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grill tefal optigrill elite xl gc760d30, silver/black logo

For assembly, the instructions on YouTube for the qar code are useless, there are not enough approximations to the details and accents, for example, that the legs with wheels are offset by one hole. The labeling of the bags causes confusion because there is no bag with "legs", I did not find the meaning of packing the bags in the instructions, the metal side gaskets are packaged in two bags, I had to go through a small quest to find the bolts for the legs, at the moment it seemed that "not a setSee full review

digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

The speakers are directed downwards, so it's better to put the piano not on a table, but on the original stand (without a table top), the sound really differs like heaven and earth, I've tested it from my own experience. As for me, it’s the most for a beginner pianist (I just started to master the piano, I used to play the guitar). I'm not particularly interested in other sounds (organ, etc. ), but only the "piano" mode and the dynamics setting (I set it to "medium") and reverb depth (I set the See full review

wheel disk magnetto wheels 14013 5.5х14/4х100 d56.6 et49, black logo

In general, he knew what he was taking. The task was to take the cheapest, but new. Wheels are quite normal, you can ride. The metal is normal, the characteristics correspond to the declared ones.See full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

I bought it with a citroen c4 aircross car, from the salon. Size 235/55 R18/ After 30t. mileage, the rear wheels were worn out almost to zero, there were about 30 protectors left on the front wheels (all-wheel drive car). I work at "Muhos. .nsk", I drive a lot on a gravel road, then I leave for the city -200 km. gravel roads, 300 highway. I think that the gravel was erased on it, because it scours in different directions at speed (there is no such thing on winter tires). On the pavement, everythSee full review

set for cleaning and protecting leather products / car leather interior care / car chemistry set / car leather care / gift for a man smart open leather box logo

Fast delivery within 2 days from order. Good price for a set. Suitable for a gift - beautiful packaging. I am satisfied. For a white interior, the very thing !See full review

sunding sd-558a bicycle computer 27 functions black/silver logo

The speedometer came that I wanted to buy for a long time the first time . I didn’t have to install the sensors on the wheel and on the pen, but I had to tinker with the bracket, put it on welding, now it’s not a speedometer but a dream . self-guidance is apparently wireless . I figured out how to rebuild it myself . If you hold down the left button and hold the settings menu immediately appears, with the left all the values ​​\u200b\u200bthat you need are easily configured . I already tested itSee full review

liqui moly hydro-stossel-additiv, 0.3 l logo

In general, it works, but I didn’t test the current according to the sensations in the laboratory, but it seems to me that it works, but you can’t give the engine 2 lifeSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Very good tires, I have been using them for more than a year. The quality is very good. Shintorg store is excellent, I recommendSee full review

headlamp bright beam lh-190m "cobra m" black/green logo

Wonderful flashlight. Suitable for an electrician and can be put in the car. There is a magnetic mount. And it won’t get wet in the rain, and there is a mount on a construction helmet. Moderately heavy. Doesn't pull the head. Pros: Shines brightly, wide angle of flow, sealed, can be easily removed from the head mount by disconnecting the magnets, capacious battery, standard micro usb socket. Has cons: Not suitable for long distances. Illuminates everything around at a distance of 2mSee full review

windbreaker adidas sst tracktop pb black/white women gd2374 40 logo

Very good for travel and trips, a fabric that dries quickly, it’s not hot in the rooms, it’s not cold outside. I bought it for tourism, I’m happy with everything.See full review


Has pros: Excellent skating rinks. I took it to the duster, they are quite soft and really do not feel the water. Its cons: Not found at this stage, we are waiting for the end of the season.See full review


Got pros: Excellent coffee maker for the money, a lot of steam - who cares Cons below: The brew group cools down instantly - keep in mind, spill, wipe and cook immediatelySee full review


You have to wet this capsule, put more water in your mouth and take a sip, throwing your head back. And then - sometimes it gets stuck in the throat - urgently another sip of water. What was the manufacturer thinking? Capsules for 500mg. Different pros: Lower price in this store Sport Dealer. Haven't felt any lasting effect yet. Sometimes high spirits from him, a good dream are possible. Some cons: Very large capsules, which is not written anywhere. Those who cannot swallow such things will be vSee full review


Before buying, I read the reviews but didn’t look in which cities these people live, but in vain, in Hong Kong the pressure is such that the pipes are buzzing well, and in other large cities, probably too, but we have a maximum of 1-1.5 atmospheres, although at first glance it seemed that everything should work, in general, if you decide to buy, then be prepared to buy a special pump for it for 5000. well, or immediately buy for 11,000 with a pump.See full review


Excellent device, works well, does not heat up, tested for several days, the connection does not break, the speed is very good. The goods came well packed, in general, once again I was convinced that TP-Link is simply excellent :)See full review


Its pros: In terms of price-quality ratio, an excellent mouse, not loud, beautiful, smooth keystroke Different cons: A little light, the elastic on the side started to come off a littleSee full review


Purchase. satisfied. Took for a summer residence. He brought it, refueled it, connected the cylinder and it became warm and cozy in the country house. First I saw a heater from a relative, I tried it. Then I bought myself. A couple of times the power was turned off at the dacha. If not for this heater, I went home. Since there was no gas in the country house, and the electricity was turned off, the house quickly became cold. The heater is a completely different matter. Yes, you can't cook food. See full review


Didn't like it. It lags terribly, the video from the browser does not load. I plugged the charger into the TV, didn’t want to be powered, wrote “Extract data from the usb drive”, until I plugged it into the outlet, I didn’t understand what she wanted. There are not many apps to download. The advantages are only in the subscription and the build quality, and then . . the white remote control will soon become far from white. It sometimes freezes at some point, not only is the sound terrible, but See full review

refrigerator saratov 263, white logo

A sort of hellraiser after being brought. Dirty in tattered packaging with a crooked door. But washed a little adjusted and voila :) the best in its class With its pros: Narrow. cute. freezes well.3 years with us. The shelves on our model are transparent on the door Different cons: Packed was very sad. All kind of filthy. Some stains on top of lid. Well, it can be stored in the refrigerator like this. Behind the refrigerator, all the pipes are already fuzzy. All copper has oxidized. It would be See full review


Space piece of iron - accidentally dropped from a height of 4.5 m onto a concrete floor. We thought everything, mentally said goodbye. As a result, the hull was undamaged (scratches do not count), the plumb bob jammed. I dismantled it, the ring magnet at the base burst, the pendulum jammed with a fragment. He removed the fragment, collected it - it works. The only thing that's wrong is that the squeaker (limit deviation signaling device) stopped working, but I don't need it for work. So it is teSee full review

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