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walkie talkie baofeng uv-5r 8w (3 power modes) logo

The packaging inside was broken, but everything is whole! The range is good, three power modes, the charge should hold perfectly. I'm still figuring out the settings, but a lot of useful things. I easily made friends with my other baofeng bf-888s walkie-talkies. In general, excellent walkie-talkies, I recommend!See full review

computer chair zombie viking knight gaming, upholstery: textile, color: sand logo

Lousy product, low quality.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

I would return it under warranty, but only this chair is a birthday present for my wife. She says that because of her small build, this defect is not so noticeable and she doesn’t need to return it, she didn’t spoil the mood and bicker. So all I can do is leave a review here and warn others))See full review

folate (metafoline) tab., 400 mcg, 50 pcs., neutral logo

Folic acid, excellent quality. The jar, traditionally for this manufacturer, is made of dark glass, the neck is additionally covered with foil, there is also a cotton swab under it so that the tablets do not shatter. Folic acid is essential for women.See full review

xiaomi car drinker water fountain for cats and dogs mijia smart pet water dispenser xwwf01mg logo

There are a lot of negative reviews about the pump, I do not recommend buying this particular model. It's not worth it for 3 months of work. There is no strong sense from the fact that she is “smart”, there were often failures in the application. With its pros: Silent operation, stylish design, two Maine Coons drank with pleasure, rinsed their paws. Through the application, you can turn on / off the water, set the mode. Cons below: After 3 months, the pump began to work every other time, as a reSee full review

nokian tires nordman 7 205/55 r16 94t winter logo

With its positives being: I've been coming there for over a year now, I have no complaints, and I tell all of my friends that they should go there as well Pros: I am able to claim that I went on tires with a higher level of noise in order to accommodate myself, so everything works well for me.See full review

pampers aqua pure wipes pack diapering for wipes & holders logo

#honestopampers Napkins are an important part of a child's hygiene, because. the child actively explores the world, touches and tries everything. The Pampers Aqua Pure series has attracted attention because it positions itself as a fragrance-free series with organic cotton. We checked, and indeed the product turned out to be of high quality and solid. The points: - Convenient packaging. The valve is easily opened with one hand, napkins are taken out one at a time. - The size of the napkin is perSee full review

petrol trimmer efco stark 25, 1.07 hp, 38 cm logo

Chose in March 2022 unit for a long time and painfully. At the end, the compartment is the 128th Husqvarna, as a brand, and the 25th Oleo Mac simply according to the description of specific faults, indicating that the quality of the parts is lower than that of Efko Stark. In the first season, the engine received a good rating from the neighbors for quiet operation (they have Calm). It always starts on a cold one on the second attempt with a short gassing (no more than 20 seconds). At the same tiSee full review

bookcase bruno daily 60 600x280x2010 white logo

Pros below: easy and quick assembly, parts fit well together, withstands many of my books) With its cons: not a drawback, but a feature, the legs are not twisted, but simply standardSee full review

computer chair zombie viking knight gaming, upholstery: textile, color: blue logo

Everything is fine, the seller was amazon, the equipment is complete, the gas lift is class 4, there are no shortcomings. And most importantly, the person who bought this chair is very pleased! 12/30/22: They brought another one, the organization BureauChairs acted as the seller, all the equipment is normal, once again the person is happy with an excellent replacement for the old chair.See full review

west biking bicycle waterproof frame mount phone bag with 7" touchscreen access bright green logo

Pros: The Xiaomi poco f3 phone fits perfectly and does not hang out. Fits a lot in a bag. Has cons: On the one hand, it fits a lot, on the other, the bag turns out to be quite large. I have a big L-ka and I sometimes touch the bag with my knee while riding.See full review

table service luminarc diwali p2961-p2963, 6 persons, 18 items logo

I liked the set, the color is neither bright nor pale, light, pleasant to the touch - glossy inside, matte outside. I plan to assemble a set in this color by purchasing salad bowls and mugs.See full review

dry dog ​​food blitz sensitive, pork, turkey, with barley 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 15 kg logo

Switched from a more expensive Italian food. The dog didn't seem to notice a difference. Food for medium and large breeds. Not suitable for kids.See full review

vacuum cleaner atvel f16, gray logo

I adored the vacuum cleaner in general. Easy to use and store, good at washing. This vacuum cleaner is being used with pleasure by a 10-year-old boy to clean his room. However, there is always a fly in the ointment. The button stopped functioning yesterday, so when you press it, there is no water. Service is not available from December 29 to January 9 according to the website's statement. So, what should I do? I used a tester to check the contacts on the handle and found no short circuit at the See full review

room temperature and humidity sensor aqara temperature and humidity sensor white cn logo

I took it to each room, connected it to the Station, taught the air conditioner to turn on and off according to their testimony. Satisfied!See full review

sunglasses polaroid pld 6042/s black logo

Glasses are not bad, but on a very narrow face. When I tried it on, I didn’t feel it, but when I wore it, I realized that they were very tight in my temples. To a headache. I ordered 2 pairs of different polaroids, so I'm wearing others. These are sometimes worn by a 6-year-old son: they are too big for him, but do not fall straight. The set is standard: glasses, a soft case and a hard bright case.See full review

monofilament fishing line allvega all-round x5 d=0.16 mm, 100 m, 3.28 kg, transparent, 1 pc. logo

It is also suitable for all household needs: trim the rug; hang a picture; sew some things with a tight seam. You can even make a curtain with pendants from all sorts of pretty things. What is enough imagination. The main thing is not to overload too much. And remember that over time it will stretch anyway under constant load. However, I had a photo with glass and an iron frame hanging on the same fishing line for many years. True, I can’t guarantee that it is on this diameter of the fishing linSee full review

wireless aqara water leak sensor white for other countries logo

Its advantages include good puddle sensors on the floor, which are activated when both of the iron legs are submerged in water. We were able to connect to the Aqara Hub M2 without any issues, and through it, to the Apple HomeKit Cons listed below: They arrived in boxes printed with Chinese characters from an older Aqara series; nevertheless, the contents of each box also contained instructions from the year 2022.See full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter es2, up to 100 kg, dark gray logo

I chose between Xiomi and Segway for a long time, but still chose Nonebot. Mostly due to the way it folds, other things being equal, the shortcomings of both models that I read in the reviews of the owners. So I also managed to order it with a small discount for a crumpled box (I'll throw the box away anyway). In general, the purchase is satisfied. Got what I wanted. While the scooter is new, I have no complaints, but how it will be operated in the future, time will tell.See full review

nokian tires hakkapeliitta 9 185/65 r15 92t winter logo

I took it to my wife on equal 4 225/65 17, operation since November 2022. I traveled myself, not bad, very good) The first winter, it’s not yet clear in terms of wear, in terms of cross-country ability (trips to the country) it resembles a 4-ku, perhaps a little worse, but you can’t compare it on the highway. As they changed their shoes, I had to go to Belarus, the rubber proved to be worthy. There was asphalt, and ice, and a road of dubious quality, from Ustyuzhna to Hong Kong and to Vyazma. BuSee full review

pirelli scorpion atr 185/75 r16 93t all season logo

In general, a very decent tire for a regular Nivovsky disk, when used on asphalt in the summer. I would not recommend taking it for trips to field and dirt roads. In the first season I cut it on a gravel road. It's a shame, before that there was K-156-1, for the entire period of operation there were no such problems. Expensive, more than 2 times more expensive than K-156-1. At the time of purchase, the K-156-1 cost 2450, the Pirelli Scorpion ATR tire of the same size - 6820. I noticed that it weSee full review

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