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I am a housewife and mother of two allergy sufferers, so I need water all the time for cooking and for my children to drink. We, like most, had a jug, but waiting until it is full to fill the soup pot is torture. The price of the filter is quite lifting, the main expense is for cartridges, but it still comes out cheaper and the nerves are intact when cooking! The masters installed it, did everything quickly, but there was absolutely no space left under the sink.See full review

board game gaga games code names. pictures gg051 logo

Pros: High-quality printing, paper, it's nice to hold the game in your hands. Different cons: The game is not very interesting compared to the original game.See full review

10.9" tablet apple ipad air 2022, 64 gb, wi-fi, space gray logo

Everything arrived in pristine condition and packaging. Bear in mind that although delivery was slightly late, I did not place a high priority on having my order fulfilled quickly. If you are planning on giving this item as a present, it is imperative that you place your order well in advance. There was also a little dent on the packing of the tablet. While this did not effect the functionality of the device, it did cause the iconic apple package to not open as gently as it should have.See full review

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It took me a long time to decide whether or not to go through with it. On the Internet, there were a total of four comments. As a consequence of this, I decided to take a Ford Explorer and ended up winning. Purchased for a price of 5,600 per cylinder. In a nutshell, they are really good at what they do and provide 110% effort. It comes highly recommended from me.See full review

orthopedic pillow 40x60cm, askona temp control, size s, height 9 cm logo

In general, if you did not already have another pillow like the Ascona, then this one will serve as a very good substitute for it. In addition to this, it is not clear why on off. The Ascona website does not currently carry this item. They did not hand over the item because it had a damage, however the dent does not impact the product's quality. We will leave it up to the dacha because if we made them carry pillows back and forth they would have been tortured.See full review

electronic pocket scales pocket scale mh-300 (300 gr. / 0.1 gr.) logo

I waited a long time, it didn't arrive on time. It says it comes with batteries, but they don't! The quality is not checked.See full review

hair dryer dyson supersonic hd07, nickel/copper logo

For Christmas, I purchased my girlfriend a present. She claims that while it dries swiftly, she has not yet noticed a difference between it and a standard hair dryer. However, the product actually came with a European plug and was original (as verified on the official website). An adapter was thoughtfully included in the kit by the seller. purchased a SibDroid.See full review

air humidifier smart humidifier 2 (mjjsq05dy) cn, white logo

I took two humidifiers, myself and the children in the room. Two months later, it leaked in the nursery, soaking the shelf and children's toys :((. We found water only in the morning, so the shelf swelled. It's a pity. Previously, there was only a positive experience with Xiaomi equipment, now I will think three times which company to choose.See full review

realme watch 2 smartwatch, black logo

I bought my son for 10 years, but they turned out to be too big for him, I left it for myself, in general I wear it for the 3rd week, in general, as a watch with vibration suits Has pros: autonomy, if you turn off everything superfluous, then more than 2 weeks is easy. the display is bright and juicy, even 40% is enough, the vibration is also good, the pulse measures approximately accurately, there is a timer, it is convenient to set alarms right in the clock without a smartphone, the water protection is good, I tested the pool and sauna, everything works Has some cons: a little confused registration on first use, the strap is too soft and elastic, after GShock it is unusual, but it can be easily changed if desired, there are a lot of dials, but there are very few of those that I would likeSee full review

yeelight motion sensor closet light a40 ylcg004, 2.4 w, armature color: black, shade color: black logo

I mounted it over the sink; during the day, you have to bring your hand to the sensor to activate it; at night, it lights up automatically whenever somebody walks into the kitchen.See full review

gaming chair zone 51 gravity, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/red logo

different benefits Strong, substantial, and secure. Every mechanism is effective. It really wonderfully unfolds at 180. Cons: The material is thin, the naked body sticks, the armrests play a little, and the sensations aren't the most comfortable.See full review

puky lr draisienne vert fille logo

Good afternoon dear parents. If you are looking for, and have doubts about buying . probably not even this balance bike, but in principle Pooka products, I want to assure you that this will be the right choice! We skated on this balance bike for 2 summers and a little more, now we have switched to a Z6 bike. There is absolutely nothing to complain about. The wheels are made of real high-quality rubber, which perfectly clings to the asphalt. The frame is steel, strong, excellent painting. The seat and handles are made of high quality material that is pleasant and not slippery to the touch. The steering wheel and hubs are high-quality bearings that do not require maintenance. The braking system is working properly. I opened the brake before selling for complacency, there is wear, of course, but not more than 50%. I read in the next comment that the brake is not very effective, I want to confirm this, BUT! This is not necessary! 1 Skidding a wheel can be dangerous for a young rider! 2 TheSee full review

aquael aau115089 multikani 800 black logo

Huge problems with delivery. They didn't bring it on time. They didn't call that they were late. instead of 6 they wanted to bring at 222022. Postponed the delivery the next day, the next morning I received a message that it would arrive a day later. It was a birthday present and the experience was very spoiled. Got pros: Comfortable. Small and productive. Aquarium 140 liters keeps clean for a long time (4-6 months) Has some cons: It is not very easy to start, but you get used to it and there are no problems.See full review

nyx professional makeup lip lingerie lipstick matte, lace detail 03 logo

NYX Glitter Goals liquid lipstick is bold, fragrant, and subtle. Lipstick does not spread because of the thick consistency. The lipstick only needs one swipe to cover the lips evenly and it dries in no time at all. When first applied, you may experience a temporary tightening of the lips, but this sensation immediately dissipates. Lipstick is easily removable by wiping with a moist cloth. The lipstick stays on well and has a lovely gloss. This lipstick will help you look your best in whatever party photos you take.See full review

nyx professional makeup lip lingerie lipstick matte, corset 09 logo

Absolute perfection! Lipstick and gloss varieties available The Nyx brand has my whole confidence. Largest and most vibrant color selection; here every girl will find her match; I did; I adore my darling; she spends every day and night by my side. A sleek, chic gloss container that is very comfortable in the hand and on the lips. Matte lipstick includes a built-in applicator that evenly and precisely distributes the color throughout the lips, eliminating the need for separate lip brushes. Extremely long-lasting! I've never encountered such doggedness before; they've got me covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Doesn't irritate the lips' natural moisture barrier and has a flawless, even application. It has sufficient volume. When used daily, the tubes I buy last me six months or more.See full review

l"oreal paris infaillible fresh tone foundation 32 h, 30 ml, shade: 20 ivory logo

Hi all! I'm going to give you my thoughts on this L'oreal foundation right now. There are benefits and drawbacks to the foundation, but I'll begin with the benefits. The cream mattifies the face and evens out the tone, and its compact size and "nose" make it easy to apply and spread over the skin. ConsIt dries out the skin, therefore you shouldn't apply it to bare skin; it sets rapidly; and the color is hard to predict. My final verdict is that I will only use it in a 1:1 ratio with a moisturizing cream, and not on a daily basis. What I suggest.See full review

set of chairs stool group style dsw, metal, 2 pcs., color: black logo

Listed below are some advantages: The seats are neat, the quality is good for the price, they're spotless, and they're comfortable. Contains drawbacks: One of the four chairs cannot be assembled because instead of two pairs of seat mounts, the manufacturer included three identical pieces and one unpaired mount. We need to find a factory that can cast this metal component right now.See full review

melitta caffeo solo & perfect milk coffee machine, black logo

There are no consumables included. Which, however, is natural, so I do not attribute it to shortcomings. I recommend buying cleaning tablets right away, possibly a descaling fluid and a Claris filter if you plan to fill in tap water. The machine asks for cleaning with a tablet every 2 months (or every n glasses of coffee - whichever is faster). After cleaning, it starts to work noticeably louder, so do not neglect it. And she won't :) Do not throw away the instruction, and it is better to read it in English. You will have to press tricky combinations of buttons, for example, for cleaning. One more note. The philosophy of boiling water is the same as that of milk for cappuccino, i. E. water for boiling water is taken from the outside, and not from the tank, which seemed logical to me personally, for example.See full review

coffee beans starbucks blonde espresso roast, 200 g logo

Some pros: There is a good discount, then I take it. This variety has the most balanced taste and aroma. Some cons: In the last batch (before the new year I took it) I was disappointed, the coffee was overcooked.See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

Has pros: Very light, comfortable, can be vacuumed with one hand, I use a couple of months, everything is fine Cons: It doesn’t look very strong, but for the money it’s an excellent vacuum cleaner, for 50 sq. M that’s what you needSee full review

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