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office lamp xiaomi mi computer monitor light bar bhr4838gl, 5 w, armature color: black, shade/shade color: black logo

Lousy product, low quality.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

For Xiaomi products, it seems that problems with lighting control are typical: there is a table lamp at home, after half a year it stopped responding to adjustment, only on-off works. And thanks for that :'(See full review

safety belt qplay rito qa6, black logo

In overall, I am happy with the purchase; nonetheless, it would have been able to discover more powerful alternatives. Has some pros: The length of the handle at 175 cm is comfortable, nothing more, and the wheels drive smoothly onto the curb. This bicycle is both fashionable and practical, making it suitable for a youngster and a mother. Various drawbacks: the handle is wobbly, there is no way to elevate the bike with it, the threads on the seatpost are protruding, and the bumper is in need of See full review

combined coffee maker polaris pcm 2020 3-in-1, black/silver logo

In general, it worked well for 5 months, and then it flows and it is not clear what to do with it. If you want a thing for 5 months, then takeSee full review

shik sponge make-up black logo

Before that, I used latex sponges, they took half of the product into themselves, which is why the consumption of products was large, I am very pleased with the purchase of this spongeSee full review

contact lenses bausch & lomb ultra, 3 pcs., r 8.5, d -4.25 logo

Below is a list of advantages and benefits: - Lenses of the silicone-hydrogel type; - Oxygen transmission that is higher than that of competitors (163 Dk/t); - Good resilience to wear and tear. 30 days are quiet and still; Got cons: - Large lens diameter (14.2mm). Sometimes uncomfortable to wear; the price for three lenses is comparable to that of Alcon for six;See full review

motorola talkabout t42 radio, 2 pcs. logo

There are few channels, everything is fine outside the city, but it is not possible to find a free channel in the city, but for this money you can forgive. Management is not obvious, you have to read the instructionsSee full review

nokian tires hakkapeliitta 9 185/65 r15 92t winter logo

Departure season, impressions have already developed. Today I switched back to her. How soft it is, after the summer oak Bridgestone Turanza, just happiness. 70% of irregularities began to pass without noticing them. For that winter that I remember: - Ice holds well, although the ABS still sometimes cracks, but you can’t cancel physics. Often there were cases that I obviously hold on to the road more strongly than others, in terms of braking the same, noticeably. - Survived after very strong bloSee full review

vacuum cleaner weissgauff v9 turbo cyclone, white logo

In general, a good, stylish device. Comfortable and relatively light. I would like a bigger battery. Well, he is definitely not a substitute for a robot if there are animals with wool and women with constantly falling long hair at home. In fact, we have an expensive short-lived toy with colossally expensive spare parts. Some pros: Convenient, battery operated. Turns on by pressing the button, turns off by pressing again. Those. no need to hold the trigger to keep the vacuum cleaner running. ConvSee full review

trixie running plastic disc 30cm logo

Some pros: - Smooth and high quality - Suitable for an adult Syrian hamster With its cons: - too heavy for a dzungarian rotates on a freekion, not on a bearingSee full review

vacuum cleaner dyson cyclone v10 absolute (sv12), nickel/yellow logo

This is not a vacuum cleaner; this is the space between Earth and the moon. A genuine alternative to a conventionally-sized, full-featured vacuum cleaner. Even if it had enormous suction force, a normal vacuum cleaner would not be able to collect as much dirt as one equipped with a motorized brush, which is a miracle of modern engineering. We clean an area of 60 square meters using the bare minimum of power (this is sufficient even for a carpet), which is sufficient for three full and thorough cSee full review

computer headset asus rog delta type-c, white logo

After purchasing it and opening the packaging, I discovered that an updated version of delta cor s had been made available. However, considering the price, this is the best answer available. Sound, sound, and sound again, there is little bass, but it takes the top very clear, and if you even set it up you forget about the bass at all, at first they were very quiet, I thought that I expected too much, but I remembered that I needed to download the utility from the site, downloaded everything, insSee full review

xiaomi fire kitchen set, 4 knives, scissors and stand logo

Since you are aware of the amount of money that is involved in purchasing a set, the expectations were not particularly high. At home, my parents had a Samura set; of course, this set can't be compared with it; nevertheless, the price in Japan is tin), so everything is fine for the money you spent. We have not yet sharpened, but we will check while we are doing so.See full review

split system electrolux eacs-09hg2/n3, black logo

Central heating was carried out in our apartment, I took air conditioning for the summer and off-season. When buying, I attracted with its stylish design, and then it justified the hopes with its functions. In addition to cooling and heating, I turn it on in the ventilation mode, and when the humidity in the room I use the dehumidification mode. I like that there is an "Autorestart" function and in case of unplanned shutdowns, the system will start with the saved settings.See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

In general, the purchase is satisfied. We use it as an addition to a robot vacuum cleaner or when you need to quickly vacuum some small area.See full review

air washer winia awx-70, white/turquoise logo

Necessary household appliances for life, especially if a big dirty city with a dry climate. Different pros: We bought it because of my wife's pregnancy + the skin really dried out (the humidity in the apartment was 10-17%). They tried to raise it with various folk methods, but it didn’t work out, or rather it went up to 20-22%. We temporarily live in Almaty, there is a strong smog from autumn to spring, the ecological situation is bad (the smell of burning is very strong, neighboring houses are See full review

computer chair everprof lotus s16 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: blue logo

With its pros: Convenient backrest adjustment mechanism. It holds the load well in the reclined state, and not only when I sit straight. What I mean: if you lean back strongly, the base is securely in place, the chair does not strive to fall off. This is in heavy models, where a counterweight is created due to the massive base. In this model, there is not much weight, stability is provided by the design itself (the distribution of weight and loads). Convenient and reliable, the main advantages See full review

farmina n&d quinoa weight management lamb 🐱 broccoli and asparagus dry cat food 3.3 lbs logo

Switched to dietary food from the same Farmina brand of kitten food. Before that, we tried a bunch of feeds of various brands: almost everything, except for the usual ones like Whiskas and Kiteket, etc. Passed initially with naturalki. Only Farmina did not have any digestive problems. And as you know, the cat's body reacts instantly to food irritants. One cat is very allergic, but this food eats well without deviations. Everyone eats Farmina, and this dietary food was also immediately eaten. TheSee full review

kenda k847 kross plus tyre logo

For the city a great option. Suitable for both asphalt and dirt tracks. Has some pros: Excellent tyres. They are on the front and back wheels. Derzhak cornering is very confident, you can roll up almost lying down). Asphalt excellent rolling, quiet. On primers, too, they roll well. Its cons: Gravel and sand are not their forte. Get stuck instantly. But this is understandable. Also poorly kept in turns on sandy pavement. But I love speed. With a more measured ride, everything is fine. See full review

🌿 purina pro plan liveclear with probiotics for allergy reduction - adult dry cat food logo

One star is not for the quality of the food. Haven't tried it unfortunately! The product came in a torn box and almost expired. Production date 09/02/2022. Valid until 03202222. Today is 01/19/2022! Feed 2.8kg. The cat will not have time to eat it before the expiration date. Attaching photo. It is a pity that the supplier does not warn about the approaching expiration date of the product . Wasted money and time. Complete disappointment I do not recommend buying from this supplier. Unscrupulous. See full review

philips oneblade trimmer qp2520/20, black/salad logo

And considering that you can't shave while the device is charging, it's highly likely that a "smart" person wouldn't try to use it in the bathroom while it was charging (despite the fact that it's written on the product page that it's waterproof). possesses a number of desirable qualities for me. Because the hair on my face is so thick, shaving with a traditional machine is a nightmare for me, even with a brand new blade. For this reason, I have been shaving with a clipper for a very long time. See full review

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