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xiaomi redmi note smartphone 5 3/32 gb global, black logo

Fast charging gives a profit only in 15-20 minutes (there are measurements in w3bsit3-dns. Com), but at the same time it wears out the battery more intensively than if without fast charging.See full review

fast charging made easy with quick charger commo 20w compact charger usb-c logo

With its pros. Two connectors usb-c and usb, meets the declared power of 60 watts. Has cons: In my opinion, unnecessarily bulky packaging for a small device.See full review

baseus zinc magnetic series type-c to l-shaped port cable (catxc-w02), 2 m, 1 pc, white logo

This is MAGSAFE 1. For some reason it is not written anywhere. The cable itself is excellent, but where to put it? For poppies, it seems no later than the 12th year .See full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (with watch), black onyx logo

This product receives 2 stars rather than 1 because it is, on the whole, quite satisfactory. They did a wonderful job right here on the "wrapper" of the product. But, this is the process that needs to be followed so that the device does not automatically connect to a standard router when it is first used. This infuriated me to the point where I almost wrecked the whole house in my rage. I took care of everything! I restarted the column, the phone, and the router, as well as myself! The only downSee full review

apple iphone se 2020 128gb smartphone, (product)red, slimbox logo

In general, I am satisfied and I advise everyone who loves the classic small iPhone. My wife has Xr, I like SE better. I don’t like to stick to the phone for a long time, I don’t need a large screen, I use it only on the go. Music, instant messengers, a navigator in a car, delivery services, the Internet (something to look at quickly). I don't play games. Different pros: Small size (for lovers) Performance (general impression) The battery is still new (for this size) Some cons: Price on the offiSee full review

philips sonicare diamondclean hx9368/35 sonic toothbrush, pink/black logo

Great brush! Bought these brushes when they were on sale. Also a set, it turned out very profitable. As a gift, they sent toothpaste and a simpler brush. We do not use all the programs, and just on a regular cleaning we immediately noticed a big difference, the teeth are just perfectly clean without effort. They began to brush their teeth as expected for 3 minutes, thanks to the timer. Charging is more convenient for us than usual. Children also have Children's sonic brushes, everyone is happy, See full review

wi-fi router asus rt-ac66u, black logo

I bought it in December 2022, revision A2, and now I'm frantically looking to take it as a replacement. Before that there was a hell of a cell - 3COM OfficeConnect Wireless 54 Mbps. Fiercely slowed down and hung on that corbina, an eternal source of pain. From 1 torrent, the entire network died, all other devices were cut down. Then, I took an asus WL-500W from a friend for a week, and immediately bought myself the same one. It was high-high-high. The first router of the N standard in general. ISee full review

tv box apple tv 4k 32gb, black logo

With its pros. Intuitive controls Remote control with battery and gyroscope Perfectly digests 4k and complex games Awesome integration with iPhone and iPad Apple TV+ for a year for free Cons below: Airpods don't connect as conveniently as other Apple devicesSee full review

panasonic lumix gh5 body, black camera: a powerful visual experience logo

5. The stabilizer was touted here, and it's really good, but! I note the shaking of the picture in the following conditions: static shooting from a monopod + 4K 50fps + 12-35 power OIS (all stabilization except electronic is included). When viewed on a large monitor, constant shaking is visible. Note: at the time of shooting, the firmware was not the latest, and electronic stabilization was also turned off. Also, there may be a problem with the carcass itself or the lens. I will test on the new See full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (no watch), black onyx logo

Pros: Convenient to turn on the music to send the robot vacuum cleaner Some cons: Too witty answers the question with jokes and does not answer.See full review

samsung galaxy a20s smartphone 3/32 gb ru, blue logo

I compare with Meizu X8 price quality. Samsung didn’t stand next to Meizu. Meizu just flies on the Internet. Samsung overpaying only for the brand and a lot. I do not recommend Samsung to anyone.See full review

haylou solar ls05 global smart watch, black logo

Its pros: Beautiful watch. They look great on my husband's hand and he loves them. Some cons: When the watch is moved away from the smartphone, the bluetooth turns off and does not turn on. You have to restart your smartphone.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 3 global, black logo

It shouldn't be too difficult to install the 2022 language if you already have an androyd. If it's an apple, you're going to be speaking Chinese for a long after you eat it. Even in Mandarin, everything may be understood on a gut level. I purchased it from China for 2300 yuan. A versatile bracelet that doesn't break the bank and has excellent accuracy. It justifies the cost in every way. Various advantages: I will contrast this model with the first one. There is a screen present. Looks beautifulSee full review

game keyboard logitech wireless keyboard k350 black usb logo

Logitech and that says it all. I've been using them all my life and have never had a complaint. someone wrote that with a loud sound from the speakers, the connection is lost - he turned it on so that the whole entrance heard - it did not affect the operation of the wireless connection. Some pros: Wireless. Immediately discovered by the Unifying receiver (which is also for the mouse) Works perfectly. Soft buttons. Got cons: Lost connection several times. the system unit is very far away and theSee full review

📷 gopro hero10 black: powerful 23.6mp action camera with crisp 5312x2988 resolution & extended battery life (1720 ma h) logo

With strong heating, the front screen starts to flicker, and then turns off completely, maybe a marriage, but I doubt it, most likely, everyone has it, I hope that they will fix it with the new ate. Bought for 39k.See full review

bluetooth adapter asus usb-bt500, black logo

The price is clearly too high, he refused to return the goods and took a discount, but it is only for goods worth 17,000 or more. Now I think what to do with it.See full review

patriot memory sl 4gb ddr3 1600mhz dimm cl11 psd34g16002 logo

With its pros: double-sided (two-rank), cheap, on elpid chips, suitable for capricious motherboards. Cons below: for some reason, my mother didn’t start at 1600 MHz, maybe you need to sew a biosSee full review

panasonic es-rt37 electric shaver, blue/silver logo

Purchased as a present for my dad to open on his birthday. I shave with my own Philips s7510 razor. A previous version was known as the Philips SensoTouch 3D. (from which there was a spare shaving head). Those. Around five years ago, I started using rotary razors for my daily shaves. I used to choose this type of razor since it produced less noise during operation (which was important to me because I left for work while everyone at home was still asleep) and provided a closer shave around the neSee full review

xiaomi redmi airdots 3 cn wireless headphones, blue logo

I would like to get information from Xiaomi representatives. How to fix such a problem or exchange for the same headphones that will work properly, or make a refund. Thanks in advance if you help! Has pros: The headphones are good, because I used the same ones before, but gave them to a friend. And because these headphones are good enough, I bought them again. Has some cons After almost 2 weeks of use, the headphones began to play quieter, as if they had made the volume quieter by 3 divisions. PSee full review

tablet blackview tab 8, 4 gb/64 gb, grey logo

If you do not plan to use headphones, then take it because at the moment there are no analogues for this money. Has pros: Of the pluses, of course, the price and equipment, you definitely won’t find a cover in the kit in other brands, the protective film was peeled off right away, absolutely not needed on this screen, and it was glued crookedly and with garbage. With its cons. Among the shortcomings, I note the useless sound from the headphones, regardless of the headphones themselves, and no imSee full review

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