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window candles with remote timers - battery operated flickering flameless led electric candle lights with 2pcs gold base and 2pcs suction cups taper candles holder for christmas decorations logo

This candles were okay, however the timer does not work well. It wouldn’t turn on at all at the right time or turn on hours after. When they are on they definitely make our home look homey.See full review

10x14 parchment paper, beasea 200pcs parchment paper sheets non stick white paper baking sheets decorative baking paper for air fryer cooking, grilling, frying and steaming logo

already wrote one review did not like how paper came.It was folded over and left crease in paper had to put something heavy on it to try to flatten out the last box i got was in a box that was flat and papers were laid flat but did not like these that came in package folded over so bad .Wont order againSee full review

organize your kitchen in style with tqvai metal dish drying rack and silverware holder in black logo

Perfect dish drainer

Revainrating 4 out of 5

It fits good and looks good in my black composite sink. No issues with it, very decent product for the price point. Thanks for attention.See full review

100lbs+ neosmuk fishing magnets with stainless steel eye bolt, 1.26in diameter rare earth magnet for retrieving in river and magnet fishing (silvery white, pack of 4) logo

These are strong little magnets but they back themselves out of the threads. It might be best to use a metal weld or super glue to keep them from slipping.See full review

boar bristle hair brush for all hair types with wooden comb & travel bag - perfect gift for women, men, and kids logo

Love the brush and shape of the comb. Thanks for attention! Extra bonus that it comes with it's own velvet bag and comfortable eye mask!See full review

replace your acroprint time clock motor and cam with ease - compatible with 125 and 150 models logo

Just like a good employee, the Acroprint Time Clock Motor and Cam get the job done efficiently and reliably. But when they start to wear out, it's time for a replacement. Luckily, this compatible motor and cam set makes the task a breeze - no need to waste time on complicated installation procedures. With this kit, you can get back to focusing on what really matters - getting those punch cards stamped on time. So why wait? Your workday awaits, and a functioning time clock is the key to getting pSee full review

portable quicktrick 4th generation wheel alignment slider kit (13-22 inch wheels) logo

The item works as described. I feel it is be made out of a little heavier material to make a little more rigid And increase its accuracy.See full review

efficiently divide and conquer your watering needs with alotpower brass garden hose splitter - 2 way y connector, 2 sets with 4 hose clamps and extra tape included logo

Wow these hose bibs are exactly what I needed! They were delivered on time and they came very well packaged. I will update you with any changes.See full review

box spring cover queen size, alternates for bed skirt, smooth and elastic woven material wrap around 4 sides of the box spring, wrinkle & fading resistant, washable, dustproof, gray logo

Overall the product was great. I ordered a full and it felt like it was on the small side. I almost felt like either it was wrong size in the box or I needed to order a queen instead. I really had to pull, yank and stretch to get it on. And the box spring I was covering was not an oversized thick one by any means. In the end, though, it looks great and is hiding my 1970s flowered box spring so my daughter at least feels like she has a new/fresh bed set.See full review

5ft premium wood rustic ladder shelf - hallops blanket ladder for quilt, farmhouse decor & vintage wooden look (thick black) logo

This was not what I expected for the price. It was difficult to assemble because several of the receivers for the screws were not lined up. It was not finished well, had several splinters, one of which ended up in my finger. It had a very odd odor. I know what varnish and stain smells like and that was not the odor on the piece. It is small and will not hold a very heavy quilt. Sorry I spent the money! See full review

200 count self adhesive shipping labels with rounded corners for laser & inkjet printers - rbhk half sheet. logo

I purchase sticker paper all the time for work to print off shipping labels and I Loved the idea of these with the rounded corners.but will never buy them again. The edges curl up and because of the rounded corners on the stickers it’s impossible to make it so they don’t. 95% of the time they get stuck in the printer unless I stay there the entire time and gently feed them through. other than that the stickiness is great the sticker is thick and appears to be good quality. But unfortunately becaSee full review

rothwell 10 slot leather watch box - premium watch case for men and women - stylish jewelry organizer with locking feature - large glass top display - tan/brown logo

I was excited to get this gorgeous watch box. only to be let down when I found out the Key don't work. "REALLY" what happened to checking the merchandise to see if it's defective before shipping out to the customer. Very Disappointed. "Returned for an exchange" Fingers crossed on the next one. See full review

sturdy hardwood thread rack - holds 60 spools & mini-king size cones for sewing, embroidery, quilting & more! logo

Threadart (seller): you really need to redo your measurements & fix the item description/photo. This review is for the 120 spool rack, now the listing is only showing the 60 spool rack. When it was the 120 spool rack, it also showed a photo of many 1100 yard spools on the rack, all fit nicely side by side, bottoms not overlapping. So I took a chance on ordering this. My review: minus one star for wrong measurements, minus one star because you say it will fit the 1100 yard mini king spools, minusSee full review

cyclingcolors 9 5x165mm universal singlespeed replacement logo

When I tried this replacement gear on my bike I was amazed by its quality and performance.It fits perfectly, and the universal design makes it compatible with VARIOUS bikes. The gear is incredibly sturdy and durable, ensuring a smooth and reliable cycling experience. The best part is that it is super easy to install and adjust. However, the only downside is that it may be a bit pricey for some customers. Overall, I highly recommend this gear for all sports and outdoors enthusiasts!See full review

arteza set of 50 blue felt sheets - 8.3x11.8 inches, 10 craft felt tones, 20 soft & 30 stiff non-woven felt fabric squares, 1.5mm & 1.3mm thick sewing fabric for diy projects logo

8 pieces of felt were not stiff. Eight! So, I feel kinda ripped off & the fact that others are complaining about this & it's still happening?! Hello, quality control! I guess I'll find uses for the 8 disappointments, but I'm obviously not happy. The pieces that are as actually advertised are great, though. So at least there's that. See full review

stackable bamboo drawer storage solution 2 pack combo set for office supplies, toiletries, cosmetics & more logo

I will start by saying I love these little drawers, I use them to store tea, coffee and hot chocolate. My problems is, I went looking for acrylic drawer organizers to fit inside of them and alas they are not 2 inches tall on the inside, so the organizers I bought are much too tall to fit (I found other uses for them luckily). The inside drawer height is much closer to 1.5 inches which has proven very difficult to accommodate, so it seems I will have to just go without drawer organizers all togetSee full review

uxcell hf081412 needle bearings bearing logo

these needle bearings are excellent when it comes to quality and durability. I have used them in various Industrial and Scientific applications, and they have never failed me. The bearings are well-lubricated, and I appreciate how they reduce friction, making my machines operate smoothly. However I wish they could come in different sizes to cater to different applications..See full review

waterproof rain jacket for men with long sleeve - cheerful rain coat rainwear logo

Doesn’t keep legs dry.only has one button past the zipper that is just below the waist. I bought a XXL due to being overweight at 5’6”. Upper body & arm length was perfect, but I got drenched in the pouring rain we just had cuz the front of the coat doesn’t protect your legs since it’s only secured just below the waist at/below end of zipper.I need to find something that keeps me dry all around for when a big rain hits & I have stuff outside that needs to be taken care of.See full review

secure and breathable leather basket muzzle for boxer and bulldog breeds - anti-bark and chew solutions logo

Excellent delivery, super fast!. this was delivered early morning the day after I ordered.first time that has ever happened!This muzzle fits my boxer pretty well. I just bought this for precautionary measures because we are heading to the beach and my boxer can be finicky around strangers. She is a rescue pup that was not socialized properly. So I plan to use this for short periods of time when or if we will be near strangers.See full review

airlivez1000 self-inflating compressible foam pillow - ultimate comfort for backpacking, camp bed & car/plane lumbar support (deep teal) logo

I bought this knowing it might be cheep or pop. I was wrong. I have used this pillow all deployment. I just roll it up and shove it in my Med Ruck and go. If you blow it up to much it is firm, however it has a memory foam in it. So I just let some air out till it’s just where I want it. It’s not a full memory foam or even the best pillow out there. But for what I wanted, how it’s holding up to how I’m treating it. It’s the little blow up pillow that could. If you are looking to travel, camp, or See full review

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