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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of TV box Apple TV 4K 32GB, black

Unveiling the Power-Packed TV Box: Your Ultimate Entertainment Companion

In today's fast-paced world, finding a media player that offers seamless performance and a stunning visual experience is paramount. Look no further than the TV box Apple TV 4K 32GB in black. This cutting-edge device, also known as the Media player MQD22RS/A from Apple, is a game-changer in the world of home entertainment.

Exploring the Outstanding Features of the TV Box Apple TV 4K 32GB

When it comes to unrivaled characteristics, the TV box Apple TV 4K 32GB sets itself apart from the competition. With its powerful hardware and innovative technologies, it delivers an immersive viewing experience like no other. Whether you're streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, or even engaging in gaming, this media player offers breathtaking 4K resolution and vibrant HDR colors that bring your content to life.

Discovering Similar Products and Their Limitations

While there are other media players available in the market, none quite compare to the TV box Apple TV 4K 32GB. Its exceptional performance and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for tech enthusiasts and casual users alike. Unlike its competitors, this media player seamlessly integrates with Apple's ecosystem, allowing you to access an extensive library of apps, games, and exclusive content with just a few clicks.

Empowering Your Entertainment Experience: Solving Common Challenges

One of the major problems solved by the TV box Apple TV 4K 32GB is the hassle of cable clutter. Say goodbye to tangled wires and messy setups. With this media player, you can stream content wirelessly, eliminating the need for multiple cables and connectors. Additionally, the TV box Apple TV 4K 32GB provides a smooth and intuitive user interface, ensuring that you spend less time navigating and more time enjoying your favorite content.

Unlocking the Versatility of the TV Box Apple TV 4K 32GB

Not only does the TV box Apple TV 4K 32GB enhance your entertainment, but it can also be seamlessly integrated into a healthy lifestyle. Use it to stream workout videos, access fitness apps, or even connect with health and wellness experts. With its high-performance capabilities, this media player becomes an essential tool for those seeking to maintain an active and balanced lifestyle.

Who Will Benefit from the TV Box Apple TV 4K 32GB?

This exceptional media player is suitable for a wide range of individuals. From movie enthusiasts who crave cinematic experiences at home to tech-savvy users who want seamless integration with their Apple devices, the TV box Apple TV 4K 32GB caters to diverse needs. Families can enjoy quality time together, immersing themselves in their favorite movies and shows, while gamers can indulge in a visually stunning gaming experience.

  • Transform your living room into a home theater.
  • Create an immersive gaming setup.
  • Access a wide range of streaming services.
  • Stay connected with the latest news and updates.
  • Stream workout videos and stay fit at home.
  • Media player MQD22RS/A from Apple.



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    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    I did not regret the purchase, everything is fine.

    I will not say that the device is on the top five. highly dependent on the specific use. I took it to the kitchen to watch TV shows and youtube. sometimes movies. in principle copes with all tasks. if there are subscriptions to paid services - everything is perfect. if you want to watch illegal content: everything is not so smooth anymore, but you can live. you can basically run series from your phone and fumble the video from the player via airplay, if this does not work (apparently somehow…

    • - remote fire, touch panel is very convenient, but you should buy a cover. the glass front panel most likely will not withstand a fall on the tile. - stability and speed of work. no glitches or freezes. - a lot of software, but mostly focused on paid content - it pairs with airpods elementarily through the menu (in tvos 13.3), it also works clearly with a sony bluetooth speaker. - additional airplay display for macbook - itself compact + built-in power supply - animated intros are beautiful - the remote control needs to be charged very rarely (now it has 72% charge after a month and a half of operation) - for Full HD, a good b / g / n WiFi router is enough (ac is not needed)
    • - there is no voice input from the remote control even in English if the system language is 2022 (it's not about siri) - no 2022 keyboard if the system language is English - the speed / sensitivity of the touch panel is not very high - scales incorrectly at 1650x1080 (but 1920x1080 is ok) - click on tap on the touchpad does not work (as on the touchpad), it requires a physical click - from sleep mode, it still does not start at lightning speed - it needs 10 seconds. - problems with sharing illegal content from the phone via airplay (for some sites it works, for others it doesn't) - sometimes connects with the remote control with a delay - youtube application is far from ideal (yes, this is not an apple problem, but there are no alternatives either) - youtube even with a premium subscription does not play in the background (podcasts play)

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The best thing for the money, I'm glad I chose this option.

    The prefix will suit many, not only the "Yabloko", because it is a fairly independent device. Through it, you can listen to music, and podcasts, and watch videos, and play toys . All this without having an iPhone or Mac. But for the “Yabloko”, the meaning of the console at least doubles, because he probably has music in iTunes or even a subscription to Apple Music, there is a collection of photos in iCloud and there is an iPhone or other device that can be connected to the console via AirPlay…

    • 1) I used to watch movies and videos on all sorts of YouTubes, either directly on my MacBook or connected to a TV; Apple TV freed the MacBook from the need to connect it to the TV with a wire, and when watching videos from YouTube, it is not needed at all; 2) the remote control turned out to be more functional than it seemed at first: half of the keys have additional functions with double or long presses; 3) iPhone, iPad and Mac can also be used as a remote control: you need to install the Apple TV Remote (I use CiderTV on the Mac), and it is most convenient to type text on it. I advise you to immediately use the Apple TV Remote application during the setup of the set-top box to save the effort of logging into your account. iCloud entry and other data entry. When searching on Apple TV, the iPhone / iPad will issue a notification prompting you to type text - when you go, the Apple TV Remote will open and the keyboard will turn on; 4) in the app store you can find games, video hosting applications (YouTube, etc.), TV channels and a little more; 5) AirPlay works; 6) owners of Android phones can transfer videos from YouTube to Apple TV, if this is not prohibited in the settings of the YouTube application; 7) "Home Sharing" also works, it can continue playing the video from the last viewed moment. Add video to iTunes on your computer and watch it on Apple TV; VLC has a similar function; 8) iCloud provides access to music and photos. The Photo program, by the way, can create videos in Memories, like on an iPhone or iPad; 9) can transmit sound to wireless speakers and headphones; 10) tvOS is stable, after a year of use, many errors in the OS and applications have been fixed; 11) packaging, assembly - is it necessary to tell? Everything here is "apple-style" elegant, beautiful and of high quality; 12) meter Lightning cable included; 13) penny energy consumption.
    • 1) it seemed to me that interface lags appeared after ating tvOS from version 11 to version 12; 2) The Apple TV Remote app basically repeats the functionality of the remote, which is not convenient if you can’t see the TV screen. In addition, it does not know how to adjust the volume; 3) caches media files worse than an iPhone: opened the same video in Photos with an interval of a couple of days, and the second time he needed the Internet. Not economical; 4) there is no 2022 Siri yet; 5) Apple TV apps are slightly limited in functionality compared to iOS versions; 6) "there are no games for two remotes" - I wrote in early reviews, but it turned out that there are, for example: Beach Buggy Racing (the game is free, but the function of playing for two is paid), Riptide GP, you might find something else; 7) there is no Interactive TV from Rostelecom, if anyone is interested to know; 8) when the set-top box goes into sleep mode, in theory, the TV should turn off by itself, but my TV does not turn off (maybe my TV is not smart enough). And when putting the set-top box into sleep mode from the remote control, the TV should turn off, but it does it successfully in about 4 out of 5 cases, just like it does not always turn on immediately after the set-top box is taken out of sleep mode. Maybe other TVs behave differently. To wake the set-top box from sleep mode, you need to press any key on the remote control, not necessarily the one you “turn off”; 9) HDMI cable not included; 10) nitpick: there is no 3.5 mm audio jack. If you want external speakers, spend more money on a receiver or Bluetooth/AirPlay speakers. Or connect them through a TV/monitor.

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Average product, you can do better.

    In a family of about 10 apple devices and 4k, apple TV replaced the apple TV, which everyone used with a bang before the advent of smart TV. Even my grandmother and 3-year-old son were able to figure out the remote control. But I was forced to refuse to use it, since Sony's TV voice search works fine. Views all formats with the exception of 45 GB files (since the TV has a 100 Mbps port). For apple TV, you need to either download special files, or convert, or make a plex library on a PC that…

    • Design, ease of use of the remote control, stability of work.
    • In my case, it hangs behind the TV without being used. Since it does not play content from my storage (you need to convert, and this requires a more powerful percentage). Doesn't show 4k content on Youtube! Google support says this. Few applications. Lack of 2022 voice search. Typing on the phone or using the phone as a remote control is cool, but not always. VLC for viewing is inconvenient. If you pay money for movies, music, then everything will be ok. Netflix 4k subscription is not cheap.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The quality is at the highest level, be sure to try it.

    I use this set-top box in a home theater system. Sound and video goes to my receiver and projector. For these purposes, I think this is perhaps the best device. Android set-top boxes with their lags nervously smoke aside. I watch content mainly from paid services iTunes, okko, wink and also you tube. The set-top box supports Dolby digital and Dolby atmos audio formats. The sound and video quality is very good. The set-top box has a powerful processor and 3 GB of RAM, which makes it work like a…

    • Speed, good sound and video quality, convenient remote control.
    • There is no way to download a movie to the console, no browser, no 3D support.

    This is simply the best prefix, the rest are rubbish. It is configured from an iPhone, the touchpad on the remote control, the image does not slow down, even the sound control on the receiver (Denon) itself pulled up automatically! Gentlemen, do not waste your time and money on any slag, take an apple and enjoy.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Excellent quality, absolutely not expected for such a price.

    Pros below: The perfect TV box. There are 2 Apple TV fullhd, I recently took a 4k TV, and decided that it was time to change the old woman to 4k. Cons below: The set-top box is behind the TV, I had to look for a place to place it, because when I installed it in the old place of the old set-top box, the remote control began to fall off all the time.

    I have three such consoles, moreover, I even bought a mi box for comparison, but I realized that in fact this is junk! The sound doesn’t pull well, and if you have at least a little high-quality TV set with Dolby Vision and Atmos, then you can forget about android boxes, only Shield, but it is one and a half two times more expensive Has some pros: Firstly, it is not expensive enough for the device to which it needs to be connected, for ty telecoms and set-top boxes for xiaomi they are suitable,

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Best price for this product, will buy more!

    Bought for "cohabitation" with Chromecast Ultra a couple of specific use cases: * Stream videos from certain educational apps that don't support Chromecast but play with the standard iOS player. That is, for AirPlay. * The ability to watch any video played on a Mac in Safari (AirPlay again), particularly South Park on southpark. Cc. Com. When I bought it, I didn't expect to use it so much. In practice, it completely replaced the Chromecast Ultra for everything except YouTube in 4K (Apple and…

    • A bunch of decent applications for popular services. The ability to stream any video that Safari on a Mac or a standard video player on an iOS device can play. The VLC application has exceeded expectations and streams directly from a network drive via UPnP and other protocols. Large 4K catalog (sometimes with HDR, sometimes not) of new iTunes store movies. Money, especially for rent for 48 hours, are reasonable. All previously purchased films in the library will be "upgraded" to 4K if the film has been re-released in that resolution. Everything works stably, it is easy to ate, except for the selection of a fast enough HDMI cable for 4K, absolutely nothing came as a surprise. A decent remote with which everything you need is done quickly. The ability to connect Bluetooth headphones when someone is sleeping in the next room. AirPlay can be paused and resumed from the watch when. Wakes up quickly, which is why you often use Apple TV directly, rather than streaming from another device.
    • Some features are available on the Chromecast Ultra for as little as 40% of the price of an Apple TV 4K. Apple and Google have not agreed on codecs and Apple TV 4K does not play YouTube 4K.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Nice product, happy with my purchase and may buy again.

    I understand perfectly well that the main purpose is TV, I wrote a review for those who, like me, expected to drive music). The beauty is that you don't have to charge it. It's always plugged in. ) I wanted to buy another harman / kordon onix, it is on batteries, and since the TV in the kitchen was planned from the room to the kitchen, there was no need to bring and listen / watch without problems with wires, since it does not need to be plugged into the outlet. Conclusion as TV put five, sound

    • 1. Compactness, thickness allows you to mount it behind any TV hanging on the wall, there is no mount, you will have to mount the mount yourself on the measure of self-tapping screws or look at the finished one from the Chinese. 2. For applications, everything is ok. Asfal8 everything is very good. Compared to iPad4, it loads 2 times faster. The functionality is not cut down like. I rarely play, racing with my son. I really liked it. TV channels: 2022 has a very cool app for TV and iPhone/iPad. Online, series, programs, the Olympics - everything can be watched in the application made with love for Apple, everything is finished. well done. I downloaded the first one but haven't really looked yet. since I use the Wifire tv application - everything is without glitches, it's very convenient and you don't have to pay for cable. I have a dense LG about 10 years old. but he listens to the Apple TV remote with the volume and on / off. I think modern TV sets will be friends even better.
    • Sound! I bought it to mainly listen to music. I listen to rock and loudly, and when suddenly someone calls from the phone connected to the acoustics . it pissed me off. I thought once the brains from iphone7 would be ok, but no. In the audio settings, instead of the usual set of presets - Only three options: the highest quality, 5.1, and just stereo. I do not have enough volume . At full volume, slight distortion, blockages. This is felt on your favorite tracks that you are already used to listening to on your iphone. New tracks of norms are coming in . In principle, instead of the radio, it will go in the kitchen) After all, a TV set-top box can do better at the hardware level . they worsened (or did not finish) this parameter programmatically. Another nuance for sound lovers. As an independent device, it does not transmit sound to wireless acoustics via AirPlay, it can receive it, but it cannot broadcast) TRANSMITS only via bluetooth. Bluetooth according to the description of the 5th, but again! comparing with iphone I heard the difference. YouTube does not allow reading comments and descriptions (apparently this is TV and users do not need it), and I often watch live concerts and in descriptions or comments they write a track list indicating the time where which track is. The first bummer. And it is not clear in what quality you look there is no indication.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Excellent product, the best quality.

    The prefix is ​​used mainly for watching television, for the most part children watch cartoons. For the new year, we decided to start watching TV in a modern way and gave ourselves this set-top box, instead of the dune brake set-top box from our Internet provider. This miraculously coincided with an unfriendly action on the part of the provider, which since the new year has cut the number of channels in its broadcast package, as a result of which its set-top box has become useless. Wifire and…

    • 1. The set-top box itself adjusts the sound on the TV, and also turns the TV on and off by itself. The remote control from the TV can be removed away. 2. The touchpad remote control seems strange at first, but you get used to it quickly and you start jumping through the menu very cheerfully with it. 3. There is enough speed, nothing slows down in the interface. 4. The appearance is pleasant, the power supply is internal and the set-top box is connected to the outlet with a standard cord. 5. You can control not only from the remote control, but also from the application for ipad. 6. When installing a second set-top box, you can instantly copy all the settings from the one already installed.
    • The disadvantages are rather a continuation of the advantages, but still: 1. There is no much-needed mute on on the remote control. 2. When controlled with the ipad application "apple tv remote", the functionality is cut down, there is no volume control, and the touchpad emulation is not very confident. 3. In addition, the "remote" application communicates with apple tv via wi-fi, and in my room there is a TV with apple tv connected via ethernet, and wi-fi is not well caught there. There I use only the hardware remote control.

    In favor of it: Really neat. My go-to entertainment is YouTube videos. Kid's YouTube. Doesn't rely on Wi-Fi to function. With VLC and wireless internet, I download movies and videos. Games are available. This cool gyroscope-equipped remote may also be used as a steering wheel. Negatives: I did not see any major flaws. In my perspective, it's far more practical than SmartTV.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

    Everything connected and closed in a moment. Applications work fine, but on YouTube in 4k the image does not go by default from the apple settings (well, it's not fatal. I don't regret what I bought

    • In fact, the best set-top box if you have good wi-fi and use the apple technique!
    • Not

    Different pros: Apple. Turned it on, the prefix itself took everything that was needed from the phone. I tuned in. Convenient remote. Very comfortable. It is very convenient to watch something from an iPhone, from an iPad. I don't know if the console is compatible with Android, but I think so. Some cons: Probably the disadvantage is that those who have Apple technology can fully appreciate the prefix. I like everything so far. So it turns out that I rarely use it personally. Little free time to

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Not my best purchase, you could have found something else.

    With its pros. Apple is Apple. If you are a fan of this ecosystem, watch (suddenly) Netflix and don’t know or want to know anything else, then the console is for you! In this, he is good, like all other devices of this brand. Appearance, build quality, remote control, response speed, ease of use - these are all the pluses that I would like to note. Cons below: Personal cons for me is a habit that is already 15 years old. It consists in the fact that I always want to customize everything for mys

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    It's not a bad product, but I expect more.

    This set-top box is designed exclusively for integration into a single Apple ecosystem. Of course, it will work without it, but then it is no different from any Chinese Android set-top box, only with huge limitations and a huge price. Everything that is included in this prefix is ​​designed for respectable bourgeois, who will immediately issue a bunch of subscriptions to various streaming services. If you are not ready for this, then it is better to buy something on Android, where you can…

    • All the advantages are crossed out by the main disadvantages
    • - Can't watch Youtube anything above Full HD content. Forget about 4K - Siri does not work in 2022, which means forget about voice input, even English - There is no browser and there is no way to install it. - Like everywhere else in Apple - install nothing but from your Apple Store - Very strong connection to American and European streaming services that do not work in the CIS

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Great quality, happy with it one hundred percent!

    If anyone doubts - take it, and forget the whole experience with a TV set. Everything is perfect - from the settings through the connection with the phone to the masterpiece of the control panel. In the end, I only had this remote control. You need two applications - Wink for TV channels (suddenly someone else is watching) and a movie pub. All movies and series will be available to you. The rest is optional.

    • The whole product is a virtue: - TV control via hdmi - learning remote control - work speed - games
    • He has no flaws. Possibly the best device from Apple