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fishfinder humminbird piranhamax 4 di logo

Pros: Quality, ease of settings, clarity of the image, performance. With its cons. Long echo sounder setup, it is difficult to set the parameters on a pvc ndnd boat.See full review

wireless docking station 4 in 1 abk-q20 15w (black) logo

The device looks good but at the same time very flimsy. The phone is not magnetic. The watch does not charge at all. I wanted to get rid of the wires, but it didn't work out 😕See full review

gillette mach3 reusable shaving razor uefa champions league grey/black logo

I used to use this Gillette Mach3 razor, but switched to another one with 5 blades. This one does not shave the stubble so well from the first movement and dulls faster, the quality is still worse. Irritation did not appear often, but it was. But, again, depending on what to compare. For the price, this is a very inexpensive option, especially for those who rarely shave or who have not very stiff stubble. #pgbonusSee full review

smartphone xiaomi mi 8 lite 6/128 gb, midnight black logo

There was a Note series, the so-called budget series where everything and everything, so I changed it to the middle class, where it’s good even though the screen remained, they castrated the phone to the fullest, I know that it’s my own fault, I didn’t think that in a more expensive phone all those functions that I used will be removed, read everything carefully and do not shop under euphoria.See full review

🎧 wireless cat bluetooth headphones: glow ears for kids and adults logo

Its pros: The sound is good, packed perfectly, I took it for a gift to my goddaughter. Different cons: Not suitable for all devices. For example, it doesn’t fit on old iPhones, or rather on 6-ku, and also not on all androids)See full review

15.6" acer extensa 15 ex215-22-r2h8 1920x1080, amd ryzen 3 3250u 2.6 ghz, ram 4 gb, ssd 128 gb, amd radeon graphics, without os, nx.eg9er.00g, black logo

All of the above, taking into account the really low price, suggests that the laptop is worth buying if you need a machine to work with code or surf the Internet (there is no point in installing games) Different pros: For such characteristics, a very low price (only 35k), acceptable quality, fairly fast work (heavy visual studio goes with a bang), the ability to upgrade the RAM and ssd. Cons: Fairly quiet speakers, but I still don't use them and always use headphones The screen is too dim even aSee full review

smartphone apple iphone 6s plus restored by the manufacturer logo

Everything is on top, there is a lot to add! Has some pros I bought a new Apple iPhone 6S Plus 16GB as soon as it came out! As the first apple ipod video equipment was delivered, I bought it in the player in the region of 10,000. ((first and last time (everything is in order with the goods, it works to this day, I heard about the store from the negative side)) somewhere in 2022, given the exchange rate of 30 to the dollar, and I had to give my part-time job in my student years about a third of tSee full review

wireless charger xiaomi mi 20w wireless charging stand, black logo

It took 2 hours and 50 minutes to charge the iPhone 11 from 5% to 80% with the "power saving" mode active, 0% battery wear. The charge was carried out by an Apple USB-C 20W power supply, via a Mophie 1.5m cable. That is, you should not expect any Fast Charge from wireless charging with a standard Apple USB-C 20W adapter. I wonder if the Xiaomi Mi 65W adapter will help? I don’t think that copies will be able to adequately charge, without “throttle squeaks”.See full review

electric toothbrush oral-b d100.413.1, pink logo

I love brushing my teeth with this brush. I do not recommend for children, a more gentle solution is suitable for them. The charge is enough for a week.See full review

jbl endurance sprint wireless headphones, red logo

Headphones are not bad, but nothing more. In theory, they should be suitable for playing sports, but they didn’t sit very tightly in the ears when walking, as they were quite heavy. I didn’t have time to check all the complete plugs, the right earpiece stopped playing after a week. Before that, I used the E25BT - it's lighter, cheaper, they also play, they fall out of the ears in the gym.)See full review

jbl t100tws wireless headphones, black logo

For this money, it’s quite enough, but next time I’ll choose a model with moisture protection and a noise-canceling microphone. Has pros: Good sound, there is bass, loud, did not even turn it on at full volume. They quickly connect to the phone - they opened the case, put it in their ears, they already became friends. The charge in my mode is enough for a week. The buttons are pressed through the hat or hood. Withstand repeated drops on the asphalt, already checked) Cons: It is impossible to useSee full review

xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds basic 2 global wireless headphones, black logo

At first they fell out of my ears, now they fall out less, I'm getting used to them. They look like in the photo. Packed well: in a box YaMarket with a layer of paper. Headphones are in excellent condition. Some pros: Headphones connected immediately and without problems, the sound is normal. The range is enough to move freely around an apartment of 44 square meters. The charge of the case is enough for several days, you don’t need to worry about recharging. The earbuds and case fit nicely in thSee full review

wireless headphones accesstyle indigo tws, black logo

The model is good, but the quality for such money should be at a normal level, at least not for six months and without jambs with loss of connectionSee full review

smartphone samsung galaxy a23 6/128 gb, black logo

Samsung really likes due to its convenient One UI, the shell is really very pleasant to use. One of my favorite features is the ability to set the application mode and stuff unnecessary ones into sleep modes. Energy saving is highly configurable. Scheduled auto-cleaning of memory and other benefits of auto-service are also pleasing. I really liked the "hyperlapse" shooting mode, the local name for time-lapse shooting, but after some ate it disappeared somewhere, I hope it will be returned. I tooSee full review

apple macbook air 13 early 2020 notebook (2560x1600, intel core i3 1.1 ghz, 8 gb ram, 256 gb ssd) logo

For a long time I used the good old MacBook Air with megasafe. And it was one of the most enjoyable laptops in my life. I had a lot of MacBook Pro and Air, and I always liked the latter more, because I left the thought of serious computing on a laptop, especially using a video card, a long time ago. There was an experience of using ASUS, it was more powerful, but it was very inconvenient and unpleasant to use it. For me, a laptop is more like a case, a keyboard, a screen. The filling is much lesSee full review

2 tb external hdd adata dashdrive durable hd650, usb 3.2 gen 1, blue logo

The case is mainly made of composite plastic, it is strong just so you can’t pick it up if you want. Medium soft silicone pad, for the most part it is both a buffer and such a retainer on a slippery surface. As I understand it, the Durable system on a disk means a tiled record, but maybe I'm wrong. But I can’t complain about the slow speed of work, all the same, the discs themselves may differ from batch to batch. My disk gives out a maximum of 110 - 130 mb / s, and through USB 2.0 30 mb / s.See full review

kommo gray silicone shield case for iphone 12 pro max with wireless charging support logo

I would like a greater variety of colors for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, otherwise black and transparent are somehow not enough.See full review

mp3 player apple ipod touch 1 8 gb, wi-fi logo

In general - an interesting contraption, but for completeness of sensations, take an iPhone right away. With its pros. A wonderful machine. 1. A wonderful browser, it is convenient to browse pages, store tabs, bookmarks. You can watch videos from YouTube directly from the device. 2. It is very convenient to watch movies\clips\cartoons. Great screen. 3. If you have hands \ heads \ forums, you can install applications like ICQ and so on. You can install games. Cons: The lack of a speaker shockeSee full review

mount onkron g100 silver logo

With its pros: Holds a 27 inch monitor well, firmly and conscientiously. The mount performs its functions. Different cons: Got it on the third try. You will need help with assembly, since one person to assemble - the mount will crash on the table several times)) it is heavy like an airplane wing.See full review

sennheiser wireless headphones cx 6.00bt, black logo

Its pros: The sound is amazing, branded. Before that, a lot of experience using wired synheiser headphones. Stays in the ears very well. The microphone transmits without distortion. With its cons. Sometimes the sound is interrupted for a second. Maybe the problem is in the phone. But the Sony bluetooth speaker from this phone works fine and at a great distance.See full review

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