 detect slim absolute vacuum cleaner, silver logo

Great powerful vacuum cleaner. It up all the dust perfectly. The last one couldn't. Someone wrote too easy, walk around with him for about 20 minutes and it doesn’t seem so easy anymore. Three modes are enough, it copes well even on Eco, there are also those who are dissatisfied that there are three modes instead of five - maybe it’s better to read the description before buying? )) Noise in moderation, it doesn’t bother me, unlike a cat)) 8 nozzles in the kit is too much, I don’t know Will I evSee full review

tire yokohama bluearth-gt ae 51 205/55 r16 94 v logo

Nice tire with good performance. I have a calm driving style, mostly city, with occasional highway trips. For such conditions, the rubber seems super comfortable to me.See full review

contact lenses alcon dailies total1, 30 pcs., r 8.5, d -9.5 logo

I’m allergic, I’ve never worn lenses before, I tried to pick up others, nothing fits, these, of course, also cause some discomfort, but nothing on the drops.See full review

cordiant winter drive 2 175/70 r13 82t logo

The seller is misleading (maybe itself broke something). I ordered Cordiant Winter Drive 2 205/55 R16 (exactly 2). They brought Cordiant Winter Drive 205/55 R16. The reason is that the links do not work correctly. When ordering Cordiant Winter Drive 2 205/55 R16 94T you get Cordiant Winter Drive 205/55 R16 94T. For the money you pay exactly like Cordiant Winter Drive 205/55 R16 94T. Invoice without seals and signatures, issued on Cordiant Winter Drive 205/55 R16 94T. Going from your order for tSee full review

car seat group 0/1/2/3 (up to 36 kg) evenflo everystage dlx all-in-one, miranda pink logo

There is a lack of some kind of fastening for belts in an unfastened state, so as not to pick out these belts from under the child after you plant Pros below: Coasters - Theme Very convenient fastening system, both in front and behind, especially the adjustment of the position with the level. The straps are comfortable. Cons below: Very tricky instructions, when I read it, I thought that you need to be an engineer to understand at least something, and the installation of this chair should be donSee full review

frame trampoline bondy sport 8ft 244x244x220 cm, blue logo

Please include my thoughts on this product in your evaluations. At the start of the summer, we installed either a trampoline or a swimming pool in the clearing to keep the kids (3 and 5 years old) entertained while we took care of business. There were a number of things to pick from, but I was instantly drawn to these trampolines. I must start by saying that the quality is superb. I was unable to locate any errors. The stitching is perfect, the stretched fabric is really nice, and there are no hSee full review

laser rangefinder xiaomi atuman duka ls-p laser range finder 40 m gray logo

Surprisingly efficient shtuk, in a toy performance. I could not imagine such a compact rangefinder, but this one also works. The measurement range is similar to the truth, he himself measured 37 meters with a trifle, but the texture of the surface to which the measurement is made is very important. Sometimes it is buggy, freezes on measurement, but it seems infrequently and on controversial surfaces, repeated measurement solves the problem. The error is, within the declared range. There is an adSee full review

vacuum cleaner jimmy jv51, white/red logo

Acquired as a permanent assistant in a house where there is a small child, 3 cats and a dog. Daily cleaning Now it's easier, a one-year-old child likes it, is not afraid, but wants to help. Impressed by the nozzle for furniture from ticks. Replaced a regular vacuum cleaner. I like that the removable battery is easy to charge. In general, I'm satisfied, as long as the battery lasts a long time. I attach a photo of the container after cleaning the sofaSee full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, black, cn logo

Its pros: For my money, just a gun, I took it in 2022, taking into account all promics and cashbacks for 21k lol) Some cons: Chinese brothers, let's add + 20% to the price, but we will not use silumin, - the step immediately and minus the folding mechanism, after 500 km of runSee full review

nokian tires hakkapeliitta 9 185/65 r15 92t winter logo

Different pros: All indicators, except for strength, are on the level. 8ka was stronger and the spikes did not fall out. With its cons: Too soft sidewalls, not for our roads. You slam the door and see how the car sways on rubber and this is on the 40th profile. to the first hole.See full review

vacuum cleaner arnica merlin pro, blue logo

The husband did not want to buy an upright vacuum cleaner. He said you will try and you will understand that they are low-power. He persuaded me to buy a vacuum cleaner with a wire, since its characteristics are very decent, while the price is low. Well, we're using it. I'm happy as an elephant. We keep it behind a curtain in the kitchen, took it, took it out, quickly cleaned the same kitchen and went on. You don't have to carry any weights. Vacuuming 3-5 times a day (moms will understand) is eaSee full review

dry dog ​​food now fresh grain-free, turkey, salmon, duck 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 1.59 kg (for small and dwarf breeds) logo

Its pros: I bought it because it was a holistic and small granules for a toy terrier puppy Its cons: The puppy does not eat it, comes to the bowl, eats a few granules and leaves, you have to buy a new one, sorry I spent the moneySee full review

kindi kids doll marsha mellow bunny, 25 cm, 38834 logo

Got pros: This doll was bought for a 5-year-old disabled girl from Hong Kong Ulyana. I filmed her wish on the Wishing Tree in the Manezh during the International Festival WE ARE TOGETHER Has some cons: I will send the dolls to the "customer", she will receive it, send me a review and a photo. I'll write later.See full review

room temperature and humidity sensor aqara temperature and humidity sensor white cn logo

It displays temperature, pressure, and humidity, and after I linked it to Alice 2 via the zigbee protocol, it showed up in the smart home application right away. From there, you can monitor all of the indications, both in real time and over a longer period of time. You can, of course, also ask through Alice; the one and only catch is that each indicator will be considered individually.See full review

executive computer chair bureaucrat kb-9n, upholstery: mesh/artificial leather, color: gray logo

The seat depth is just suitable for someone of my height (170 cm), which is a definite plus. If you don't mind the disadvantage (discussed further down), it's a good value for the money. Having drawbacks of its own. The holes for attaching the backrest to the seat needed to be redone because they were off by about a centimeter.See full review

night light xiaomi bedside lamp 2 led, 9 w, armature color: white, shade color: white, version: global logo

with advantages. It may be set up almost however you choose. Along with the Xiaomi smart home, it also functions with Alice Cons: When compared to the Xiaomi app, the smart home's settings are relatively subpar.See full review

xiaomi mi mijia air humidifier (mjjsq02lx), white logo

The delivery is gray, respectively, the plug is Chinese. But in the box they carefully put an adapter for our outlet. You don't need to buy an adapter.See full review

vacuum cleaner dyson v11 absolute (sv14), grey/blue logo

I have no complaints about the purchase, and I find that the benefits much outweigh any drawbacks associated with it. After using a wired vacuum cleaner, using a cordless one is like going to the moon. It is also quite portable. The vacuum cleaner, the hose, and the couple of nozzles that I use on a consistent basis are all tidily stored on the shelf inside the closet. It only takes ten seconds to put together, and you can vacuum it afterwards. - Highly effective. The turbo brush does an excelleSee full review

morgan's lipstick matt pomade low shine / firm hold, strong hold, 50 g logo

Different pros: Smell. Matte. No dirty hair effect. Easy to apply to damp hair. Easy to wash your hands. Washes off easily. Has some cons: There is no effect of plasticity, flexibility. Dries quickly and is harder to style. Only on wet hair.See full review

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