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cover-seat for toilet bowl xiaomi smartmi smart toilet cover plastic with microlift white logo

Good product for me, no problems at all.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Got pros: My husband installed it in half an hour. Everything is intuitive. The size fit perfectly. Different cons: To get a comfortable temperature, you need to press the button 3 times, which is inconvenient.See full review

shaver braun series 3 300s, black logo

A wonderful product, its nice to use.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

This model is a head taller than my previous razor. First, she is unkillable. The son dropped it several times on the tiled floor, and at least something. Shaves great. Does not pull out hair, does not cause any pain or discomfort. The charge holds for a long time. I take it on trips, to the country, sometimes I even forget to charge at home. The razor is beautiful and comfortable, it is pleasant to hold it in your hand. The price is high, of course, but the warranty is two years. For excellent See full review

black dot stick mask/against pimple/green tea extract/cleaning/green clay/clay mask logo

I liked the mask. 1. The mask can be used for several days in a row 2. No black dots 3. Skin brightens and no irritation. 4. Has a calming effect on the skin. 5. The skin does not dry or tighten The mask was applied at night. After several days of using the mask in a row, the skin was fresh and brightened, smooth. There are no black dots, and acne is not noticeable due to lightening (the mask cannot cure acne, it is not a medicine and the skin of each individual cannot suit everyone). PersonallSee full review

absorbent litter cat step arctic blue, 15.2l logo

Got pros: It absorbs well and there is no smell that you can’t say about wood filler Cons: These crystals fit well into the feet)) But these are triflesSee full review

mattress proson plain, 90x195 cm, spring logo

At first I liked it, but then in the places of the fold, due to the fact that it was packed in a vacuum twist, hard lumps appeared, maybe springs, after you sleep on your side on them, in the morning there is pain in this place.See full review

kamjove gongfu teapot tp-200, 1000 l, 1 l, transparent logo

Returns were also a problem. Thanks to the employee of the pick-up point on Bolshaya Spasskaya street, 8, - he helped to make a return and get the money back. I do not recommend this unscrupulous seller! It is a pity that I could not attach a photo to the review - I already made a return. And I bought a real Kamjovi gong fu teapot (I love these teapots!) in another store where they don’t cheat their customers!See full review

dry food for puppies monge bwild feed the instinct low grain, venison 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 12 kg logo

Pros below: This is our favorite food. Nice and useful content. The puppy loves him. There aren't any problems. Cons below: More expensive than others, so if you can afford it, then there are no drawbacks.See full review

electric water pump automatic water dispenser logo

Below are some advantages: It does what it's supposed to do, which is pump water, but the jet isn't that big, and a manual pump can move water much more quickly. A variety of drawbacks include the following: the product is of poor quality and should only be used for approximately six months at the most.See full review

pirelli cinturato p7 205/55 r16 91v summer logo

I've been looking for this tire for a long time! I have an e-class in size 245/45-17. This is a rather low profile, and while before that I went to the oak Bridgestone, I already thought that on such a profile I would not see a smooth ride and softness in our cracks and pits. But when I changed to Pirelli, I was surprised how much rubber can affect the smoothness of the ride. There are also some badges on the wheel indicating that these tires save fuel, do not make noise and generally protect naSee full review

drainage pump for clean water gilex drainage 220/12 (750 w) logo

Despite the disadvantage, you will not find a pump with this capacity anywhere else. I bought this one to replace a mercilessly exploited one that burned out after 8 years. I recommend!See full review

nokian tires hakka green 3 195/65 r15 95h summer logo

Pros: Softer and quieter I have not had. I only ride the best. Puddles cuts like a razor, without yaw. Different cons: 80% price increase compared to last season, and a rather limited supply.See full review

filter aquael ultramax 2000 logo

The filter is very good, but for an aquarium of 600 liters it is already rather weak, there is a lot of debris floating in the aquarium, and it is poorly tightened by the filter, which is why catfish waste accumulates on the ground, in which it then lies satisfied. Looks a bit flimsy compared to the Fluval we had before at 300 litres, but doesn't leak. A rubber band fell off from somewhere while cleaning. The husband said that if it fell off, then the technique does not need it, and the filter rSee full review

xiaomi mijia automatic foam soap dispenser mjxsj01xw/mjxsj03xw, pink logo

A lot of people claim that after six months or a year, it stops working because the batteries have become oxidized. It is most likely that the batteries are "salt," and because all of them have the same issue, it is best to switch to alkaline cells as time goes on. Since everything that is printed on the batteries themselves is in Chinese, it is hard to discern what type they are.See full review

armchair liberty soft for rest material: velor zara blue49 logo

Nice seat, lived up to my standards. Due of the scarcity of real-world images in online reviews, picking a color proved to be a challenge. However, I appreciated the hue. Everything arrived on time, and the fabric I needed for matting was included. I appreciate it a lot.See full review

l "oreal paris foundation infaillible fresh tone 32 h, 30 ml, shade: 20 ivory logo

This base is a thousand times better than the "alliance perfect" version. Its texture blends in seamlessly with the skin and doesn't make it look like you're wearing a mask. It also flawlessly conceals redness, adds volume, and mattifies. ConsIt absorbs into pores, it's not as durable as reinforced concrete (though 24 hours is advertised), and it leaves a greasy sheen after 5-6 hours.See full review

smartphone samsung galaxy s23 8/128 gb, dual: nano sim esim, phantom black logo

Bought to replace samsung s10. Just because of the size. For a long time I looked at xiaomi 12, but in the end I chose s23 and there are complaints about the quality of the photo. However, there are no modern flagships in this size. Everything else is a shovelSee full review

avon glimmerstick diamonds eyeliner silver lights logo

After this shimmer, I don’t want to use any others. It has a perfect texture and an excellent trace - even the simplest arrows come out chic, including in the photo. Soft, and fixed on the skin at the same time quickly. Thanks to this, the lines come out as they should, already from the first movement - no need to press and ""on duty"" at the eye with a cotton swab. When you are going in the morning, you can highlight both eyes in a couple of minutes in a hurry. The color is rich and very deep (See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

In general, I am satisfied with the product and there we will see. Pros below: Small, light and easy to clean apartment where the floor is parquet or tile. Two modes, I mainly use only the first one, but this is quite enough to quickly clean the whole apartment. Has cons: The power button sticks a little, maybe it should be, but you have to press hard. On an additional nozzle with a brush, this brush constantly flies off during operation, which is very annoying and you have to insert it back.See full review

cordiant road runner 185/65 r15 88h summer logo

I took the dimension 185/60 R14 on the VAZ. It is better to throw a hundred or two and take another rubber. For a normal, relaxed ride. But in any way for more or less active. If you drive around the city around 80 - this rubber is not for you. As I wrote above, the car constantly has to be caught in long turns, and the feeling that the car is now flying off the path does not leave. And in simple under 90 degrees too not clear behavior. It is difficult to predict the trajectory of the exit of thSee full review

gainer maxler mega gainer, 4540 g, strawberry logo

I placed my order at the bank. They carried it with them in a bag. I never forget to take special banks. because it is difficult to utilize when it is contained in soft packaging. as well as yes. in non-hardened packaging is sold at a lower price than at a bank. disgrace !See full review

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