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cable baseus cafule pd usb type-c - usb type-c, 2 m, black/red logo

Fantastic-looking, high-quality cable. As a simple token of appreciation for your monetary investment. The model isn't optimally built for usage with thick cases, thus it might not stupidly fit into the cutout for the charger, which can be troublesome for individuals who use such cases.See full review

casio g-shock wrist watch logo

An outstanding watch that will continue to function well even after years of consistent wear and tear. The fact that the bezel and straps can be replaced in the event that the case's components sustain damage confers an almost eternal quality on those components. Different pros: Most crucially, the product does not have a previous version. The weight is just right, the materials are pleasant, and it fits the hand like a glove. The bare minimum required set of functions (there is an alarm clock, See full review

tent extreme four-seater tramp mountain 4 v2, gray logo

On the very first day of use, we got into a serious downpour, the tent did not fail, nothing was numb or wet anywhere. We sleep two adults and two children in a tent, there is enough space. The tent is great!See full review

tool set deko dkmt172, 172 pcs., black logo

The product is really good, I'm glad I bought it.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The heads are weak, PH2 began to lick off after the second screw, the heads sometimes do not sit on the screwdriver. But all this is not critical, for 4400 it’s pretty good, but if it costs more, then I don’t advise takingSee full review

computer speaker creative pebble black logo

Not a bad product, but you can find better.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

In general, for your money a normal option. Maybe you can find something better, for example with two speakers per speaker, but in this case there is a danger of background noise, so against the background of competitors. which "glow", quite a good product, for its price ($ 20)See full review

emsa samba quick press insulated server in vibrant red - perfect for retaining heat logo

Very handy thermos jug. The liquid stays hot for days. I really like leaf tea, thanks to the jug and the consumption of tea is less and hot is always at hand))See full review

💇 garnier nutrisse nourishing creme hair color, 11 blackest black - pack of 2 logo

Sharing my honest opinion.Easy to use at home, the color is saturated and lasts quite a long time on the hair. Pleasant, for hair dye, smell.See full review

☕ lavazza crema e aroma roasted coffee beans - 2.20 lbs (pack of 6) logo

Prices for coffee now are not very pleasant, but lavats is a great love and I don’t want to buy anything else. Very tasty, the whole family loves it!See full review

eva solo termiczny troczek granite logo

Super thank you Has pros: Keeps temperature. Doesn't spill when flipped. Drinking is convenient Has cons: Who has a long nose, you will rest against the lifting mechanism.See full review

sailun ice blazer wst3 225/60 r18 104t winter logo

The drawing is beautiful, but I'm one of those who choose rubber according to the drawing. You won't find better for the money. There is a spike, it’s not a lot of it, but it’s enough to move in Siberia at least somehow (I hope I’ll survive this winter on it). Someone wrote that it is smaller in width than stated, nonsense, your old rubber is worn out and it’s stupid to apply it to the new one and see that the sailoon is 1.5-3 cm narrower. Your old rubber is already convex, and this new one is sSee full review

bialetti moka express: authentic stovetop espresso maker for italian coffee - 3 cup (4.3 oz - 130 ml), silver aluminium logo

Coffee brewed in this coffee maker is enough for me for one serving with the addition of a small amount of milk. I used to brew Turkish coffee, compared to it, mocha has a richer taste (subjectively). A huge plus for me is that you do not need to filter the brewed coffee.See full review

🌟 tigi bed head after party smoothing cream: get silky shiny hair with this 3.4 ounce product logo

I love this cream. The hair is soft and manageable. I have been using them for over 2 years. On this order, delivery was delayed for a day (not critical). The bottle is full. Previously ordered on WB, came in a branded box, this one is just in a box, but packed well.See full review

deerma dem-f628s eu aroma air humidifier, white logo

If you turn it on to the fullest, it floods the entire surface next to it, but as I understand it, this is normal for humidifiers, since everyone has this problem.See full review

instrument with removable panels bbk es028/bu, blue logo

Bought to replace a Scarlet that had been running for over 25 years. Let's see how long it lasts. It is clear that the quality is not the same now. But happy with the purchase nonetheless. The main thing is to protect and properly operate. Pros: Copes with its function of preparing various pastries, sandwiches and other things. There are interchangeable nozzles, which is very convenient for me. Its cons: Probably just the noise at the end of cooking. And that's just at the beginning.See full review

hoco es56 wireless headphones, white logo

Reviews for these headphones seem to be very twisted. I returned the headphones, however, I don’t know what to take instead of them. Different pros: Stays in the ears normally. Theoretically the fifth bluetooth. Its cons: The sound is about like from cheap wired droplets that you can buy in any supermarket. Bass and highs are cut off. One earphone periodically "falls off". I see no reason to pay so much money for it.See full review

opti-men tabs, 150 pcs, 1 pack logo

Now I take it all the time, they work, with physical exertion, there is more strength left at the end of the day, immunity is at a high level.See full review

pampers active baby-dry 4 diapers, 9-14 kg, 106 pcs. logo

Of the budget diapers, this is one of the best. Sometimes we even wear them at night. There have never been any allergies to diapers, no itching and scuffs, no diaper rash. Because they are very soft, stretch well, when filled, moisture is distributed evenly over them. The price matches the quality. The baby is comfortable in them.See full review

cocochoco regular thermal protective hair cream indelible, 250 ml, bottle logo

What a nice scent! Different pros: Convenient dispenser, delicate aroma, hair is crumbly, shiny after use Has some cons: The first time I went too far with the amount, you only need 1 press for an average lengthSee full review

gillette sensor excel replacement cassettes, 5 pcs. logo

In general, for me this is the most optimal razor, but the situation with counterfeit cassettes, which come across unacceptably often, makes it problematic to use this razor. Has some pros: I have been using for many years. Good machine, compact cassettes, which makes it convenient to shave in all places. With its cons: The big problem with interchangeable cassettes is a lot of counterfeit! Moreover, you can buy a pallet in absolutely any store (or almost in any), as practice has shown.See full review

humidifier smartmi evaporative humidifier 2, cjxjsq04zm global, white logo

It happens that the screen brightness is set to zero, and the humidifier is working. At the same time, it is impossible to visually tell whether it is active or not. With its pros: Works in 2022 without problems. Convenient control via app and via Home Assistant. Cons below: At the first speed in a quiet room there is a strange annoying hum at some distance from the device. Apparently it has something to do with how the motor works.See full review

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