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jumper puma essential track jacket fl black s 58669401 logo

Sewing quality, the threads do not stick out. Cotton is great. In general, thanks to aliexpress for the correct description of the goodsSee full review


I have experience in operating various brush dryers since 1999. For me, a good hair dryer is the key to success, as I do my hair almost every day. With each new purchase, it seems that there is nothing left on the market except for Chinese goods of low quality. This model is not ideal, but in the absence of a choice, it’s completely fine. Pros: 0! Good styling 1. Powerful. Laying does not take much time. 2. Cold air (it is certainly not cold, but it is quite suitable for styling dry hair) 3. See full review

sailun ice blazer wst3 225/60 r18 104t winter logo

The issue of purchasing winter tires emerged in the fall of 2022. When Viatti had to choose between Cordiant and Sailun, a trusted friend advised him to consider Sailun. I didn't have any regrets because I enjoyed the tires; I had previously been using Bridgestone IceCruiser 7000s. the first image after 800 kilometers. It ended up being 15178See full review

🦷 ultra waterpik wp-112 water flosser for superior oral health logo

Got pros: Took black. He is very attractive. It does a good job of washing, but when I brush my teeth for four minutes, it is almost completely ineffective. It is an incredibly unusual occurrence for something to have been expelled along with the water from the mouth. Some cons: It's possible that brushing your teeth correctly will render this pointless. As it turned out, the value of the irrigator was highly dependent on whether or not it was used to replace dental floss. He certainly has a gooSee full review

dry food for sterilized cats wellness core grain free cat sterilized with chicken and turkey, 4 kg logo

The cat was vomiting due to substandard food, so I quickly started looking for better options. One did not fit, so I chose to give this one a shot. She is a picky eater, but she started eating this straight away with no issues. It's a good thing there is a line for sterilized ones because she won't put on weight. I'll keep giving them food.See full review

oral-b vitality kids frozen d100.413.2k logo

Unveiling my product perspective.Holds a charge well! We charge once a week! Kids love brushing their teeth! I bought in the store and -video, 2022302204See full review

estel professional basic shampoo classic: revitalize and nourish your hair logo

I have been using this shampoo every day for many years and I do not intend to change. In addition, I definitely use the same balm. Not transparent, white pearl.See full review

☕ lavazza crema e aroma roasted coffee beans - 2.20 lbs (pack of 6) logo

This is not the first time I have taken this type of coffee and I really like it. Coffee has a pleasant aroma, there is no smell and taste of burnt coffee, as in some brands, it is also ideal for me in terms of vigor - there is no nervous cheerfulness and lack of sleepSee full review

deep blue philips sonicare 2 series plaque control electric toothbrush with rechargeable battery, model hx6211/92 logo

Everything is good! Cleans excellent. The ratio of price and feature set is optimal! The feeling of cleanliness after cleaning is significantly different from a conventional brush.See full review

philips s5100 series 5000 electric razor logo

I bought philips in 1984 and worked flawlessly until January 2022. Only replaced the battery once. Only the cutting part failed. I wanted the new Netherlands razor I'm going to buy to be the same.See full review

convector electrolux air stream ech/as-1500 mr, white logo

We've been using this at work since the spring. Rollers allow you to move it freely around the department. Almost immediately after switching on, heating of the air begins. There are two power levels - 0.75 and 1.5.See full review

computer chair anda seat phantom 3 l gaming, upholstery: artificial leather, color: stormy black logo

The back cushion is not fastened with rubber bands or something like that (this is not included in the kit). Even so, I don't see it as a disadvantage. Has some pros: Chair of excellent quality. When properly assembled, nothing creaks. The neck pillow is firm and pleasant to the touch, as is the whole chair. Its cons: The chair is not completely black. The emblem and the inscription are brown-gold.See full review

panasonic er131 clipping machine, white/grey logo

With its pros: +1. Great quality haircut! +2. Doesn't pull hair. +3. Works both from a network, and from the battery. +4. Nozzles for 3, 6, 9, 12. +5. Quiet work. +6. Long power adapter cord. +7. Strong fittings. +8. Very modest size. Cons: -one. There is a slight vibration during operation. -2. There is no remaining charge indicator.See full review

auger juicer kitfort kt-1102-2, burgundy logo

Offering my firsthand perspective.Pros: The price is extremely pleasant. The cake comes out dry. Different cons: Pretty heavy Doesn't squeeze juice from vegetablesSee full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter es2, up to 100 kg, dark gray logo

Everything suits me. I knew about the advantages and disadvantages before buying. Black is already the 3rd version in which all or almost all jambs have been fixed. Different pros: If you want a stylish and comfortable scooter without unnecessary hemorrhoids. Its cons: Rides a little less and a little slower than average, but that's enough. After skiing in wet weather - the whole back and pants are in the mud. Modified the rear wing (let's see what happens).See full review

💧 cerave body cream sa emollient: hydrate and smooth with 177 ml, 220 g logo

everything is fine, there was no allergy, the smell is pleasant, does not irritate, it moisturizes well and is pleasant to use. Got pros: Pleasant, moisturizes the skin, no sticky feeling, quickly absorbed. Got cons: from goose bumps does not help, it just moisturizes the skin. (I often met him in recommendations for reducing this phenomenon on the skin) quite expensive)See full review

enhance your fitness with the smart bracelet smarterra fitmaster pulsar in blue logo

All the changes that he makes, he makes as if by guesswork. The pressure is generally from the bulldozer, the steps are wrong. There is no point in it, pay a little extra and take a normal brand, shalomi there or Honor. And if you need to measure pressure, we are waiting for Huiwei Watch D in 2022.See full review

night light xiaomi bedside lamp 2 led, 9 w, armature color: white, shade color: white, version: cn logo

Personal experience with the item.Pros below: There are no complaints about the operation of the device. Different cons: Incomprehensible curve adapter for the adapterSee full review

video baby monitor uni-life digismart 1060, white logo

I consider it an overpayment, since analogues, albeit without remote monitoring, are cheaper. This feature, as it turned out, is mediocre and unnecessary. Has some pros: Good camera, image quality. The presence of a separate battery for the camera (there are disadvantages) With its cons: Connecting through the application is raw, terrible. You won't connect on the first try. The camera only works on its own network, and it was not possible to connect initially, only after the router settings werSee full review

led disco ball usb with bluetooth music magic ball light mp3 with light and music flash drive and remote control logo

Shooting the stars minus the star that the remote does not work minus the star that the flash drive that is included does not work minus a star for no instructions Has some pros: Plays loud. The sound is clear enough. The lights glow incomprehensibly. Got cons: Read the comments. The main thing is that the remote does not work, does not turn off and does not become quieter. Yelling at the whole apartment, sorry for the neighbors!See full review

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