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polaris pgs 1570ca steamer, green/white logo

Good product for me, no problems at all.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

After the purchase, they immediately tested it, steamed the curtains by 10 points, the water consumption is not large with an average steam mode.See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx115c, black logo

One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Cheap, compact, the cord is long, I like it With its pros: My favorite little helper, works at home paired with a robot - I use it to vacuum small areas of the apartment where the robot does not roll. Cons: The wide nozzle is not suitable for carpets - there are no bristles, only to collect debris from the floorSee full review

dyson v8 absolute global vacuum cleaner, silver logo

One of its advantages is that it removes the dirt and debris from beneath the carpet. It is simple to eliminate cat fur. Con: If you use the strong mode, the battery will only last for fifteen minutes on a full charge. Approximately 5 hours of charging timeSee full review

computer chair everprof lotus s4 gaming, upholstery: textile, color: black/red logo

A little disappointed. The chair before that one only cost 9 thousand dollars, but it was notably more comfy. I purchased it with delivery for 17+ dollars, and I was expecting more. It is easy to put together, it does not have an unpleasant design, the fragrance does not cause problems, and it is completed in a reasonable amount of time. The wheels have a pleasant ride, however because the frame is made of metal, there is some rattling in the wheels. When it's hot, having upholstery made of fabrSee full review

🎮 thunderx3 tc5 max gaming chair - faux leather upholstery, arctic white color logo

Overall, a great chair, but not perfect. I thought I would sit down and be in nirvana . but the reality is not like that. It is a pity there is nowhere to sit to try before buying. But after the "Chinese" the difference is palpable. And you can adjust for yourself. The rolling level can be adjusted. Twisted it hard so it didn't wobble at all. I took for work and games with a gamepad. In working mode, the back is higher. When playing, I recline a little to half-sit / lie down. Butt does not hurt See full review

electric oven maunfeld mcmo.44.9s, silver logo

Everything you need for comfortable cooking in this oven is there, it works clearly on a timer, which significantly reduced my time in the kitchen, I don’t have to constantly run around and see if it’s ready or not) besides, now my food doesn’t burn and doesn’t dry out, it turns out delicious, and it added self-confidence in me, as in a good housewife :)See full review

brazier gratar man 203, 128.5x52x90 cm, steel, 2 mm black 128.5 cm 52 cm 90 cm 2 mm 22.5 kg logo

It is important to follow the rules of the first firing. It is advisable to repeat a couple of times and then the paint will not come off in the first days of use. It is important not to touch, wipe or put anything on the lid during this procedure and until it has completely cooled down. 2mm of steel is enough, but it is important not to extinguish the coals with cold water, otherwise this will lead to deformation of the metal. The description says that the grate, skewers and other attachments dSee full review

sandwich maker moulinex sm1541, silver logo

A good sandwich maker with a uniform level of roasting of the crust of bread. It is important to use special bread for sandwiches (we buy Harrys American Sandwich). The fact is that bread for sandwiches, hot dogs and burgers is more loose and airy and allows you to make a filling that is acceptable in terms of thickness and set of ingredients by shrinking. If you take ordinary bread, put the filling in it, and then squeeze it in a sandwich maker - 90% that the filling will flow out and burn, andSee full review

vplab ultra men's sport tab., 180 pcs. logo

The effect of the complex is felt literally the next day. There is cheerfulness, a desire to train (especially on a low-carbohydrate diet during the drying period). The recommended dose is written 2 pieces per day. According to the composition, as for me, there is clearly a lot. I take 2 pieces on the day of training, one on the day of rest. A worthy drug, I'm already taking the second package of 180 pieces. In no way inferior to ON in action but noticeably cheaper.See full review

ovation tires ecovision vi-386hp 235/55 r18 100v summer logo

On the advice of friends, I still decided to try this Chinese Oveishen tire for my Tuareg in the amount of 275/45/20. The runs are mostly long distances, tires are a frequent consumable for me) after reading the reviews and listening to the advice of several of my colleagues, I decided to take this tire for the first time and was really surprised, in the first few months of operation, the difference between the summer Dunlop, Toyo, Marshal and the used Michelin, on which I drove off before that,See full review

ukulele soprano flight tus 35 logo

This review is more for guitar lovers who at one point in their lives got tired of as many as six strings and were tired of carrying a whole guitar with them to hangouts with friends. If you are just like me, then I’ll tell you right away: yes, the ukulele is a good alternative to the guitar. A small light brynchalka (with a case included) on nylon strings with a pleasant "voice" will be your great friend. Especially this brynchalka goes well with a high and / or cute voice hehe). But, friendsSee full review

backpack 90 points vibrant college casual backpack, beige logo

With all of its perks. It flawlessly carries out its assigned duties. Strong enough to withstand regular use. Below are some downsides: You are unable to stuff the backpack to its utmost capacity since it is secured by magnets; otherwise, the magnets will break under the strain and allow the backpack to become open.See full review

🍞 silver metallic scarlett toaster sc-tm11012 logo

The dimensions of the toaster are 20 centimeters in length, 10.5 centimeters in width, and 14.5 centimeters in height. The product description states that it has a power output of 700 watts, but the box indicates that it only has 650 watts. I will give it a shot at work tomorrow.See full review

mattress blue sleep hybrid 2.0, 90x200 cm, spring logo

We have had the mattress for a little under a month, and so far, we are quite pleased with our decision to acquire it. It is incredibly comfy to sleep in and is the ideal size for both of us.See full review

golden rose velvet matte lipstick matte 34 logo

Nice lipstick, only the color was expecting a different one, it is brighter in the picture, but in fact it turned out to be dull (tone 30)See full review

hoodie with laptop pocket "yandex", 3.0, black, xl logo

As is customary, all zippers should open from top to bottom. It is unwise to have a detachable hood. Another zipper that opens diagonally must be added in order to protect the pocket. Then you can just open up and stop perspiring in the tube.See full review

triple trekking tent canadian camper karibu 3, forest logo

after 5 years, for the first time, I broke through the bottom (I was too lazy to remove the bumps). Now there are already several holes, but this is a consequence of my razzvizdyaystvo, and not the quality of the material. stuck like new! that year, the arc burst (one of the sticks split across), I decided to even change my mind about buying a new one with scotch tape. I sewed all sorts of eyelets, hooks, in general, I feel like my own already !See full review

protein optimum nutrition platinum hydro whey, 795 gr., turbo chocolate logo

For 5 months. no side effects. Has pros: Great product. Helps maintain muscle mass when cutting. In combination with a micellar casino (a portion at night), there is also an increase. Anyone who wants to burn fat and build muscle at the same time will be satisfied. Dissolves and drinks great. Vanilla is very sweet. Chocolate rules. Got cons: You can’t buy it in every store. Chocolate quickly leaves. The price seems high, but if you remove pseudo-healthy supplements from stock proteins, then theySee full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

The device was purchased in October 2022. In April 2022, during operation, the device suddenly leaked, as a result of which the device shorted, sparked and crackled inside. It's good that at that moment they were in the room and quickly disconnected the device from the network. "Salute" and "praise" to the crooked Kitfort engineers, fire safety is "on top". As a result - because this damn thing was on a chest of drawers, the top cover of the chest of drawers turned out to be flooded and swollen See full review

frying pan tefal natural cook, diameter 24 cm logo

The pan is light, the feeling that the bottom is thin, but nothing burns, you can cook without oil. Let's see how long it lasts. I didn’t buy Tefal, but with a similar coating and with a thick bottom, the coating was enough for about 8-9 months, then it began to stick, let’s see how long the tefal coating lastsSee full review

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