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Review on TV box Apple TV 4K 32GB, black by Doyun Hwang ᠌

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The best thing for the money, I'm glad I chose this option.

The prefix will suit many, not only the "Yabloko", because it is a fairly independent device. Through it, you can listen to music, and podcasts, and watch videos, and play toys . All this without having an iPhone or Mac. But for the “Yabloko”, the meaning of the console at least doubles, because he probably has music in iTunes or even a subscription to Apple Music, there is a collection of photos in iCloud and there is an iPhone or other device that can be connected to the console via AirPlay. Before buying, I had a choice between Apple TV 4K and set-top boxes like Miracast (AirPlay also works on such things). I climbed half of the Chinese stores, read the reviews, watched a video demonstrating the work. It seems that there are suitable devices, but everything is not right and wrong . Having not decided in any way with which device to try my luck, I took and bought an Apple TV. I don't regret it.

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  • 1) I used to watch movies and videos on all sorts of YouTubes, either directly on my MacBook or connected to a TV; Apple TV freed the MacBook from the need to connect it to the TV with a wire, and when watching videos from YouTube, it is not needed at all; 2) the remote control turned out to be more functional than it seemed at first: half of the keys have additional functions with double or long presses; 3) iPhone, iPad and Mac can also be used as a remote control: you need to install the Apple TV Remote (I use CiderTV on the Mac), and it is most convenient to type text on it. I advise you to immediately use the Apple TV Remote application during the setup of the set-top box to save the effort of logging into your account. iCloud entry and other data entry. When searching on Apple TV, the iPhone / iPad will issue a notification prompting you to type text - when you go, the Apple TV Remote will open and the keyboard will turn on; 4) in the app store you can find games, video hosting applications (YouTube, etc.), TV channels and a little more; 5) AirPlay works; 6) owners of Android phones can transfer videos from YouTube to Apple TV, if this is not prohibited in the settings of the YouTube application; 7) "Home Sharing" also works, it can continue playing the video from the last viewed moment. Add video to iTunes on your computer and watch it on Apple TV; VLC has a similar function; 8) iCloud provides access to music and photos. The Photo program, by the way, can create videos in Memories, like on an iPhone or iPad; 9) can transmit sound to wireless speakers and headphones; 10) tvOS is stable, after a year of use, many errors in the OS and applications have been fixed; 11) packaging, assembly - is it necessary to tell? Everything here is "apple-style" elegant, beautiful and of high quality; 12) meter Lightning cable included; 13) penny energy consumption.
  • 1) it seemed to me that interface lags appeared after ating tvOS from version 11 to version 12; 2) The Apple TV Remote app basically repeats the functionality of the remote, which is not convenient if you can’t see the TV screen. In addition, it does not know how to adjust the volume; 3) caches media files worse than an iPhone: opened the same video in Photos with an interval of a couple of days, and the second time he needed the Internet. Not economical; 4) there is no 2022 Siri yet; 5) Apple TV apps are slightly limited in functionality compared to iOS versions; 6) "there are no games for two remotes" - I wrote in early reviews, but it turned out that there are, for example: Beach Buggy Racing (the game is free, but the function of playing for two is paid), Riptide GP, you might find something else; 7) there is no Interactive TV from Rostelecom, if anyone is interested to know; 8) when the set-top box goes into sleep mode, in theory, the TV should turn off by itself, but my TV does not turn off (maybe my TV is not smart enough). And when putting the set-top box into sleep mode from the remote control, the TV should turn off, but it does it successfully in about 4 out of 5 cases, just like it does not always turn on immediately after the set-top box is taken out of sleep mode. Maybe other TVs behave differently. To wake the set-top box from sleep mode, you need to press any key on the remote control, not necessarily the one you “turn off”; 9) HDMI cable not included; 10) nitpick: there is no 3.5 mm audio jack. If you want external speakers, spend more money on a receiver or Bluetooth/AirPlay speakers. Or connect them through a TV/monitor.

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May 29, 2023
Pros: Intuitive controls Remote control with battery and gyroscope Perfectly digests 4k and complex games Awesome integration with iPhone and iPad Apple TV+ for a year for free Cons: Airpods don't connect as conveniently as other Apple devices

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