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Good, but not great and the price doesn't match the quality. If you are positioning the mouse as an esports mouse, how could it lose paint on me in less than a month? I bought it from the official Razer store. If the price was much less, there would be no questions. Pros below: ✅Very light, which is important for long esports sessions using a finger grip for fine microcontrol; ✅No overload with extra buttons; ✅ The force of pressing additional buttons is optimal and I almost never have "accidentSee full review


Has pros: Perfect for our kitten. The coat is silky, the kitten is cheerful and playful) Has cons: The price bites of course) but I don’t want to save on the kitten’s health .See full review

baseball cap unit snapback with straight peak, white logo

Came in a box, everything is as it should be, but there are traces of wear on the inside, threads stick out in some places, but not critical. It seemed to me that the cap is oversized, but you should not expect better for 400. Price = qualitySee full review


I didn’t read the description well, it’s for night lighting, it’s not suitable for ordinary lighting - the fish are in shock, I’m looking for another one .See full review

boneco w300 humidifier air washer logo

I have two impressions: I would rate one item as a 5, and the other as a 2 due to unnecessary loudness because the pleasant user experiences are lost. These noises can be easily removed, though. Final result: 4.See full review

office lamp yeelight led screen light bar pro yltd003, 10 w, armature color: gray logo

Canine ecstasy! I use it constantly (both as a night light and a table lamp). I'm happy with the purchase) Py. Sy. in the picture, there are no more available. illumination not dependent on a lamp.See full review

bridgestone alenza 001 235/55 r19 101 year old logo

The tires in the recall picture have a one-season mileage of 22,000 kilometers. The worst wear resistance signs have not yet been noticed by me. already ten times pierced in total. Sidewalls are incredibly weak in comparison to others. The armature is caught.See full review

yeelight plug-in light sensor nightlight led, 0.5 w, armature color: white, shade color: white logo

In-depth assessment of the product.Such, only from the battery is, with a motion sensor, three times cheaper! So, do not get fooled by the brand!See full review

biorepair: fast sensitive repair toothpaste with microrepair - 2.5 fluid ounce (75ml) tube (pack of 2) [italian import] logo

Well suited for sensitive teeth, in fact, the teeth stopped responding to cold and hot, the pulling pain disappeared, the causes of which dentists could not findSee full review

ultimate clean & shine: finish quantum 64ct powerball dishwashing tablets logo

Not the pills that they say came. Instead of quantum came all in 1, and also 25 pieces. Deception. I do not recommend this seller in principle and the product too!See full review

🎭 vivienne sabó cabaret première waterproof mascara - artistic volume with no clump, cruelty-free, 0.3 fl. oz. logo

I have been using this mascara for several years, it is well applied to the eyelashes, it does not crumble, there are no prints from the mascara after a long day!See full review

case tevin, abs-plastic, support legs on the side wall, 37 l, size s, black logo

Thoughts on this particular item.On vacation, I had to break the lock, as it did not open. It's good that it turned out very easily, the TC lock is very flimsySee full review

convector electrolux air stream ech/as-1500 mr, white logo

Periodically we turn it on in the apartment, then in the hall, then in the bedroom. We turn it on and almost immediately begins to heat the room at full power. There is a regulator to set the temperature, it maintains the automatically selected temperature, it has never overheated.See full review

optimum nutrition gold standard pre-workout blueberry lemonade 300 g can logo

Revealing an unbiased viewpoint.I preferred well balanced composition, over the stronger preworkouts, so it doesn't damage the heart or blood pressureSee full review

philips sh50/50 shaving unit - shaver series 5000 | silver finish logo

Terrible product. She shaves worse than my two-year-old, practically does not shave at all. Terrible razor service originally came to a completely different address.See full review

luxvisage lip gloss pearl lipstick, shade 19 berry with pearl shimmer logo

Offering insights through review.Has pros: Well moisturizes lips, expiration date until 05202224, shade 69. Got cons: Granny's fragrance, naphthalene), but acceptableSee full review

semi-synthetic engine oil idemitsu zepro euro spec 5w-40, 4 l, 3.84 kg, 1 pc. logo

I wanted to try oil from the premium segment, I settled on Zepro, I had heard of it. The oil extends the life of the catalytic converter and has very good lubricating properties. In general, what you needSee full review

computer chair aerocool knight gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: iron black logo

The chair is cool, the assembly is quite understandable. I am satisfied with the purchase. A trace of the 5th point on the seat will remain, of course, but this does not negate all its advantages.See full review

belordesign lipstick be color, shade 104 smoky rose logo

Providing honest product feedback.Has some pros: Good lipstick. The color is correct. Doesn't feel on the lips. Cons below: It fades quickly, but it's not matte, so that's to be expected.See full review

exploring unlimited fun: mattel uno w2087 (108) board game unveiled! logo

Honest appraisal of the product.There is no 2022 instruction and the game is not just uno but uno wild, they send a different game than in the pictureSee full review

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