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Review on Electric scooter MIDWAY i-One, up to 120 kg, gray by Ewa Rozbicka ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Perfect product for any user!

Best value you'll find for a scooter. Extreme stopping power; I'm not sure why an extra disc brake was included given that a hard press on the steering wheel would send the car careening to the floor. With its sharp optics and potent engine, it can zip across the city at a blistering 30 kilometers per hour in sport mode. Even though everything on the old scooter was filthy, I was able to avoid getting even a single drop of water on my jacket or jeans as I went through puddles and along a muddy road. Wearing a long raincoat, hat, goggles, and rubber boots will allow you to ride through any rainfall, but if you're going fast in a heavy downpour, little droplets will still fly. The gas and brake triggers take some getting accustomed to, but once you do, driving is smooth and safe. The ride quality is acceptable over mild imperfections in the road, but not on anything more severe. Manufacturer's free gift: a phone holder (not practical for me, but nonetheless lovely). In addition, a few shops offer helpful freebies when you make a purchase. There isn't much of a price difference between 0809 and 0810, and the difference in power reserve is negligible if you don't need a high steering wheel (108 cm versus 100). Take note of the forthcoming legislation; this scooter's engine output of 350 cc classifies it as a scooter and hence subject to a variety of regulations. Take the Model 0810 as an example; it has 240 horsepower, is street-legal, and in this context, only road-legal sidewalks are prohibitively expensive. Think about the long run.

  • Solid construction, high quality, and a great price. Height-adjustable steering wheel is 108 cm. Driving through mud and puddles has no effect on the spray. Weight of 85 kg is easily hauled upward. A program is available that modifies preferences. Everything is fine; I walked through puddles in the rain and then showered.
  • I'd prefer it if the documentation referred to the application's features by name, such as "light control," "atmosphere lamp," etc. It is also not stated that the scooter must be restarted in order for the new Start/Stop setting to take effect. Despite what some may claim, trying to carry 12 kg with one hand is no easy feat, even if the girl in question is folded. Some models may be lighter in weight.