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immersion blender home element he-kp824, dark topaz logo

An easy to use model. You can change the nozzle very easily and simply, it does not fall off during operation. The case does not heat up, which makes it comfortable to hold in your hand. Washing after is very easy, sometimes I just rinse under running water. The length of the cord is standard length, but I sometimes miss this. Knife made of stainless steel, not deformed during grinding.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

It heats up quickly. Easy to wash. I cooked kupaty and pork without even oil, very tasty. So far, completely satisfied. I recommend. But keep in mind that the non-collapsible design and cleaning have their own approaches, and the quality of the plastic corresponds to the price, but it performs its functions perfectly, so there are no complaints.See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with large cuff and mains adapter logo

Blood pressure measurements are accurate and easy to manage. Complete set with many useful features. Large cuff - even the hand of an athlete husband fit in. Everything came up!See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

How TV will go to the kitchen! WI-FI keeps stable, there were dumps at the very beginning, but after the ates everything has stabilized. So TV is more like it! Some pros: A good picture, for its price, quite decent quality of performance, the ability to use those services for which subscriptions are already issued! Cons below: The sound is unambiguous, but over time you get used to it, after turning it on you have to go to the menu to turn on the channel, it does not turn on itself, and very oftSee full review

sewing machine janome juno 513, white/flowers logo

Bought for 9 thousand. In this amount a good model. I took it, because. was available in the store, I wanted to feel everything and study before buying. It is difficult for a beginner to order online. I figured out how to use it fairly quickly. The backlight is really bright. I recommend to buy. With its pros: + metal parts + feature set + straight lines + easy to use for a beginner Cons below: - loop - semi-automatic (but this is not the most important thing for me, rather just a nuance, foSee full review

shower set frap f28-3, chrome logo

Be sure to need PTFE tape or elastic. Without it, because no sealing gum, leaking from the connection. The nozzles are very soft. Should be easy to clean from stone, but it is not known how quickly they will tear. So far so goodSee full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

VW Tiguan ; changed to the same, after hernias. Satisfied Pros below: Good tires, they don’t talk on the road, they hold well in a rut and in the rain, 130 for a long time is great Has some cons: A bit noisy before heating, but then ok; after severe hard pits on 2022n hernia roads, but I think that I was just lucky.See full review

electric scooter kugoo m4 11 ah, up to 120 kg, black logo

I took to replace the popular S3, which also proved itself well, but as a base one, but I wanted more comfort, more speed and mileage. M4 provided all this. And 25 kilograms of weight, with all its "nishtyaks", are mere trifles, if only a couple of times during a trip it is lifted to the floor or rolled into the elevator. Pros below: As noted by many users - for the money you simply cannot find anything better. It picks up speed quietly, smoothly, but quite confidently, unlike the M2 (which bareSee full review

digital set-top box smart tv box mxq pro 4k 5g logo

Packed and well made. Has some pros: The price is more or less democratic. Used to watch TV programs. I installed the DTV program from Google. Its cons: Loads slowly and often needs to be restarted. I wanted to install Kinopoisk, writes not supported. The remote responds slowly.See full review

roof bike rack lux bike-1 691028 gray logo

With its pros: Easy to assemble. All with a screwdriver and wrench. The only thing is that the front pillar mounting bolts (which attach the stop to the longitudinal frame) need to be made shorter, because there is not enough thread for a strong tightening. Some cons: Instead of bolts on the brackets, it’s still better to make an eccentric (screw and unscrew for a long time, if you don’t use it all the time).See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

As a result, I can say that a potentially very cool and comfortable mouse, because of the software, is, first of all, a piece of garbage and a waste of money. Different pros: 1. After the hand "gets used" to the mouse - you don't want another at all, very good ergonomics 2. All buttons and their location are well thought out, miss clicks are very rare 3. The charge holds well Cons: 1. Incompetent software from Logitech - in itself, in terms of ease of use - garbage, in terms of performance: withSee full review


The manufacturer saved on the production of the cord and did not make a plug for the outlet, the installers made the plug well. Let's see how it will continue to work.See full review


Its pros: affordable installation (instruction in YouTube). Relatively compact and quiet. With its cons: it seems that the 1st week can give an echo of the taste from the inside of the drive capacity.See full review


I am pleased! Different pros: Very good tanner to even out the tone of the face! Very easy to apply on the skin, no "mask" effect! Personally, I do not roll in the evening. Cons: Despite all its advantages, there is also a drawback (for me) - it does not mask pimples. But for this purpose, you can use additional means))See full review


Long chose to take a very good or again Kama (instead of Kama 217). I decided on a kama breeze - with our roads it is easier and cheaper to buy a new wheel than to give the cost of a wheel for the repair of an expensive tire (I looked at the Pirelli R6 and my friends' favorite - KUMHO). Kama 129 seemed tougher than Kama Breeze. Drove 1 thousand km. When balancing the weights, there were about 30 grams, on the stampings driven on the correct machine (although this is not editing discs, but a way See full review


Diving into its features.Pros: I was very surprised) by wifi, it works relatively fast) Cons below: well, it is ated very often)) well, this is not a drawback))See full review


There are no handles on the drawers, they are opened not by pressing the drawer, but simply by hand on the upper end of the drawer. Drawers move on skids easily.See full review

car compressor swat swt-106 60 l/min 5.5 atm silver logo

Has pros: Works quietly, pumps fast, comfortable case, top value for money Cons: There was no adapter for Akum in the kit, it got warm after pumping 4 wheels r17See full review


Regarding not a snug fit to the ears, I had the same headphones. Used for several years, for games on the network with a connection, everything was fine. I hooked it on the wire and dropped it, the microphone began to hiss, the headphones themselves work fine, I bought exactly the same model and there was a problem with the fit to the ears, as it turned out, now the ear pads are 2 times thinner, I replaced them from my old headphones and everything became great. The Chinese are cheating.See full review

car autoscanner diagnostic elm327 (bluetooth android) mini obd2 / obd autoscanner car diagnostics version 2.1 pic18f25k80 logo

Before buying, I read the comments, made sure that the vast majority of people work and bought it. Normally connected, reads errors.See full review

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