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power supply thermaltake toughpower grand rgb 650w logo

Great product, a pleasure to use.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Less than six months later, it began to turn off and until it cools down it cannot start normally. That's how adventures happen. Apparently the batch is defective. The manufacturer himself is good, there is just a percentage of defectsSee full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Personally, the humidifier caused positive emotions for me (watching the smallest droplets of water floating in the air)See full review

gaming chair zone 51 armada, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black logo

Great comfortable chair for work and play. There are two pillows: under the neck and under the lower back. Armrests - soft rubber. Backlash - within the permissible limits, nothing creaks or dangles. The assembly of the chair is very simple.See full review

soundguard soundproof mat isocarpet 5000 x 1500 x 15 mm logo

I am satisfied, the purchase is quite successful.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The material is better than the competitor, but also more expensive. Marriage comes up. The final characteristics have not yet been evaluated. Harder to cut than competitors. But the mat itself is heavier, thicker and clearly better in properties.See full review

smartphone tecno pova 4 pro 8/256 gb, 2 sim, uranolite gray logo

Who writes that the sound is plastic - so you buy S90 with Surf 001 and enjoy the sound. Camera? So buy yourself a camera. . . The unit for the money is just fantastic. . . .See full review

led lamp feron al5000 29786, 100 w, number of lamps: 1 pc., color: white logo

Previously, there was a similar chandelier with a larger diameter of 8 cm, it broke, a replacement was needed to hide the attachment points in the ceiling. This one was offered in an offline store for 11k, I found it here with all the promos at half the price. Cons for me - the dome is not just white, but with twinkling dots, although we rarely raise our eyes to it, the situation was hopeless, they bought it, hung it up. A room of 20 m is flooded with light from this one chandelier. The chandeliSee full review

synthetic engine oil elf evolution 900 sxr 5w-40, 4 l, 1 piece logo

The brand is good, but what came to me is not the original! In the original, there are additional symbols on the front sticker. There should be a sticker on the lid, such as an excise stamp. This is not here!See full review

bit set makita b-28606, 37 pcs, turquoise logo

I have not tried it in the case yet, but in external condition it is an excellent quality case and bits. The magnet works well on the adapter. I advise you to take! Bought for 1000 on February 28See full review

mfp inkjet hp ink tank 315, color, a4, black logo

I bought this printer to replace an old black and white one, and I was blown away by all the new features and possibilities. The printer itself is small, and ink refilling is simple. A colored sheet will require some time to dry and rid itself of the smell. Below are some advantages: Multipurpose printer that is absolutely worth the cost. outstanding print quality. There are options for changing the paper size, going into silent mode, and monitoring the print quality and ink level in the settingSee full review

kindi kids doll marsha mellow bunny, 25 cm, 38834 logo

The doll is very beautiful. At first the price is shocking. But then, realizing that the same lol costs 2022 (well, you can for 1000 for a share), then the price already seems normal. Advertising on the carousel has done its job, and my daughter is just dreaming of a Marshmallow doll. Feeling that the daughter will cry with happiness, having received it on NG) a doll two palms high.See full review

computer chair a4tech x7 gg-1100 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/blue logo

There was a Chinese chair, it served for a year and never creaked. The same chair after a month of use creaks tin. Yes, I will grease all the elements, this should stop, but when I pay money for a product, I don’t want to do something in it, not in a month, not in three. I'm sad.See full review

collectible model school bus “school bus” 1:55 metal (light, sound) logo

Has pros: The details are worked out, it drives fast, the child rolls toys on it Cons: Flimsy rear door, after a couple of openings began to fall out by itselfSee full review

computer speaker creative pebble black logo

I just needed to buy speakers for 2 computers, I took this model and another similar one with the word Plus (with a separate subwoofer, more expensive). I was surprised, but in this model, in fact, each speaker has a separate subwoofer at the back, unlike the more expensive model, where it is separate. In general, now I would take 2 of these models, without a word plus, I liked it.See full review

knee-highs ergoforma eu302 anti-varicose, prophylactic, size: 2, black logo

Some pros: Helps relieve tension in the legs. Not always comfortable in stockings. Cons: Price. Well, these are golfs, not luxury goods :( But you need to take care of it like the apple of your eye.See full review

tevin suitcase, polycarbonate, support legs on the side, 37 l, size s, 0077 logo

Various advantages: The bag is spacious, light, and bright. For airlines that are not low-cost airlines, suitable for hand luggage. Cons: Because it is adhered to the film so strongly, removal is challenging. However, this has more to do with the packaging's quality than the items'.See full review

apple watch se 40mm aluminum case ru, space grey/black logo

Different pros: The best price / quality ratio in the watch line at the beginning of 2022 With its cons: No always on display and new 6th generation blood oxygen sensorsSee full review

computer chair zombie 9 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/light green logo

Its pros: Convenient, not difficult to assemble, appearance and price. Cons: There are no shortcomings, just cats love to tear this upholstery :)See full review

triangle group tr259 235/60 r18 107w summer logo

Yokogama ht. has been replaced. Before then, there was also the brand Good year and the brand Bridgestone ht. This one is head and shoulders above the others in the series. It is quite silent, and despite its softness, it has the sensation of adhering to all of the small stones and bumps. However, even while she was in Crimea, she never made a fuss about the presence of serpentines. Without a doubt, acceleration is seen in medium puddles. You won't be able to understand the wear for the first 5,See full review

artdeco glamor glitter eye shadow 383 glam golden bisque logo

The shadows are quite minute. It is so small that you can hardly hold it in both hands. In addition, they are stored in a pencil case that opens up like one used by students in a classroom. If you put them in a cosmetic bag, I'm very sure they'll just scatter everywhere. Due to the extremely poor grounding it has. They slide quite easily. There have been no comments regarding the level of quality offered by the shadows themselves. Tone 372 belongs to me. In general, I received what I was anticipSee full review

hand blender bamix m200 superbox, silver logo

I’ve been using it for 1 day, while I’m satisfied, I chose for a very long time which blender is better to buy, and according to the reviews, the choice fell on the Bamix M200 Swissline Superbox, I hope it will last a long time. So far very satisfied with the purchase. Some pros: Very compact!, comfortable, not very noisy, stylish design. When I bought it, the first thing I decided to do was to whip the milk into foam (as in advertising), the milk was whipped into foam in a matter of seconds. HaSee full review

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