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dry food for cats farmina n&d ancestral grain, with chicken, pomegranate, oats, spelled 1.5 kg logo

Great product, a pleasure to use.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

All three cats eat with pleasure. The granules are medium-sized, optimal in size. The food is good. Expensive, of course, but if the composition really matches what is stated on the package, then it is tolerable.See full review

dry food for sterilized cats farmina matisse, with salmon 1.5 kg logo

Has pros: On March 2, she opened and gave food to the cat, as if eating well. but in the evening and at night he vomited right with this soggy food. street cats will have to be given, they endure everything. Has cons: I did not expect that the reaction to the food would be negative, Pro plan is betterSee full review

nokian tires hakkapeliitta r3 suv 225/60 r18 104r winter logo

Despite the fact that I put 8000 kilometers on my all-wheel drive Crete (215/60 R17), the number 8 did not wear off the indicator dials over the two seasons I owned it. My experience has been that it is incredibly calm here, even more so than the typical summer in Neksen. There are no issues encountered with braking or starting on any surface, with the exception of ice. But ice is also distinct in its own way. There are no issues with starting, but the braking distance is simply enormous, even fSee full review

amino acid prime kraft 2:1:1, green apple, 150 gr. logo

With its pros: Works. I drink during training, endurance increases, sweating is as it should, after training, recovery is faster. Some cons: The chemical taste is quite strong, but it is tolerable. You get used to it.See full review

electric scooter midway i-one, up to 120 kg, gray logo

Best value you'll find for a scooter. Extreme stopping power; I'm not sure why an extra disc brake was included given that a hard press on the steering wheel would send the car careening to the floor. With its sharp optics and potent engine, it can zip across the city at a blistering 30 kilometers per hour in sport mode. Even though everything on the old scooter was filthy, I was able to avoid getting even a single drop of water on my jacket or jeans as I went through puddles and along a muddy rSee full review

smartphone tecno pova 3 6/128 gb, dual nano sim, silver logo

The smartphone seems to be normal and does not look bad, , smartly, , But the battery is full, , out, , I turned on the full charge in the morning, , smartphone, , checked the mail, went through the networks, the operating time is an hour and twenty minutes and pipets 52 percent, I didn’t even watch video clips and stuff, although I bought yesterday now I’m typing it turned off, , Claudia, , I took Xiaomi Redmi 5 plus as a replacement, although it’s old, it keeps it for a day! ! ! ! I will make See full review

cylindrical heater aquael aqn platinium heater 300w (230-300 l) 300 w logo

Bought to heat a 200 liter aquarium. Judging by the reviews - the heater should be more than enough. Also, the advantage of Aquael heaters is the ability to set the temperature, as well as to find out the current temperature in the aquarium. In general, I have a part of the "equipment" in the aquariums of this particular company and have never had any complaints (external filters are generally handsome). As a result - let's see how the next heater will manifest itself. If suddenly something - I See full review

casio g-shock gmw-b5000d-1e quartz watch, built-in memory, alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown timer, waterproof, shockproof, power reserve indicator, led display, display backlight logo

I was able to get myself NG for a reduced price of 32 dollars. And it wasn't until I started looking for new hi-fi equipment for myself that I realized how expensive it is; I could get a rudimentary wristwatch for the same amount as a nice Denon radio receiver! And so - on the first day of purchase, I fooled about enough with setting up and connecting to a smartphone, and now I use it exactly like an average Casio that I bought for one and a half thousand dollars (which I worn for 11 years priorSee full review

vacuum cleaner dyson cyclone v10 absolute (sv12), nickel/yellow logo

Made to a high standard, attractive, and satisfying to hold in one's hands. This is the final point at which the commercial discusses any and all of its merits. Acquired together with an entire brush set. Only when set to its highest setting does the Dyson come close to the old wired Philips in terms of collecting dust from the floor. Ten minutes are spent with him working in it. Because the brush is not particularly maneuverable, it is challenging to vacuum around the legs of furniture. Debris See full review

air humidifier xiaomi smart sterilization humidifier s (mjjsq03dy) cn, white logo

With its pros: It soars well, is quite quiet, the ability to add essential oil, is friends with Alice. Some cons: Weak wifi. Peeps on its own. It is not clear how to change the min / max. aisle humidity auto on/off.See full review

hyaluron-filler night cream, 50 ml logo

It absorbs quickly enough and does not leave stickiness, so you can immediately go to sleep) For the skin around the eyes, I use a separate cream from the same line. And in the morning daytime for normal skin, the result is super) Wrinkles are really smoothed out, small and deep. The cream is of good quality, as can be seen from the composition and the packaging itself. Pleasant aroma. It is sold mainly in pharmacies and marketplaces.See full review

honor band 5 global smart bracelet, black logo

Has some pros A child will be receiving a fitness bracelet as a gift. Every single function, along with its explanation, is correct. Got cons: A relatively short distance between the phone and the bracelet in terms of the communication radius. It is important that the phone is located close to the bracelet.See full review

stool group style dsw chair set, metal, 4 pcs., color: brown logo

Below are some advantages: Plastic chairs are not only cozy and easy to put up, but they also have the added benefit of looking great in contemporary, sparsely decorated spaces. Padded back for comfort and superior support. Has drawbacks, such as the fact that it is not advisable to put people on them who weigh more above 100 kilograms (kg), as I am frightened the plastic will break.See full review

pupa wonder me fluid waterproof foundation, 30 ml, shade: 025 natural beige neutral logo

Other advantages include a good, pleasant texture, a light, soft dispenser, and a tiny bottle. On prepared skin, lies uniformly, spotlessly, and without clogging pores. Masks vascular network and age spots, lies down firmly, is waterproof, matte, evens out, and doesn't settle into creases. The skin feels velvety after application. No mask effect; tone-adjusts. It is appropriate for mature skin that has lost turgor and will look fantastic on young skin after one treatment. Different drawbacks: MySee full review

hygienic shower grohe baucurve 123072, chrome logo

Pros below: nice design, compact placement, the kit has everything for installation Got cons: digs a little out of the watering can after use, you need to shake it off wellSee full review

melitta caffeo solo & perfect milk coffee machine, black logo

I bought it at the end of the 14th for 20 First I chose black, then I reordered it for silver and I have no regrets). Compact, beautiful, does its job well. The quality of workmanship, instructions, equipment - all without complaints. There are also a couple of downsides. Firstly, the small containers mentioned in the reviews (water, coffee, waste), especially the water tank, even though I drink coffee alone. The second point is the noise. And if the noise from the mill can be forgiven (the deviSee full review

wet cat food go! sensitivities limited ingredient, grain-free, for sensitive digestion, with duck 3.63 kg (mini fillet) logo

Pros below: The cats liked the food, but not right away. We gradually switched from Orijen Tundra, which, unfortunately, is not sold in 2022 now. Its cons: The granules are still small, sometimes they are swallowed whole.See full review

🌿 purina pro plan liveclear with probiotics for allergy reduction - adult dry cat food logo

Pro Plan LiveClear dry food for sterilized cats, reducing the amount of allergens in the coat, with turkey, 2.8 kg. Contains at least 17% turkey, rice and many other additives that are listed on the package. The manufacturer is also indicated: France. My cats eat wet food and I also make sure they don't run out of dry food. They really liked this food, although there are foods that they eat less willingly. I am also very happy that the cats liked the food. It is important that in the package of See full review

xiaomi mijia night light 2 (bluetooth) led, 0.34 w, armature color: white, shade color: white logo

Amazingly practical appliance. The apartment is completely safe to enter at any time of day or night. At night, you can make out the entire landscape. No buttons are present. Switches. Leaders.See full review

gainer optimum nutrition serious mass, 2720 g, chocolate and peanut butter logo

There is a significant quantity of coals. Because we require coals, this is the maximum that Drisch can offer. ugli-sugar) well, some protein would be wonderful; there is some protein, but not a lot of protein. Both before and after rubbing the ladle, you should stir the contents of the ladle. milk incorporated into everything. So, we eat most of the time. Regarding the flavor and sweetness, consuming 5 grams of creatine monohydrate on its own each day is not a bad idea. You have not yet consumeSee full review

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