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adapter vention jack 3.5 mm f - jack 6.5 mm m (vab-s01-l), blue logo

For some reason, the product that I purchased is not displayed in the list. But for information: Adapter Jack 3.5mm female to Jack 6.3mm male, black SKU:z014950F8p2See full review

smartphone apple iphone 14 pro 256 gb, dual: nano sim + esim, deep purple logo

When activated, I inserted a SIM card, indicated the desired region - the sound of the camera shutter is heard when necessary. Additionally, he climbed into the settings, entered the data of his operator for the modem mode.See full review

computer chair thunderx3 tc3 gaming chair, upholstery: faux leather, color: arctic white logo

For your money norms. - After a year and a half of non-round-the-clock sitting at the computer, the leatherette cracked and cracked along the perforation on the seat. Pros: It is well regulated, does not fall apart, nothing sticks out anywhere, does not play, everything is sound, the gas lift seems to be better than that of compeors, a chair for a height of 178 cm is normal. Its cons: Although the gas lift roofing felts up to 140kg, roofing felts up to 120kg - my 90 kg fits in the chair with diSee full review

13.6" apple macbook air 13 2022 2560x1664, apple m2, ram 8 gb, lpddr5, ssd 256 gb, apple graphics 8-core, macos, mly33zp/a, midnight, english layout logo

Has some pros: It takes some getting used to if you are coming from a Windows machine, but the effort is well worth it because it is beautiful, lightweight, and surprisingly powerful. It is already uncomfortable to look at other screens with a lesser resolution after using one with a RETINA display, and the disparity in color reproduction is another factor to consider. Having these drawbacks: very, very, very easy to soil; just touch the top with your fingers to leave fingerprints. If you do notSee full review

training pants division performdry pro training pants, black, r. l logo

Some pros: Good material, the quality of tailoring is also at a high level. With its cons: I ordered according to my size 54-56, the length does not match (short) height 186See full review

computer speaker creative pebble black logo

Some pros: The columns were amazing. With such small dimensions, a decent sound for them. Of course, I don’t compare with premium acoustics. But they are definitely worth their money With its cons: If you really find fault, then the easily soiled surface is on the front glossy side.See full review

wine cabinet kitfort kt-2408 logo

I have been looking for a wine cabinet for a long time, my friends advised me to look at the manufacturer KitFort. At first glance, I really liked the design. Ordered, delivered quickly. During operation, the closet turned out to be noisy, but it is not in the bedroom, so it is not critical. Convenient control panel - 4 buttons))) nothing more! The backlight is soft. Drinks are cooled to the required temperature. Satisfied with the purchase, I recommend.See full review

double trekking tent bestway cooldome 68084, turquoise logo

Got pros: Tent okay. Small and light. Single-layer, but there is an anti-mosquito net in the kit - which is a plus! And on top there is also a mesh for air intake. Has cons: Length 58-60 cm. Too long for a motorcycle, it won't fit into trunks.See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

Several advantages, include being good and comfortable, quiet, and simple to operate. It is excellent at what it does. Different drawbacks: I couldn't locate them. To be fair, perhaps only the holder for the cord is improperly attached. Therefore, everything is wonderful.See full review

chopper kitfort kt-3050, 400 w, white-green logo

The goods came whole. Decent grinder. Large glass bowl. It grinds everything. I recommend to buy. There are 4 sharp knives, a special rubber rim so that the glass bowl does not move. Two speeds. Interesting design.See full review

bridgestone blizzak dm-v2 215/60 r17 96 winter logo

Tiguan front wheel drive. I chose the winter for a long time, as a result I leaned towards two breeches - Blizzak DM-V2 and VRX. The latter was dismissed after many negative comments that the road was not kept. The first studless. Before that there were Pirelli and Nordman. Decided to try. At the tire shop (in the yard in December) we talked with the owner boy, he immediately said that this model is the best that is now on the market. I changed the summer, I decided to check it - I was surpriseSee full review

set of pans polaris fold&keep-6s 6 pr. silver 4.1 kg logo

Excellent collection of high-quality pots. simultaneously fashionable and cozy. The lids are flat and the ergonomics have been carefully considered. For instance, the handle on the top of the container can be adjusted so that it is easier to set the containers down on the table. The components are of high caliber. The wife couldn't be happier about it. I strongly suggest!See full review

luxvisage glass shine shimmery lip gloss, 10 logo

The blex is fine, there's no mother-of-pearl, and the color is nice. But 11 tons showed up when I only bought 10. So, I'm at a loss for words regarding the tenth.See full review

citrus juicer kitfort kt-1108, black/silver logo

This is my first Kitfort juicer model and it's a good one. Bought on the recommendation of a friend (used for about six months). I liked the ease of use when wringing and cleaning after use (you can not read the instructions). Rubberized feet make the device stable on any surface. The minimized noise level of the juicer was very pleasing. The juice is made quickly (you need two oranges per glass) and the consistency is homogeneous. Since the juicer has a pressure mechanism, you don't have to worSee full review

vacuum cleaner dreame t20 cordless vacuum cleaner global, grey/red logo

I could have gone with the Dyson of the earlier generation, but I opted for this one instead due to the fact that it is significantly less expensive. I had two dogs, a cat, and a child when I took it, so it was for daily cleaning. He is able to handle the responsibilities.See full review

instant coffee nescafe classic with the addition of ground arabica coffee, bag, 4 packs. 1000 g logo

People, calm down, be reasonable, and forget about yesterday's events (your preferences, costs, and quality). We opted to live this life. As they say, you won't really appreciate how good today was until tomorrow.See full review

air purifier/humidifier with aroma function bork q710, black logo

Before the appearance of a child in the house, you don’t really think about any climatic equipment, humidifiers and cleaners. But when a child has a runny nose for almost the entire heating period, you begin to look for the cause. It turns out that in order not to get sick with colds, it is enough to clean the air of dust and humidify up to 50-60%. Of course, it’s better not to save on health, so we chose the best climate complex BORK Q710 at that time. Even a hygrometer (a device for measuring See full review

solgar skin, nails & hair tabs, 60 tabs logo

Has some pros: Hair stopped shedding, it grows better, the quality of the hair has become better, the lifelessness in them has disappeared. Some cons: Heaviness in the stomach, sometimes nausea. Do not take on an empty stomach, may cause vomitingSee full review

pirelli cinturato p7 205/55 r16 91v summer logo

I drive an Audi A6 C5 2.4 mono drive. Next year I will consider other options. I think that the quality and price are appropriate, and the one who moved from the vases will not feel the difference. I didn’t want to offend anyone. Different pros: Of the advantages of this rubber, good handling, braking distance both on wet roads and on dry pavement, rubber is for good autobahn roads. Got cons: of the shortcomings, I want to emphasize the following at high speeds, severe wear of the tire tread, veSee full review

dry food for dogs primordial grain-free, trout, duck 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 2 kg logo

I would say that the food is correct. There are no additives for taste in it, the dog does not salivate when opening the pack. The composition is quite adequate, and the consumption corresponds to the declared. the dog does not starve, it has enough vitamins and microelements in the composition. Given that huskies cannot be overfed, adjusting the weight in relation to the load is very convenient. Well, quiet ears are worth a lot.See full review

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