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wireless headphones jbl e25bt (live 25bt), black logo

The clothespin turned into dust: after a couple of days of use, the clamp angle immediately broke off, after 2 months of use, the spring mounting bracket broke off altogether. The plastic is very brittle. Such a trifle spoils the whole impression of the device, because. the sound and stuff is very good.See full review

keyboard logitech k380 multi-device white, qwerty logo

Got pros: Quiet, small, comfortable, mobile. 3 devices can be connected. Has cons: No bluetooth adapter, just in case. On desktop computers, it is not always possible to connect via bluetooth. This is problematic. But not too much.See full review

🎵 tdk usb belt drive turntable: the ultimate vinyl player for unmatched sound quality logo

These turntables are made by an unknown Chinese manufacturer for Imation, which, in turn, bought the TDK brand a few years ago. This product has no direct relation to the well-known brand of audio and video cassettes; it also has no experience and history of the production of turntables. But the first pancake did not turn out lumpy! A normal budget entry-level player (no need for high expectations!). Beautiful. Oh, if only it could be bought for $99.00 like in the USA during the promotion!See full review

wireless marshall mid bluetooth headphones, black logo

Chose between JBL live bt500, bt650 and these. JBL did not fit in sound, I don’t know how to objectively describe it. After JBL marshall on the same tracks gave a more complete frequency picture without dips. Marshall has some bass emphasis and a lack of highs, which is noticeable in comparison with headphones that give a more even sound - AKG 171 mk2, but in general the sound is a solid four. With or without a wire, they sound without significant differences. The connection is simple and fastSee full review

xiaomi poco m3 4/64 gb global smartphone, black logo

The camera is not for photographers (you can roll GCam). Different pros: Looks like your money. For toys like Clash of Clans, crossword puzzles and sitting in the social. networks will fit. The charge is enough for 2 days of not too intensive use. The screen is visible from almost all angles. You can see something under the sun. Sturdy, dropped many times - not a single crack. Some cons: Putting MIUI on such a processor is not the best solution, jamming is noticeable. The finger does not always See full review

wireless earphones xiaomi redmi airdots 3 pro cn, black logo

I took the headphones to the post office to send them to the seller. On the way back I went to dns for new headphones. I asked the consultant for advice on which headphones to choose, along the way described the problem with the previous ones. To which I received an answer that xiaomi often has a similar problem. Different pros: Comfortable headphones, good sound, good microphone. Honest seller - no problem returned the money. Some cons: Almost immediately, I began to spontaneously switch tracksSee full review

fujifilm 📷 x-s10 black body camera logo

For weather protection. I have a completely basic A2 chamber with which I go in winter at temperatures well below zero. And nothing happened to her, even with a minus, she works perfectly fine. I don't think it will be different with this camera. What else to add. cool jpegs. Rows stretch well. Although Z5 / 6 / 7 is far from being stretchy. I really liked FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO. strong toolSee full review

70mai dash cam midrive d01, black logo

You should not take Russified, from this there only voice commands are translated, in principle, you can do it yourself. And the application is in 2022. Has pros: Of course, the price is 2500 (March 2022). Doesn't take up much space on the windshield. Does not distract the screen, as it is not. Cons below: Fastening! Difficult to remove and attach. On the first day, I lost a nut for fastening, somewhere under the seats)) I had to look for a suitable replacement. During daylight hours, the color See full review

xiaomi mi box s global tv box, black logo

Different pros: Old TV got a second life, all you need is an hdmi socket and stable wi-fi With its cons. It's a pity the android version is too old, you can't increase the video playback speed in YouTubeSee full review

earphones xiaomi mi noise cancelling earphones logo

Take the neighboring model on Type-C, but this one does not make sense. Pros: The usual sound, for music, I can’t say that they would be suitable (although not bullshit), but for lectures of all sorts and other chatterboxes, it’s excellent. By itself, quite comfortable, there is a remote control. Has some cons - The main disadvantage is that these wired headphones need to be. charged! Since the noise canceler from 3.5 Jack cannot eat. That is, think about it, wired headphones, which they usuallySee full review

computer speaker harman/kardon soundsticks 4 white logo

. The weekend came, I was able to tinker with the equalizer, listen to different music. What can I say - I set it up decently, they sound at least no worse than my old JVC RX-EXA10, only I didn’t set up the JVC, but took it out of the box, turned it on and enjoyed all these 10+ years. With these speakers, you need to constantly climb into the equalizer, but they can give out a decent sound. Therefore, I raise it to three stars - minus a star for "needs to be tuned", although they are positioned See full review

google pixel smartphone 6a 6/128 gb jp, grey-green logo

The first pixel I didn't like. Ergonomics killed by size. Pros below: A pixel with everything corresponding is Google software and nothing more. An adequate camera is definitely better, but I really like the pixel camera and I'm not looking for more. As always, an easy transfer from an old Google phone. Its cons: The pixel turned into a brick, it became hard to hold with one hand - it really gets tired. Due to the fact that the screen was stretched up and down to the maximum, now the fingers canSee full review

old spice antiperspirant deodorant rock spray logo

Old Spice Rock Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray is one of the best products in the fight against sweat and odor. The husband is very pleased, but the price in retail stores has become simply prohibitive, we are waiting for a discount or we will have to order via the Internet next time . And the spray is very good: economical, sprays well with small particles, absorbs quickly, leaves no residue and smells very pleasant. #pgbonusSee full review

smart bracelet honor band 5, black logo

Tightly measures blood saturation (O2 saturation) - it may ask you to restart measurements several times. Turning off the alarm clock is not done conveniently - by long pressing. If your finger slips, the alarm will be delayed. Everything else is good. Bright display, does not scratch, measures the pulse, counts the steps.See full review

braun 5-511 silk-epil 5 wet & dry epilator with starter cap, white/blue logo

I have been using it for 2 months, this is my first, it perfectly fulfills its main function, this is the most important thing!See full review

tv set set xiaomi mi box s cn, black logo

Pros below: The quality is good, Kinopoisk works, the remote control is good, but Cons below: BUT it works for several hours and constantly loses Wi-Fi! Already very annoyingSee full review

samura harakiri shr-0250 set, 5 knives logo

They can be recommended for purchase at a discount or for bonuses. Adequate price of a set of 1.5-2tr. Knives get dull quickly, but are easy to sharpen, suitable for understanding how a knife can cut at all)See full review

portable speakers lg xboom go pl5, 20 w, black logo

Small but daring))) If no joke, it's great that the compact speaker sounds great, doesn't wheeze like a dying rhinoceros, gives good lows and highs. The price is very humane, it didn’t hit the wallet, and considering that at the output I got an excellent column, which I’m not ashamed to put in any room, then it’s a class at all. I listen to music and podcasts from it while I work in the workshop, it fits perfectly on the shelf between the instrument, thanks to its size, I’m afraid to get it dirtSee full review

31.5" monitor viewsonic vx3211-4k-mhd, 3840x2160, 60 hz, *va, black logo

I recommend to purchase. Possibly the best 32 inch monitor at this price point. My computer table is not very large, I was looking for exactly this size in length and height. Justifies expectations for all 100!See full review

sound bar jbl bar 2.0 all-in-one black logo

I chose for a long time between a number of devices at a price of 5 to 8 thousand. At first I settled on Xiaomi Mi TV, but in time I realized that my TV only has an optical output (SPDIF), and when using it, you cannot control the sound from the TV remote control. And Xiaomi does not have a remote control. At the same time, I did not want to take the subwoofer separately. Stopped on it. Very satisfied. The SPDIF cable is not included, you had to buy it separately. In general, quite satisfied.See full review

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