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women's, men's, folding umbrella xiaomi zuodu fashionable umbrella dark green logo

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Opens and closes without problems. The handle is not reliable. Some pros: Green umbrella. Compact, convenient. Anti-wind, 8 spokes, water-repellent fabric. Cover with a zipper. Has cons: Weight more than promised. Umbrella weighs 288g, with case 332g. The previous umbrella weighed 218 g, the difference is noticeable.See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

We are very satisfied with the purchase, although we took it as an addition to a wired vacuum cleaner, but the comfort and convenience in work makes the Kit Ford a worthy competitor to wired brothers. I recommend to buy.See full review

pampers active baby-dry 4 diapers, 9-14 kg, 106 pcs. logo

We went through a large number of diapers, but either the price is too high, or the baby is wet. And these diapers have an ideal price / quality ratio. The baby's remains dry for a long time, it lasts all night, there is no irritation, it does not rub the legs.See full review

vplab ultra men's sport tab., 180 pcs. logo

One vitamin complex is indicated on the website, but a completely different one comes by the veil, that is, the vitamin complex of the same company, but the mineral substances are 3 times less than the advertised norm.See full review

pampers diapers active baby-dry 3, 6-10 kg, 22 pcs. logo

We bought these miracle diapers at super discounts instead of junises and were very sorry. Bought price and discount. They are small, smelly, after them wet and wet all the time, you have to change them often. If junis leaves for 2-3 days, then these need to be used 4-6 each, and the difference in price is 30%. What kind of savings can we talk about then, and the child’s is wet all the time and does not breathe. Miser pays twice.See full review

car diagnostic auto scan tool pro black edition bluetooth obd2 elm327 v1.5 chip pic18f25k80 for android windows elm 327 logo

Bought this scanner as a gift for a friend. It's good that I decided to check it before handing it over. He simply did not connect to Lada Vesta and Saab 9-3. CarScanner and Torque Pro failed to connect to the ECU, ELM327 Identifier indicated that 0 protocols are supported. At the same time, my scanner (rokodil scanx) connected without problems. Given that the packaging was not sealed in any way, most likely the scanner had already been returned before. I made a refund, the money was returned, bSee full review

velofara fenix ​​bc26r logo

Has some pros: Aluminum housing, powerful light output, replaceable battery Different cons: There is no limitation of the light flux in height - it will blind the oncoming traffic. Heats up pretty quickly.See full review

realme watch 3 pro ru smart watch, black logo

I bought a Rilmi watch a couple of months ago. I actively run in them, I can only praise the manufacturers! The watch clearly measures the main indicators, so you can monitor the quality of your workout. GPS connects quickly and very accurately determines the location. The charge lasts for a week for sure, I train 2-3 times a week. A huge plus is the ability to answer the call, I was directly surprised. Very comfortably!See full review

de "longhi ecam 23.460 coffee machine, black logo

Haven't had coffee in a long time. Now I drink cappuccino several times a day, less often - espresso. The pen is great. For my taste, it is better to use milk 2.5%, not lower. Car care is easy. I use factory settings. I tried to program, but it turned out that it was not my taste. Reverted everything back to original. I read that the coffee is not hot. Not at all. Pure boiling water. As I love. This is also regulated. Illumination of glasses is a trifle, but nice)))See full review

toyo observe g3-ice 285/60 r18 120t winter logo

I was looking for just such tires, because I really liked it on the Audi A6. On the last car, Shumka was better, and four-wheel drive, and the car itself was heavier. Significant flaws emerged on the much lighter Audi A3. The car loses traction in sharp turns, even at low speed, if it snows or there is ice. It just carries to the side. Braking on ice is also disgusting. In a car at a speed of more than 60 kilometers per hour - an unpleasant rumble that clogs the radio and interlocutors. The spikSee full review

orto knee brace nkn 149, size xl, height 32 cm, blue/black logo

Meniscal tear on both legs is one of its advantages. It was with his assistance that he started to walk. Justifies its function in every way. My previous orthoses have been removed. With its downsides, including significantly increasing the knee's volume. It is essential to take into consideration the breadth of the pants.See full review

stationary blender rawmid rvb-02 blue, blue logo

Distinct benefits: Every morning, I drink a fruit and vegetable smoothie to which I frequently add flax seeds. Does what it's supposed to and reduces everything to a uniform consistency. Also delicious are pureed soups. When using the blender to make something new, the directions are straightforward. Solid and fashionable appearance; gives assurance the negatives: Couldn't locate it. But if you insist on finding fault, here are a few things to consider: You're not supposed to put it in the dishwSee full review

laser rangefinder xiaomi atuman duka ls-p laser range finder 40 m gray logo

Pros: Measurement accuracy, automatically subtracts its length Its cons: Instruction in Chinese. There are some modes of operation, but it’s hard to guess how to use themSee full review

electric bike eltreco xt 600 d (2021) black-blue 18" (requires final assembly) logo

Many people claim that these shoals are worth this much money, but darn it, $50,000? 30, but 50 is better! That is awful. It is preferable to purchase a basic two-suspension and install an electrification kit from that eltreco; the cost will be the same. Therefore, immediately set aside funds for the front fork, new pads, and a seat post with a shock absorber when purchasing this model.See full review

wireless aqara water leak sensor white for other countries logo

Because the application uses the 2022 region, I was unable to connect right away to mijia gateway 3. However, the hack facilitates connection by hitting the gateway's button rather than through the program. Before attaching such a sensor, the gateway occasionally needs to be restarted. With advantages: When water appears under the contacts, it functions properly and swiftly enough. has certain drawbacks When put in sanitary niches and boxes, a weak signal could lose connection to the gateway. ThSee full review

clumping litter cat's best original, 40l logo

Different pros: Best clumping litter I've ever used. It can be flushed down the drain. It holds the scent very well. It is very economical. A package weighing 8.6 kg is enough for three cats for 10 months. Some cons: The disadvantage is not the filler itself, the filler is excellent. Lack, rather, accompanying circumstances. If cats have hairy paws, that is, hair grows between their fingers, they spread it on the floor, and the granules of the filler are quite hard. Barefoot stepping on this isSee full review

michelin x-ice north 4 suv 255/50 r20 109t winter logo

Hong Kong. Size 235x60 R18 After installation: ABS and ESP "rest", gradually increasing the feeling of safety with each trip. This is of course bad for those who cannot stop. the average speed of movement gradually increases. From experience: since 2022 went to the Subaru Forester. was an adherent of Velcro yoko IG50, g073. G073 liked more. Patency in loose snow at a height, rowing until it reaches the firmament. Was in operation Brige ice cruiser 7000 - did not like it. Glides in all directionsSee full review

interactive doll zapf creation baby born girl with magic eyes, 43 cm, 833698 multi-colored logo

Some pros: the child is just delighted. Has not parted with her for the 3rd day Some cons: I had to go to the children's store. buy a lot of clothes, normal baby sizesSee full review

l10 pro cleaner navigation by dreametech logo

Some pros: It is well oriented and removes debris, a convenient application. You can change the sound Its cons: Podlagivaet application, translation in places of the curve. It washes medium, of course it won’t wash any stains, just wipeSee full review

watch casio mtp-1303d-1a logo

Bought as a gift for my father. The watch arrived within the promised time by courier, in good condition. Communication with the seller was minimal and efficient.See full review

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