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hankook tire kinergy eco k425 195/65 r15 91t summer logo

I really like the tires, I drove about 700 km, got into the strongest rain on the highway and the wind, it slows down perfectly on dry and wet roads, the consumption is no more than on the old "oak". If you compare rubber with Kumho KH17, then this is earth and sky. Yes, the rubber is noisy, but at the same time soft, KH 17 from new, ABS was constantly working, I thought this feature of the brake settings, it turned out that it was just such a disgusting rubber. In the rain, he flew into puddlesSee full review

viatti strada asimmetrico v-130 185/60 r15 84h summer logo

I bought it at the beginning of the summer of 2022 in just a couple of months and the wheels were all deformed! Now I changed to winter tires and threw these summer tires in the trash. It's very frustrating to be scammed like this! I do not advise anyone!See full review

filter filtron k1227a-2x logo

Pros: Sufficiently durable (during installation, you have to crumple a little), restores its shape. Paper and some other synthetic bullshit is thick enough not to miss any bad. Has cons: It is not written about coal, but they promise protection from bacteria, odors and any other bad. I'm not sure about smells.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

There are small highlights, there are also on the large one, but this is tolerable, it is visible only in complete darkness in dark scenes. The system is being ated, but it definitely won’t get faster, it’s being treated by connecting a good set-top box :) All the same, this is a 1080 monitor with a remote control, so the purchase is very good. I was ready for the brakes of the system, at least the hardware is still working, but the backlight has not fallen off, I often threaten to launch it witSee full review

goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 255/35 r18 94y summer logo

Personal take on the product.Got pros: Soft quiet. Good handling on wet and dry pavement Its cons: not durable. 1.5 seasons and replacement of all 4 tiresSee full review

mobile air conditioner electrolux eacm-13hr/n3, white logo

Vibration during the operation of the compressor is like a refrigerator from the Soviet past)), the remote control and manual control of the air conditioner live their own lives, the commands from the remote control reach and are reflected on the display every other time. I didn’t understand if there is a heat pump in the air conditioner, because. The instructions in the kit are miserable, apparently there is none. On the official ru site, there is generally no such type of equipment as mobile aSee full review


Has some pros: Comfortable to sit, the child is happy Convenient fastening High degree of protection Excellent materials Has cons: Quite heavy and takes up a lot of space, but it increases safety, so not to say that this is a drawbackSee full review


Awesome watch, for a long time I was looking for a small one for every day and at the same time of good quality. Very satisfied with the purchase, thanks to the seller)See full review


my opinion Bridge is the best model is ws-50! ! With its pros: The quality of this tire is top notch! But use on the road! it's just a failure! I used this tire on a new Mitsubishi ASX front wheel drive. . After a few descents from the trajectories, I realized that I made a huge mistake by buying this crack, on another car with WS-50 tires I went through the same turn at the same speed and did not even think about demolition! yes the cars are different yes the size is different, but there areSee full review

chair game zombie one black from podgolov. crosses. metal zombie one carbon logo

With its pros: The chair is good and comfortable. Chose a very long time. It is difficult to choose a chair for the first time when you do not know which one and where to take it. to come up. Assembled quickly and easily. Everything is available. Has cons: I honestly thought that the backrest was pulled back and remained a little in a supine position, but I thought so from the picture. )) Optical illusion ) Although this is not critical, since the chair is already comfortable and excellent for See full review


Stayed with him for two nights. During the day it doesn't interfere at all, but. . At night you sleep in the server room. Brought it back. We are waiting up to 20 days for the results of the examination . . If not for the noise, definitely 5 points. I think this is a problem specifically for our instance. Has pros: Efficient work, convenient control (the remote control and buttons on the case work fine), it looks normal. The humidity sensor shows more or less normally (of course there is an overSee full review


MSI gaming 17.3 inch went in easily. I thought I would have to pull it, but everything fit perfectly and looks strictly as I wanted. The sides are soft with protection, but the bottom is without a soft lining. I had to put a "pimple" and now it is completely protected.See full review


Highly recommend, happy with the purchase, even very happy :) Has pros: High-quality material, well sewn, sits comfortably on the back. Different cons: Perhaps, I would add small pockets for a p. bank, little things.See full review


Everything works great, sound quality, no interference. Easy to use, quality materials. Thanks to the seller for a quality productSee full review


With a lot of experience in using various paints and varnishes, I can say that Varatan oil is the best that I have come across in my practice. Painting is a pleasure, and the result pleases.See full review


If someone has no experience with noise reduction, I’ll tell you briefly: for example, when you turn it on on the highway, you stop hearing the rumble from cars, or loud sounds in the subway (use with caution, you can’t really hear anything with this mode). Not all sounds disappear. Due to human anatomical features, some sounds will still be heard, especially high frequencies. But when you turn on the music at least at 30-40% volume, then everything is ok. I would also note the excellent sound. See full review


Different pros: Good emery. The beat is almost non-existent. Will do for the garage. Got cons: Expensive. Illumination lamps - incandescent, could put led for that kind of money.See full review


I bought it on Market with delivery. Delivery: first pay, and then unpack - but I won't care . . As a result, there are no wheels in the box (although there are bolts for them). When working for the first time: it builds up pressure normally, turns off on time, when the pressure is lowered, I noticed a wedging of a small pressure gauge. We tolerate the noise during work, but something rattles terribly - probably pressure adjustment and something else, until I found it. Lightly touch the tube leSee full review


I have been buying batteries of this brand for a long time, the price-quality ratio is 5! A huge plus is that there is a marking to track the production date and batch number.See full review

grill de"longhi cgh920d, black/silver logo

Exploiting 4 months with curiosity and intensively. This device is the first. Tried different recipes. Generally satisfied. I recommendSee full review

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