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stockings b.well rehab jw-212 with fishnet elastic, round knit, anti-varicose, class 1, size: 5, nero logo

A wonderful product, it's nice to use.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

a good option for every day, putting on is much easier than the 2nd class, but in the end what is worn helps :) I can’t put on the 2nd one, so I wear these. And noticeably the whole story with the legs has become better.See full review

smart watch huawei watch fit tia-b09, 1.64", pink / pink [55027361] logo

The watch is really easy to wear and does not feel particularly hefty. Feels luxurious in the palm of your hand. Some cons: The user interface is somewhat limited, and the language of the notice is awkwardly wrapped, which causes sentences to be cut off. Additionally, the sender's name is only partially visible.See full review

interactive doll zapf creation baby born bath soft touch girl 43 cm 827-086 logo

Has some pros: Quality doll, very cute, there are various accessories. Daughter liked it right away. Has some cons: Of course a little expensive, but the child liked the baby doll!See full review

umbrella cane ikea, black logo

Everything would be cool if not for the packaging of the umbrella. Be careful, the umbrella is brought wrapped in 100500 layers of plastic film, which is unrealistic to unwind and the only way out is scissors. So I opened my umbrella. And no matter how I tried to be neat, in one place with scissors I damaged the fabric of the umbrella All in all, the packaging is a total disappointment.See full review

30 l dennerle nanocube 30 transparent logo

I have been dreaming about the DENNERLE aquarium for a long time. What a shame it was when the aquarium was flooded and flowed along the bottom seam. Adhesion defect. When I took it, I did not pay attention to a minor defect in gluing the bottom and wall. This is Dennerle, I thought, there can be no marriage, but I was mistaken. This is exactly marriage. I hope the seller will be decent and I will be able to hand over the aquarium under warranty.See full review

combined coffee maker polaris pcm 2020 3-in-1, black/silver logo

Everything is super, but there is one point if the nespresso capsules are not native from thick foil or plastic, they do not always pierce them. Therefore, you need to: insert the capsule, press the latch, pull out the capsule and make holes yourself in the places where the knives were crushed. This is more a question for manufacturers of non-native capsules. With Dolce, everything works thickly, because there the principle of the capsule is different.See full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

My mother is visually impaired, so Marusya was bought for her as an entertainment and assistant. They helped set it up, and she figured out the controls herself quickly. The capsule perfectly recognizes voice commands. A real find for my mom. With her help, she turns on the light and the coffee maker in the apartment, calls us via FB, listens to the news and radio. It has many entertainment features. With such a companion, mom does not have to be bored.See full review

water filter for philips coffee machine ca6903/10, blue logo

The filter doesn't come cheap. Why bother with a decalcification program if the cost of a filter is so high? (In addition to the CA6700 brand of citric acid diluted in water, 2 teaspoons should be taken daily for decalcification purposes). The filter itself probably costs as much as a premium drink, which is $20. I'll take care of a coffee machine that uses inexpensive replacement parts or an analog system. The neck diameter increased when I tried to replace the ca6702, but the protrusion in theSee full review

laser rangefinder xiaomi atuman duka ls-p laser range finder 40 m gray logo

generally satisfied, for preliminary calculations super. It helped a lot when I laid the wires around the house, I didn’t have to run around with a regular tape measure.See full review

ninetygo rucksack, textile, expandable, 17 l logo

Some pros: Design (the bag has an extremely modern and unique appearance) Made with high-quality materials, with sturdy zippers and locks, and with no loose threads anywhere on the product. Below are some downsides: A circus-level maneuver, closing and fastening a backpack after it has been filled is a form factor cost.See full review

telescopic tripod ada instruments silver plus yellow/silver logo

A month passed 3-4 of daily use, it began to fix poorly, as a result, the level dropped, I hope the adjustment will help, on the 2nd or 3rd analysis, the aluminum began to bite on the carving, I had to lubricate. The retainer itself on the bottom, which is placed, died over time. There are no complaints about the magnet, it is placed perfectly. I almost forgot to mention the bag, the most impractical and not comfortable. It’s not conveniently done, the fact that the level is located on top, whilSee full review

inflatable sup board 335*82*15/ supboard/ sup board "sup~sun" yellow red blue green logo

Despite its impressive dimensions, the board is unstable. Tested at sea in complete calm. I won’t say that I have a huge experience in using SUP boards, but still there is something to compare with. On this board you feel very uncomfortable. The slightest careless movement and you are in the water. My height is 180 cm, weight is 78 kg. It is possible to hone your SUP control skills, but for a pleasant, calm ride, the option is so-so.See full review

lego speed ​​champions 76897 1985 audi sport quattro s1, 250 pieces logo

Some pros: I love rally and the Lego version of the Audi Sport Quattro has long wanted to take. A very good version came out quite accurately reproducing the original model, although with a slight flaw, but rather purely cosmetic. Some cons: There are too many stickers, which is not very convenient, of course, since you need to stick them carefully. And the biggest minus for me personally, there is no second figure, since in the rally there are still two people in the car, a pilot and a navigatSee full review

air washer winia awx-70, white/turquoise logo

We have not yet checked out the ionization feature; however, we have turned it on at night for fifteen to twenty minutes before leaving the room. Since we did not notice any difference at this time, I plan to work on gradually increasing the amount of time it is on. With the air washer in place during the night, the nose breathes normally all the time; it has never been obstructed in any way. In general, we are quite happy with the purchase. The benefits of it include: It does a good job of moisSee full review

projector wanbo projector t6 max 1920x1080 (full hd), 3000:1, 550 lm, lcd, 1.94 kg logo

In general, I am quite happy with the TV that I purchased as a replacement for such a large sum of money. There are no concerns regarding the delivery or the quality, so I would recommend purchasing it. Below are some advantages: When compared to the Wanbo X1 pro 1080, the advantages are clear to see; a superb picture and auto zoom are welcome features; the trapezoid configuration needs ability, but it enables the projector to be tilted; and the price is significantly lower. I was frightened of See full review

haruyama beige color polish pigment logo

No leaks or damage occurred in transit. That color is gorgeous, and the varnish looks great with it. The frog in the picture was painted using this varnish.See full review

set of chairs stool group style dsw, metal, 2 pcs., color: black logo

Advantages that vary The chairs are easy to install and maintain, look great in a contemporary kitchen, and are comfortable to sit on. Against it: Elastic bands on the legs keep the chair in place while getting up from the table, even on linoleum. Why do so many chairs topple over?See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

I thought about this model and the manufacturer as a whole for a long time. Previously, I was not familiar with this company, the vacuum cleaner is budget-friendly, for wireless. It cost me 7800. After seeing that the reviews seem to be all good, I decided to order. They brought it the next day, in the box a complete set (nozzles, documents, a battery, a cool magnet and the vacuum cleaner itself) the vacuum cleaner pipe is solid, made of metal. It was easy to assemble, assembled and tested in 2 See full review

citrus juicer moulinex pc 302b10 vitapress 1000, white/black logo

For 6 years, I squeezed juice with it about 100-150 times. A week ago I glued the fins. Reason: planned obsolescence. Moulinex decided to make the responsible small star of the motor shaft, which is under the maximum load, unlike other elements of the mechanism, made PLASTIC. The sprocket is cracked. It would be possible to make this asterisk metal and make the device one and a half dollars more expensive, and sell it to the consumer for one and a half dollars more. I would use it for another 26See full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

I chose a product from a large number of those offered, settled on this model and did not regret it. Stylish design, easy to use. There is the possibility of aromatization of the room.See full review

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